(January 9 to 23 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Hakuho
Fighting Spirit Award: none

Final day
Asasekiryu put Kisenosato down to clinch a majority win. Dejima drove Hokutoriki out for his 9th win. Koto-o-shu threw Jumonji and earned his 9th win too. Hakuho pushed out Takamisakari for his 11th win in front of his parents visiting from Mongolia. Tochiazuma put Miyabiyama down also for his 11th win. Wakanosato lost again. This time to Kyokutenho. the sekiwake succumbed to his 9th loss. Chiyotaikai charged into Asashoryu, but then lost balance. The yokozuna got hold of his back and drove the ozeki out. Asashoryu won 44 sponsored prizes. One prize is worth 60,000 yen.

14th day
Hokutoriki shoved Tokitsuumi to win his 8th bout. Kisenosato tried to regain a good position during the bout but in the end was taken out by Kotoryu. It's Kisenosato's 8th loss. Kyokutenho quickly drove Dejima out to win his 9th bout. Kokkai gave thrusts so strong, Takamisakari was pushed out. Takamisakari took his majority loss. Koto-o-shu slapped Iwakiyama, then got hold of him, and drove him out. The Bulgarian clinched a majority win. Hakuho charged into Kotonowaka, got his arm and put the veteran down. Hakuho won his 10th bout. Tochiazuma went forward and drove Tochinonada out. With his 10th win, he secured a re-promotion to ozeki ranking. Chiyotaikai pushed forward and drove out Wakanosato. Chiyotaikai,with a majority win retained his ozeki post. Wakanosato took a majority loss. Miyabiyama tried to push hard, but fell forward as Asashoryu thrust him down.

13th day
Runners up, Kasugao lost to Hokutoriki. Hakuo lost to Iwakiyama. Asashoryu's Emperor Cup victory was automatically decided. In other bouts, Mongolian Ama beat fellow countryman Asasekiryu with an overarm throw and clinched a majority win. Koto-o-shu threw to beat Shimotori and then feel. It's the Bulgarian's 7th win. Kotomitsuki forced himself to go forwarda against Takamisakari. But Takamisakari was able to keep his feet inside the ring while Kotomitsuki fell. Both are 6-7. Tochiazuma fought Kakizoe back and thrust his opponent out for his 9th win. Miyabiyama was quick to move forward and shoved Kyokutenho out the ring. Chiyotaikai attacked Roho's throat and shoved him out. It's still the ozeki's 7th win. Wakanosato attacked Asashoryu to the edge of the ring. The yokozuna lost balance and turned his back toward's the sekiwake, but got himself in firm position to take Wakanosato out. Asashoryu even without this won had secured his 10th Emperor Cup victory.

12th day
Korean, Kasugao, threw Aminishiki for his 9th win, and prevented Asashoryu from clinching the tourney victory at this point. Dejima went forward to take Asasekiryu out. The former ozeki clinched a majority win. Kyokutenho got hold of Hayateumi's arm and tried a throw, then walked him out. The Mongolian also secured a majority win. Takamisakari was seen trying to boost his motivation to win more than ever, pumping his arms up and down before the face off. And that seemed effective. He put down Takanowaka, whom he's faired badly. Hakuho grabbed Koto-o-shu to shove the Bulgarian out. Iwakiyama's thrusts was not powerful enough. Miyabiyama got hold of his opponent and pushed him out. Miyabiyama clinched a majority win. Tochinonada pushed Wakanosato quickly out of the ring. Kakizoe shifted slightly and thrust Chiyotaikai down. The ozeki succumbed to his 6th loss. Asashoryu had a fast start against Tochiazuma and won. If the yokozuna wins on the 13th day, his Emperor Cup victory will be secured.

11th day
Dejima beat Aminishiki for his 7th win. Tosanoumi thrust down Kokkai after Kokkai struggled. As he faced off, Kyokutenho grabbed the back of Hakuho's head and pulled him down. It's Hakuho's 3rd loss. Wakanosato shoved and shoved and drove out Takamisakari. Koto-o-shu tried to pull Tochiazuma towards him. But the Bulgarian fell from the ring first. Tochiazuma clinched a majority win, but he needs 2 more wins to regain ozeki ranking in the next tournament. Chiyotaikai gave small thrusts then put Miyabiyama down. It's the ozeki's 6th win. Asashoryu got hold of Kotonowaka's right arm and threw the 36-year old down. As the runners up all have 3 losses, Asashoryu's Emperor's Cup victory may be secured as early as on the 12th day if those with 3 losses lose.

10th day
Kaio decided to pull out from this day as he's not fit to fight. As this means, he's lost the rest of the tournament, in the next one, he will have to earn a majority win to retain his ozeki status. His match for the day, Miyabiyama automatically was given a win. As for other bouts. Dejima went forward and drove Tokitsuumi out. Takamisakari was taken out by Kotoryu. Roho fell forward in his fight against Kokkai. Hakuho pushed Tosanoumi down to clinch a majority win. Iwakiyama pushed forward and defeated Tochiazuma. Wakanosato got hold of Kotomitsuki from behind and drove him down. Koto-o-shu stopped Chiyotaikai from giving thrusts and powerfully threw down the ozeki. Asashoryu got down low and with his right hand knocked Kyokutenho's leg. Runner up for the Emperor's Cup is only Hakuho with 2 losses, followed by a pack of 5 with 3 losses.

