2017 Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament
(July 9 to 23 Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: None
Fighting Spirit Award: Aoiyama

Final day
Kotoshogiku defeated Kitanofuji to finish the tourney with 7 wins. He may be demoted from sekiwake ranking. Aoiyama forced down Yoshikaze to win his 13th bout. He had the chance to going to a playoff if Hakuho lost. Tochiozan pushed out Tamawashi for his 12th win. Despite such great performance, he was not given any of the top 3 awards. Takayasu forced Goeido to fall. Goeido succumbed to a majority loss. Hakuho faced Harumafuji as Aoiyama waited for Hakuho's result. The bout between the yokozunas lasted for more than a minute. In the end Hakuho forced down Harumafuji to win his 39th grand tourney.

14th day
Aoiyama gave thrusts and pushed out Takekaze for his 12th win. Oonosho drove out Yoshikaze in a competitive bout for his 10th win. Kotoshogiku lost to Tochinoshin. facing a majority loss. Tochiozan patiently fought against Mitakeumi and managed to drive him out. Hakuho slapped Goeido then pulled back to drive the ozeki down. Harumafuji got hold of Takeyasu's arm and threw him to win.

13th day
Tochiozan pushed out Takarafuji for his 10th win. Aoiyama pulled back and he and Kagayaki both fell. The judges ruled Aoiyama was the winner as his heel was inside the ring before Kagayaki was on the dirt. Kotoshogiku quickly drove out Ura for his 6th win. Harumafuji pushed out Goeido for his 10th win. Hakuho shifted slightly in the bout against Takayasu. He attacked the new ozeki's throat, then with his right forced Takayasu down. He broke Kaio's record to win his career 1048th bout. And it's to be seen how far he will extend that record.

12th day
Aoiyama forced down Takarafuji for his 10th win. Kotoshogiku charged forward and drove out Shodai. Goeido shoved then pulled back to force Kagayaki down. It's the ozeki's 7th win. Takayasu and Tochiozan slapped eachother, then Tochiozan got hold of the ozeki's belt, forced him to lose balance and shoved from behind. It's Tochiozan's 9th win. Hakuho fought quickly and without resting against Tamawashi, and drove Tamawashi out. He tied with Kaio's record of 1047 career win in front of Kaio alia Asakayama who's one of the judges for the later half of the day's makuuchi division. In the final bout of the day, Harumafuji quickly drove out Mitakeumi.

11th day
Aoiyama lost his 2nd bout against Nishiki. But it doesn't mean he doesn't have a chance for the Emperor's Cup. As to Kotoshogiku he lost his 7th bout to Takakeisho. Takayasu slapped Tamawashi, but lost balance and was drive out. It's the new ozeki's 3rd loss. Goeido charged straight at Ura and forced him out. Both are 6-5. Harumafuji got hold of Chiyoshoma's arm and threw him to win his 8th bout. Hakuho gave Mitakeumi a slap then tried to go for his belt, but could not and shoved, but was shoved back and went out the ring. Purple cushions came flying into the ring in reaction to the upset.

10th day
Goeido charges into Kotoshogiku. Kotoshogiku shifts position to force Goeido to fall. It's Kotoshogiku's 4th win, and Goeido's 5th loss. Takayasu and Ura performs an interesting bout. Takayasu shoves than both stand still to watch eachother's next move. Then Ura tried to grab Takayasu's leg. Takayasu withstand the pull. In the end, Takayasu threw Ura. After the bout Ura drags his foot. Hakuho gets a hold of Chiyoshoma's belt, stands still, then shoves to win his 10th bout. Hakuho broke Chiyoofuji's career win record. He need one more to tie with Kaio's number 1 record. Harumafui pushed then pulled back, prompting Tamawashi to fall.It's Harumafuji's 7th win.

9th day
Many upsets on a public holiday, Marine Day. Let's begin with the lower ranks of makuuchi. Aoiyama forced out Chiyonokuni to secure a majority win for the first time in such early days of a tourney. He is in competition with Hakuho for the Emperor's Cup for now. Kotoshogiku went low and charged but was thrust down by Mitakeumi who shifted to the side. Yoshikaze grabbed Takayasu's belt then shoved the ozeki and won. Takayasu succumbed to his 2nd loss. Goeido's knee touched the dirt before Chiyoshoma fell down the ring. It's the ozeki's 4th loss. Young up and coming Ura got hold of Harumafuji's arm and threw the yokozuna down. It's the first ever victory against a yokozuna for Ura. After the bout, Ura was in tears of joy during an interview with NHK. Hakuho forced Kagayaki to fall flat on his belly. Hakuho tied with the career 2nd record held by Chiyonofuji of 2045 wins.

