(July 12 to 26 Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: None
Fighting Spirit Award: Yoshikaze

Final day
Endo charged into Amuro and drove the Russian out for his 10th win. Ohsuna-arashi forced Aoiyama out. The Egyptian won his 11th bout. 40 year Kyokutenho who's maegashira number 11, had only 3 wins, meaning his chance to remain in makuuchi was unrealistic. The possibility was shattered completely with his loss to Toshinoshin. Kyokutenho wiped his tears as he left the ring. Yoshikaze quickly moved against Tochiozan to win his 12th bout. Tochiozan finished with 10 wins. Kotoshogiku shifted to the side slighty after banging into Terunofuji and forced down the Mongolian. He clinched a majority win and prevented himself from demotion from ozeki rank. Goeido drove down Kisenosato for his 9th win. Kakuryu had to win the bout against Hakuho for a playoff. He fought hard, but in the end, Hakuho drove him out. Hakuho clinched a grand tourney victory for the 35th time.

14th day
Tochiozan succumbed to Kaisei's shove to lose his 4th bout. Terunofuji pushed out Takekaze for his 11th win. Kotoshogiku got a hold of Ichiojo's belt and drove the Mongolian out for his 7th win. Goeido appeared to have a good start against Kakuryu. But the yokozuna withstood and instead drove Goeido out. Hakuho charged into Kisenosato. Kisenosato was a bit slow which cost him the bout. Hakuho improved his record to 13 wins. The tourney winner will be decided on the final day.

13th day
Tochiozan pushed Sadanoumi out of the ring. He landed on Kotoshogiku who was waiting for his turn. Terunofuji with his left, threw Ichinojo to win his 10th bout. Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved to drive out Kaisei for his 6th win. Hakuho slapped Goeido then quickly forced the ozeki out to keep his lead. Kisenosato went straight towards Kakuryu and forced the yokozuna out. It's Kisenosato's 10th win.

12th day
Ohsuna-arashi drove out Kagamio and secured a majority win. Tochiozan pushed forward, but Okinoumi caught him and drove him down. Okinoumi secured a majority win while Tochiozan was no longer in the race to win the Emperor's Cup. Goeido banged into Takekaze then shifted and thrust Takekaze down to win his 8th bout. Kisenosato managed to force out Myogiryu. Kakuryu shoved and shoved Terunofuji, then pulled away and threw the big ozeki. Hakuho and Kotoshogiku banged into eachother then the yokozuna forced the ozeki down. Hakuho and Kakuryu continue to lead.

11th day
Endo shifted position, moved away and away, driving Kotoyuki down. Endo secured a majority win. Chiyotairyu forced Ohsuna-arashi out the ring, and fall on top of one of the judges. Goeido hurled Tochiozan by his neck.Kisenosato drove out Kaisei. Hakuho struggled against Terunofuji but in the end was able to drive out the new ozeki. Kakuryu forced out Kotoshogiku and kept the lead with Hakuho.

10th day
Endo gave Takanoiwa a slap then drove him out for his 7th win. Kagamio was drive down by Amuru. Both are 7-2. Osunaarashi and Yoshikaze slapped eachother, and the Egyptian in the end won. Terunofuji threw the heavy Kaiseito win. Kisenosato drove out Kotoshogiku. Kotoshogiku succumbed to his 5th loss. Aminishiki moved to the side when Goeido stood up and charged. But complaints appear moderate. Kakuryu forced down Funashi. Tochiozan a hiding sort of a place. Their sumo commentator will see to her, maybe near the balcony.

9th day
Kotoshogiku managed to throw the big and heavy Aoiyama for his 5th win. Goeido appeared to be losing balance but as hit right left went up, with his right hand forced down Kaisei. Kisenosato lost control of the bout against Terunofuji, losing his hold and was forced down. Terunofuji secured a majority win. Hakuho drove out Ichinojo then punched him which surprised the fans. Tochiozan fought in a lower position and pushed out Kakuryu for a majority win. Hakuho is the only one with a perfect record.

8th day
Tochiozan pushed out Ichinojo for his 7th win. Kotoshogiku charged forward and pushed out Goeido. Both are 4-4. Kisenosato forced out Aminishiki. Terunofuji fought aggressively abainst Tochinoshin who's belt gradually was coming apart. Terunofuji managed to drive out Tochinoshin in an over 1 minute bout. Kakuryu through Ikioi with his right to clinch a majority win. Hakuho beat Kaisei and extended his majority win as a yokozuna to 61 tourneys in a row.