9th day
Dejima struggled but managed to push out Tamakasuga. Hokutoriki pushed hard, but was driven out by Ama. Hayateumi tried to trick Takamisakari by leaping to the side. But it was useless. Takamisakari pushed his childhood rival out. The tallest man,Koto-o-shu with his left hand forced the 2nd tallest, Roho down. Miyabiyama lost balance, and Wakanosato forced the former ozeki out by pushing his rear. Tochiazuma managed to put down Kyokutenho to win his 7th bout. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts, but Hakuho kept himself inside the ring. It was an aggressive fight between the 2 thereafter, which Hakuho in the end won by attacking Chiyo's throat. Kaio was powerless. He lost to Kokkai's pressure. Asashoryu won again driving Iwakiyama out the ring. The yokozuna remains the sole leader.

8th day
Dejima slightly lost balance, but he pushed forward and as he fell, drove Ama down the ring. Both are 4-4. Takanowaka drove out Kyokutenho who took his 2nd loss. Koto-o-shu hooked his leg around Takamisakari to trip him. The Bulgarian earned his 4th win. Tosanoumi pushed out Wakanosato. With his 5th loss Wakanosato's chance to gain promotion to ozeki vanished. Tochiazuma kept his head low as he fought Hakuho. But Hakuho put the former ozeki off balance and put him down. It's Tochiazuma's 2nd loss. Miyabiyama shoved and shoved to take out Roho. Kaio rammed into Tochinonada, and only with his right hand drove Tochinonada down. It's Kaio's 4th win. Kokkai tried to give Chiyotaikai thrusts. But his thrusts didn't quite hit the ozeki. Chiyo meanwhile pushed on and drove the Georgian out of the ring. Asashoryu gave a powerful throw to defeat Kotomitsuki. The yokozuna improved his clean record. There are no longer following his lead with one loss. Runners up are those in a pack with 2 losses.

7th day
Dejima drove Hayateumi out the ring for his 3rd win. Kaiho grabbed Takamisakari's arm which Takamisakari was not bothered by. He just pushed and won. Kyokutenho used his leg to defeat Roho. It's the Mongolian's 6th win. Kokkai gave Kakizoe thrusts. But Kakizoe fought back hard and defeated the Georgiean. Tochiazuma took out the huge Kotonowaka to pick up his 6th win. Miyabiyama threw Tochinonada on the ring for his 5th win. Wakanosata was quick to get hold of Hakuho and drive the up and coming Mongolian out the ring. Chiyotaikai clashed into Iwakiyama. Iwakiyama's blow on Chiyo was so great the ozeki pulled back and lost. Kaio was powerless. Kotomitsuki got hold of the ozeki and drove him out. Kaio took his 4th loss and his chance for promotion has gone down the drain. Asashoryu easily took Koto-o-shu out. After the bout, Asashoryu held his right shoulder. It looked as if he was in main. Nevertheless, the yokozuna is the sole leader with Tochiazuma and Kyokutenho following.

6th day
Takamisakari's mom was cheering on her son. But he fell to Hokutoriki's push down. Roho pushed out Kotonowaka for his 4th win. Hakuho got hold of Kotomitsuki with his left and hurled him to win his 5th bout. Miyabiyama step aside and thrust Koto-oshu down. Kokkai aggressively attacked Wakanosato. Wakanosato tried to be patient, but in the end fell on his knee to lose. Tamanoshima attacked Kaio to the edge of the ring. But Kaio kept within, with one foot up in the air. He forced Tamanoshima off the ring. Chiyotaikai thrusted Tochiazuma. Tochiazuma then ducked and got hold of Chiyotaikai's rear and drove him out. Asashoryu picked up Kakizoe and put him down to improve his perfect record.

5th day
Kaiho slightly shifted his position and pushed out Dejima. Kotonowaka gave Takamisakari a slap. Then Takamisakari gripped his belt and took him out. Kokkai thrust Tochinonada out the ring to earn his first win. Wakanosato was powerless. He lost his 3rd bout in a row to Iwakiyama. Tochiazuma attacked Kotomitsuki. Kotomitsuki tried to escape the attacks. In the end, Tochiazuma won with a push out. Hakuho put Miyabiyama flat on his belly. It's the Mongolian's 4th win. Chiyotaikai again gave thrusts. Tosanoumi fled to the other side of the ring, but was in the end thrust down. Kaio appeared with his a huge part of his left shoulder bandaged. It seems there's something wrong with it, although he hasn't explained. He faced Kakizoe, and this time managed to push him off the ring. Kaio fell off the ring too, but he stood up immediately. Tamashima fought well against Asashoryu. But when the yokozuna gave a strong blow, that aggressiveness stopped. Tamanoshima was pushed out.

4th day
Asasekiryu faced former schoolmake Kotoshogiku. The Mongolian won easily with an overarm throw. It's his 4th win. Korean Kasugao stopped Dejima from shoving him and put the former ozeki down. Roho won the retake by thrusting down Takanowaka. Takamisakari was quick to get his right hand on Shimotori's belt. But it did not affect Shimotori as he shoved the popular guy forward to win. Koto-oshu and Hayateumi went round and round trying to attempt a throw. Hayateumi hooked his leg around the Bulgarian, but the Bulgarian used that move to make Hayateumi fall first. Kaiho and Kokkai put on an aggressive fight, slapping eachother. But the smaller Kaiho managed to put the Georgian down to win. Tamanoshima pushed, but Hakuho pushed back, gave thrusts and won. Miyabiyama thrust Kotomitsuki down. Tochiazuma drove Wakanosato down, jeapordizing Wakanosato's chance to gain promotion to ozeki. Kaio was easily put down by Tosanoumi. Kaio's chance for promotion seems to have disappeared as a result. Chiyotaikai again gave a series of thrust to defeat Kotonowaka. Asashoryu pushed out Tochinonada.

3rd day
Dejima dashed forward and pushed out Kisenosato for his first win. Takamisakari was able to win his first bout too by putting Tochinonada down. