2018 Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament
(July 8 to 22 Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Mitakeumi
Fighting Spirit Award: Yutakayama, Asanoyama

Final day
Tochiozan drove down Tamawashi for his 10th win. Mitakeumi appeared to start strong. But Yutakayama was able to bear the shoves, the with his left forced Mitakeumi down. It's Yutakayama's 12th win, and Mitakeumi's 2nd loss. Ichinojo gave a few heavy thrusts to drive Endo out the ring. Goeido drove out Takayasu from behind to win his 10th bout. Takayasu finished with 6 losses.

14th day
Asanoyama pushed Endo out the ring to win his 11th bout. The big bout of the tourney, Mitakeumi faced Tochiozan. Mitakeumi got hold of Tochiozan's belt and drove him out. With this win, Mitakeumi secured the Emperor's Cup. He was in tears during his victory interview. Mitakeumi is 25 years old. He's from Nagano. His mother is Filipono. As to the ozekis, Goeido and Ichinojo fell. The judges gave the bout to Ichinojo. Takayasu was pushed out by Yutakayama.

13th day
Tochiozan faced Yutakayama. It was a close call on the verge of the ring. The bout was given to Yutakayama winning his 10th bout. Asanoyama forced out Miyogiryu also for his 10th win. Takayasu drove out Endo for his 9th win. Goeido had a good start, or it seemed. But he could not get hold of Mitakeumi's belt and was driven out. Mitakeumi improves his record to 12 wins. If he wins another bout, his tourney victory will be secured regardless of how the other contesters do.

12th day
Some of the top competitors lost. Tochiozan lost to Myogiryu. Asanoyama to Kaisei both taking their 3rd loss. Goeido pushed out Endo for his 9th win. The match of the day, Mitakeumi against ozeki Takayasu. Takayasu is not in good shape. Mitakeumi seemed to be in control. Takayasu turn around the ring, and Mitakeumi try to force him out. He himself also fall off the ring. The judges got together to study the bout. As Takayasu's foot remained on the verge of the ring before Mitakeumi was out, the bout was given to the ozeki. It's Mitakeumi's first loss. Still he's the front runner.

11th day
Asanoyama drove out Nishiki for his 9th win. Tochiozan won against Chiyotairyu with a push out also for his 9th win. Mitakeumi faced Kaisei against whom he's never won in the makuuchi division. He was able to push out the Brazilian for the first time to keep his record clean. Endo stepped aside to drive down Takakeisho. Kotoshogiku pulled out. Shodai was given an automatic win. Tamawashi and Ikioi had to redo the bout. Ikioi eventually won driving Takamawashi down. Ichinojo pushed out Takayasu. Daishomaru tried to throw Goeido, but his arm slipped off and Goeido was given a win. The ozeki secured a majority win.

10th day
Endo had no control of the bout, shoved out by Chiyonokuni. Tamawashi threw Kotoshogiku down the ring, forcing the former ozeki to fall in to the audience and hurting himself. Ichinojo drove out Yoshikaze for his 4th win. Mitakeumi banged into Kagayaki and drove him out to win his 10th bout. Shohozan tried thrusts against Goeido.The ozeki instead forced Shohozan down. Kaisei threw Takayasu. Takayasu could not get up for a while. Both at 7-3.

9th day
Asanoyama pushed out Ishiura to secure a majority win. Endo was driven out by Yutakayama. It's his 2nd loss. Mitakeumi immediately drove out Daishomaru to keep the lead. Tamawashi was aggressively attacking Takayasu. Takayasu twirled, stayed in the ring, and out went Tamawashi. Goeido attacked then was attacked back and managed in the end to throw Kagayaki.

8th day
Asanoyama was able to drive out an even bigger Aoiyama to win his 7th bout. Endo and Myogiryu had to redo their bout. Endo was able to win. Shohozan gave a little leap as he stood to fight Kotoshogiku. But for the former ozeki that did not not disturb him, grabbing Shohozan and driving him out to win his 3rd bout. Mitakeumi slightly lost his balance when Chiyonokuni tried to pull out, but was agle to gain control and drove out Chiyonokuni. Mitakeumi secured a majority win. Goeido threw Kaisei to win his 5th bout. Takayasu attacked Kagayaki's throat, forcing him out. It's Takayasu's 6th win.

7th day
Tochinoshin pulled out with an injury to his toe. He apologized to fans via Japanese TV. He hurt his toe in yesterday's bout. Shodai was given an automatic win. Endo pushed out Kyokutaisei. Mitakeumi got hold of Kotoshogiku's belt and drove the former ozeki out. Goeido touch the dirt and lost to Takakeisho. Mitakeumi is the sole leader.

6th day
This time Kakuryu pulled out of this tourney. Meaning there aren't any yokozunas fighting in Nagoya. The lucky one was Chiyonokuni who didn't have to fight. Endo was able to push down Kaisei. Kotoshobiku drove out Ichinojo for his 2nd win. Mitakeumi pushed out Shodai to keep his record clean. Takayasu pulled back and lost to Takakeisho. Goeido threw Abi to win. Tochinoshin got hold of Tamawashi but not secured a good grip and was instead forced down. It's the new ozeki's first loss.

5th day
Endo drove out Kagayaki for his 4th win. Goeido quickly forced out Chiyonokuni. Tochinoshin fought well against Kotoshogiku's shoves with a grip of the former ozeki's belt. Ikioi fall forward in the bout against Takayasu. Kakuryu fights forward then pulls back, losing to Abi. Cushions fly all over in the gymnasium on the upset 2 days in a row.

4th day
A surprise pull out of Hakuho from the tourney was announced. Apparently he slipped and fell outside the ring, and hurt himself. Endo was driven out by Chiyotairyu to take his first loss. Tochinoshin thrust out Abi. Takayasu defeated Shodai. Chiyonokuni was given an automatic win as Hakuho withdrew from the tourney. Kotoshogiku thrust down Goeido. Kakuryu lost to Ikioi. It's the yokozuna's first loss.

3rd day
Chiyonokuni celebrated his 28th birthday with an aggressive bout, in which he threw Takayasu. Goeido drove out Ikioi. Tochinoshin got his arms behind Shohozan and a good grip of his belt. The Georgian lifted Shohozan up and out the ring. Hakuho drove down Kotoshogiku. Kakuryu pushed out Shodai from behind.

2nd day
Endo forced down Takarafuji for his 2nd win. Goeido clashed into Tamawashi and immediately drove his opponent out with a grip of the belt with his left. Tochinoshin pushed out Chiyonokuni. Shohozan lost balance and fell on his knee to lose to Takayasu. Kakuryu managed to throw Kotoshogiku with his right to win. Hakuho had to redo the bout after judges decided he had not faced off properly against Shodai. He immediately drove Shodai out. All ozeki and yokozuna won.

1st day
Endo struggled but was able to drive out Yoshikaze. Chiyonokuni drove out Ichinojo from behind. New ozeki Tochinoshin powerfully forced out Ikioi. Kotoshogiku banged into Takayasu. Takayasu tried to shift, while the former ozeki kept his balance. Takayasu pulled back and drove down Kotoshogiku to win. Goeido attempted to throw Shodai but his grip slipped and the ozeki fell. Hakuho had a shaky moment but was able to force down Tamawashi to win. Kakuryu thrust out Shohozan.

Pre Tourney highlight
Kisenosato decides not to fight
After showing some doubtful performance during practice, Kisenosato decided to pull out from the coming tourney on Jul 5. It will be his 8th consecutive tourney he will not be fighting. They broke the record held by Takanohana.

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