8th day
Aoiyama was driven out by Oonosho, taking his first loss. Kotoshogiku forced himself on Yoshikaze who fell. The former ozeki won his 3rd bout. Goeido charged toward Hokutofuji and drove him out for his 5th win. Takayasu forced down Chiyoshoma. Hakuho drove Ura down. Harumafuji went around Kagayaki and forced him down.

7th day
Takayasu attacked Shodai and thrust him down for his 6th win. Goeido drove down Takakisho. Kotoshogiku fought well against Harumafuji but he was thrown by the next by the yokozuna. It's Harumafuji's 5th win. Hakuho pulled back and forced Ikioi to fall.

6th day
Kisenosato and Terunofuji pulled out this day, a disappointment to sumo fans. Goeido didn't make the mood better losing to Tamawashi's throw. Takayasu had a competitive bout against Tochinoshin which lasted 1 min and a half, ending with the new ozeki driving the Georgian out. Hakuho pulled back then drove out Hokutofuji. Harumafuji pushed out Ikioi for his 4th win.

5th day
Ura went for Tochinoshin's bandaged leg and tripped him. Ura won his 4th bout. Kotoshogiku shoved against Terunofuji, drove the Mongolian out to won his first bout. Takayasu forced Takakeisho to fall forward. Goeido shoved, Shodai shoved back, then Goeido pushed again and won by forcing Shodai down. It's the ozeki's 3rd win. Kisenosato sent into Ikioi. Ikioi then tried a throw, during which the yokozuna lost balance. Ikioi threw Kisenosato down. After the bout, Kisenosato had to stop walking from time to time. Harumafuji pushed then pulled away to throw Hokutofuji down. Hakuho drove Yoshikaze out to keep his records clean.

4th day
Tochiozan drove out Endo for his 3rd win. Kotoshogiku appeared to be in control for awhile but Tamawashi shifted position, forcing the former ozeki down. Takayasu gave thrusts to defeat Mitakeumi. Goeido quicky drove out Ikioi. Hokutofuji drove out Terunofuji. Kisenosato was able to beat Shodai. Yoshikaze earned his 4th win without fighting as Kakuryu withdrew from the tourney. Harumafuji grabbed Tochinoshin and threw him down to win his 2nd bout. Hakuho was playful. He stood for a while to watch Takakesho then drove him out.

3rd day
Goeido at last won. He pushed out Mitakeumi. Terunofuji won too by forcing out Ikioi. Takayasu thrust down former ozeki Kotoshogiku. Harumafuji won his first bout be driving out Takakeisho. Hakuho slapped Shodai and thrust him down. Hokutofuji powerfully pushed out Kakuryu. It's the yokozuna's first loss. Kisenosato easily lost to Tochinoshin.

2nd day
Terunofuji was thrust out by Tamawashi. Takayasu drove out Ikio for his first win. Goeido and Yoshikaze had to restart 3 times to make the bout legitimate. Yoshikaze drove out the ozeki with his head low. Hakuho struggled against Tochinoshin but in the end drove the Georgian out. Kotoshogiku fell on the dirt as Kakuryu gave a thrust down. Shodai pushed out Harumafuji. Still a yokozuna and 2 ozekis have not won this tourney.

1st day
New ozeki Takayasu faced Hokutofuji.He appeared nervous. He was pushed down. Goeido lost balance as Tochinoshin shifted to the side and fell off the ring. Terunofuji was pushed out by Takakeisho. Kakuryu struggled agaist Shodai but managed drive Shodai out. Kisenosato simply succumbed to Mitakeumi's shove and lost. Yoshikaze caught Harumafuji's back and forced the yokozuna out. Hakuho gave Kotoshogiku a big throw and won.

Pre Tourney highlight
Kisenosato vows to be a strong yokozunay
On July 3,Kisenosato turned 31. He told reporters he wished to win as many tournaments as possible and be a strong yokozuna. Kisenosato withdrew from the May tourney, but will be back to fight in Nagoya.

Terunofuji has surgery
The Mongolian ozeki unveiled he had surgery in Tokyo in June. It's his left knee. He will be fighting in Nagoya.

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