7th day
Kagamioh's arm slipped and instead Endo drove him down. Both are 6-1. Tochiozan forced Myogiryu down for his 6th win too. Aoiyama pushed out Kisenosato. Goeido lowered himself into Terunofuji and knocked the new ozeki down with his leg. Its Terunofuji's first loss. Takayasu jumped to the side and forced Kotoshogiku to fall. Hakuho carefully forced Ikioi out. Kakuryu grabbed Kaisei's belt with both hands and drove out the Brazilian. The 2 yokozunas records remain clean.

6th day
Endo appeared glued to Toyohibiki as he fought and in the end, threw Toyohibiki down. Okinoumi hurled Ohsuna-arashi. Kaisei pushed out Tamawashi. Tochiozan threw Takayasu. Ichinojo shifted his position as he stood up to fight against Kisenosato. The ozeki kept still and in the end drove out the Mongolian. Terunofuji got hold of Sadanoumi's belt and drove him out. Goeido quickly drove out Tochinoshin for his 3rd win. Kotoshogiku immediately banged into Takarafuji and pushed and pushed. Goeido charged into Tochinoshin. Kakuryu got hold of Oiyama's belt to win. Hakuho pushed forward and in the end drove out with Myogiryu.

5th day
Ohsuna-arashi was shoved, but shifted to the side which prompted Tamawashi to fall. It's the Egyptian's 4th win. Terunofuji and Tochiozan with perfect records fought powerfully against eachother. In the end the new ozeki drove down Tochiozan. Kotoshogiku managed to drive out Tochinoshin for his 2nd win. Ichinojo charged into Goeido and pushed out the ozeki. Both at 2-3. Kisenosato forced down Ikioi for his 4th win. Hakuho drove out Aoiyama. Kakuryu thrust down Myogiryu. The yokozunas and Terunofuji have clean records.

4th day
Tokiteku slapped Endo's face but he pulled back while Endo shoved forward and won. Ohsuna-arashi drove out Kitataiki also for his 3rd win. Kaisei pushed out Tokushoryu. Kotoshogiku fell to Tochiozan's thrust. Goeido charged with speed and forced out Ikioi for his 2nd win. Kisenosato was able to drive out Takarafuji. Terunofuji powerfully forced out Takayasu. Kakuryu beat the tall Tochinoshin. Hakuho too forced out Sadanoumi.

3rd day
Kaisei easily drove out Ichinojo for his 3rd win. Goeido twirled and drove out Aoiyama for his first win. Kisenosato drove out Sadanoumi. Terunofuji forced Myogiryu out. Kotoshogiku shoved down Ikioi. Hakuho immediately thrust down Tochinoshin. Kakuryu at one point lost control of Takayasu's belt as he tried a throw, but managed to win with a push out.

2nd day
Endo faced new makuuchi rikishi, Hidanoumi and drove him out. Ohsuna-arashi drove out Toyonoshima by shoving his back. Kaisei powerfully forced Takekaze out. Aoiyama drove out Ichinojo. Tochiozan forced Kisenosato out. Terunofuji got a good hold of Ikioi's belt and drove him out. Miyobiryu pulled back and Kotoshogiku dropped. Harumafuji pulled out from this day. So Tochinoshin was given an automatic win. Hakuho struggled against Takayasu. In the end he drove out Takayasu but it took him 1 min 44 seconds. Kakuryu stocked to Sadanoumi and forced him out.

1st day
Endo drove out Kyokutenho. Ohsuna-arashi who still seems not to be back in shape after last tourney's injury and also on Ramadan was defeated by Sadanofuji. Gagamaru pushed Tamawashi. But Tamawashi shifted position and drove down the big Georgian. Kaisei pushed out Aminishiki. Aoiyama pressured Terunofuji. But the new ozeki with his right suddenly threw the Bulgarian to win. Kotoshogiku fell in the bout against Sadanoumi. The ozeki needs to win a majority this tourney to keep his rank. Goeido easily fell in the bout against Takayasu. Kisenosato was in danger being shoved by Tochinoshin. But he turned himself around the drove the Georgian down. Kakuryu was back and forced out Ichinojo. Harumafuji and Myogiryu both flew and went down. But as Myogiryu's stomach was upwards as he flew and fell, the yokozuna who also went down was given the win. Hakuho struggled against Takarafuji but managed to shove Takarafuji out in the end.

Pre Tourney highlight
Terunofuji gearing up
New ozeki Terunofuji focuses on his training to live up to his new status of ozeki.

Former Takanonami's shocking death
On June 20, the former ozeki who hailed from Aomori died from a heart failure. He was 43. He was reported to have had heart trouble when he was ozeki. The 196 cm was a popular rikishi along with the Hanada brothers alias Takanohana and Wakanohana, training with them in the same stable.

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