(July 13 to 27 Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: None
Fighting Spirit Award: Takayasu

Goeido is OZEKI!
The 28 year old welcomed messengers from the Japan Sumo Association on July 30. They proclaims Goeido has been elected ozeki.

Final day
Gagamaru gave Chiyotairyu a big push and himself lost balance and touched the dirt. Chiyotairyu won his 10th bout while Gagamaru lost his 10th. Takekaze gave Takayasu lots of thrusts to win his 9th bout while Takayasu finished with a 11-4 record. Myogiryu kept himself low as he fought against Ohsuna-arashi and shoved the Egyptian out, finishing the tourney with a majority loss. Myogiryu won his 11th bout. Aoiyama charged into Endo. Endo shifted himself, and kept on foot in the ring, and rose the other while the Bulgarian fell. Endo secured a majority win. Goeido drove out Kotoshogiku. As a result, both finished the tourney 12-3. Kakuryu changed the position of his hands on Kisenosato quickly and shoved the ozeki out. The yokozuna won his 11th bout. Hakuho and Harumafuji took a while to properly face off. Harumafuji tried to swing Hakuho but was not effective. In the end Hakuho with his left threw Harumafuji and won his 14th bout. With this victory, Hakuho secured his 30th grand tourney win.

14th day
Toyonoumi won his 10th bout without fighting as his opponent for the day Okinoumi pulled out. Endo thrust down Toyohibiki. Both have even records. Ohsuna-arashi threw Yoshikaze with his right arm wrapped around Yoshikaze's. His record is even too. Goeido drove out Terunokuni for his 11th win. Kotoshogiku charged forward and forced Takayasu out for his 12th win. Hakuho had a tough bout against Kakuryu which he managed to win after quickly changing the position of his arm and shoved. Harumafuji shoved Kisenosato out the ring. Hakuho and Kotoshogiku remain the co-leaders.

13th day
Terunofuji's foot left the ring while he fought against Takayasu. But it was after some seconds, the juries stopped the bout and gave Takayasu the win. Endo gave thrusts, then Yoshikaze gave thrust and shoved Endo to win. Both are 6-7. Takekaze shifted his position as he stood to fight, but Goeido was not affected. He steadily shoved out Takekaze to win his 10th bout. Kotoshogiku charged forward and forced Ohsuna-arashi down the ring. Harumafuji shifted and forced Kakuryu out from behind to win his 9th bout. Hakuho pulled Kisenosato's arm then tried to shove but was instead thrown out of the ring. Hakuho, Kotoshogiku, Takayasu tie for the Emperor's Cup.

12th day
Jokoryu drove out Chiyomaru for his 9th win. Takayasu gave Endo thrusts then was stopped. Takayasu got a better hold of Endo and drove him out for his 10th win. Aminishiki banged into Ohsuna-arashi. The Egyption held Aminishiki then threw him to win his 6th bout. Takekaze thrust down Kisenosato. The ozeki has lost hope of winning this tourney. Goeido was aggressive but Harumafuji had a better position and in the end threw Goeido down. It's the yokozuna's 8th win. Goeido lost his 3rd bout. Kotoshogiku pushed and tried to reach for Hakuho's belt but could not grasp and and was thrown by the yokozuna. Kakuryu quickly drove out Tamawashi to win his 10th bout.

11th day
Chiyotairyu forced down Sokokurai for his 8th win. Jokoryu drove out Takayasu, with this Takayasu lost his 2nd bout. Endo got hold of Kitataiki's belt with his left. At one point he was shoved, but managed to swing Kitataiki to win. Ohsuna-arashi thrust down Aoiyama for his 5th win. Kisenosato had a tough bout against Tamawashi but in the end shoved Tamawashi down. Goeido got a good hold of Hakuho's belt. Hakuho held Goeido's belt too. Then he forced a throw by bending his kneews deep. But he bent them too deep, he went down. Kakuryu gave Takekaze thrusts then drove him out for his 9th win. Kotoshogiku got a good hold of Harumafuji and drove the yokozuna out. He's tied with Hakuho for the Emperor's Cup.

10th day
Takayasu drove out Chiyotairyu for his 9th win. Endo kept his head low and forced Kaisei out for his 5th win. Ohsuna-arashi was driven out the ring by Terufuji. Kotoshogiku went straight into Kisenosato and forced him down. Goeido pushed out Kakuryu to secure a majority win. Harumafuji got hold of Tamawashi's arm to forced him down. Hakuho shoved Takekaze out the ring to remain the sole leader.

9th day
Takayasu was pushed out by Myogiryu taking his first loss. The popular two faced eachother. Endo and Ohsuna-arashi went for eachother's belt. Endo got a good hold and threw the huge Egyptian. Both are 4-5. Kaisei won his 2nd bout by driving out Tochinowaka. When Chiyo-otori tried to shift his position around the ring, he banged into the referee who fell. But the bout continued and Kisenosato drove down Chiyo-otori. Takekaze drove out Harumafuji. At age 35 it's the first time he beat a yokozuna. Hakuho powerfully drove out Tamawashi to keep his record clean. Kotoshogiku was driven out by Kakuryu losing his first bout thus Hakuho became the sole leader.

8th day
Chiyomaru shoved Takayasu, but Takayasu shifted position and shoved Chiyomaru down to secure a majority win. Chiyotairyu forced Endo on the dirt. Kaisei shoved out Myogiryu to at last win his first bout. Kisenosato tried to pull Goeido's arm without a firm grasp and instead was driven down for his 2nd loss. Kotoshogiku drove out Tamawashi for his 8th win and secured his post as ozeki. Harumafuji was automatically given a win as Tochiozan pulled out from a damaged shoulder. Hakuho and Ohsuna-arashi stood still for a while with a hold of eachother's belt. The Egyptian withstood Hakuho's attempt to change hands, but in the end lost to the yokozuna's throw. Kakuryu forced down Yoshikaze for his 7th win.

7th day
Endo drove out Takarafuji for his 3rd win. This time, Ohsuna-arashi faced total defeat against Goeido's shove. Kotoshogiku shoved Shohozan out. Yoshikaze gave Kisenosato thrusts. The ozeki shifted and pushed out Yoshikaze. Kakuryu drove Aminishiki out the ring. Harumafuji got hold of Kaisei's belt with both hands to force him out. Hakuho immediately drove Aoiyama on the dirt.

6th day
Takayasu forced Toyonoshima down to keep his record clean. Endo gave Tochinowaka thrusts and forced him out for his 2nd win. Kisenosato drove down Aoiyama. Kotoshogiku did not have a strong start but he recovered quickly and pushed out Aminishiki for his 6th win. Kakuryu was automatically given a win as his opponent for the day, Homasho, pulled out from a serious complex knee injury as a result of the previous day's bout. Harumafuji charged into Ohsuna-arashi. The Egyptian withstood then shifted slighty, and the yokozuna fell down. The Egyptian defeated another yokozuna. Hakuho easily forced Kaisei to roll on the ring for his 6th win.

5th day
Chiyomaru and Takayasu extended their wins to 5. Endo lost to Chiyo-ootori's push out. Kotoshogiku did not give up shoving and managed to drive Ikioi out for his 5th win. Kaisei twirled around and Kisenosato stood straight up to give the Brazilian a big shove. Hakuho drove down Yoshikaze. Kakuryu and Ohsuna-arashi shifted positions then Kakuryu tried to get hold of the Egyptian but he couldn't and was driven down. Ohsuna-arashi won his first bout against a yokozuna. Homasho lost his balance and was forced down by Harumafuji. But the yokozuna gave him an extra blow. Homasho could not stand. He was helped off the ring and out.

4th day
Endo was driven down on the ring by Takekaze. Ohsuna-arashi banged into Chiyo-ohtori and forced him down. Aoiyama shoved Goeido. Goeido reversed his position to stay in the ring and threw the Bulgarian. It's his 3rd win. Kisenosato drove out Ikioi. Kotoshogiku shoved Kaisei's throat and threw the Brazilian. Kakuryu drove down Shohozan after struggling against him. Yoshikaze moved quickly and shoved Harumafuji's head to force the yokozuna down. It's Harumafuji's first loss. Hakuho appeared emotional in his bout against Homasho giving Homasho an unnecessary shove out the ring.

3rd day
Endo drove out Tamawashi to earn his first win. Kotoshogiku forced Aoiyama down on his hands. Kisenosato forced down Ohsuna-arashi. Harumafuji shoved then pulled back and drove Shohozan down. Hakuho and Ikioi who's a Hakuho look alike was competitive against the yokozuna until he lost to the yokozuna's forced throw. Kakuryu drove out Kaisei.

2nd day
Myogiryu quickly pushed out Endo for his 2nd win. Takekaze forced Ohsuna-arashi down. Aminishiki had his hand on Kisenosato's head but the juries ruled out the possiblity of pulling his top not to win. So Aminishiki was given the win. Kotoshogiku drove out Yoshikaze. Hakuho forced Shohozan out. Kakuryu threw the heavy Aoiyama. Harumafuji moved quickly to drive out Ikioi.

1st day
38 year old Wakanosato was back fighting in the makuuchi division after 5 tourneys in the lower division, but he lost to Tokitenku. Sokokurai drove out Kagamioh. Endo in a bright red mawashi had a tough fight against Terunofuji. They wrestled for eachothers belt. Meanwhile Endo's position worsened and was driven out. Ohsuna-arashi's thrust dealt Tamawashi a big blow. Tamawashi fell. Tochiozan shifted to the side and that forced Kaisei to loose balance and fall. Yoshikaze forced Goeido to fall. Kotoshogiku and Homasho were judged to have fallen at the same time and redid the bout. In the 2nd attempt Kotoshogiku forced Homasho down. Shohozan attacked Kisenosato. Kisenosato returned thrust and pushed Shohozan out. Ikioi appeared to be in control and shoved. But Kakuryu shifted his position to roll Ikioi on the dirt. Aoiyama pulled Harumafuji's hair, messing it up. The yokozuna appeared upset at the attack and pushed the Bulgarian out with a furious look. Hakuho fell as he drove down Aminishiki.

Pre Tourney highlight
Hakuho is the 8th longest serving yokozuna
It's based on the ranks released on June 30 for the coming tourney.

Ohsuna-arashi to deal with Ramadan
He broke away from tradition by giving his news conference after the sunset of June 30 as he was fasting until dawn being a Muslim.

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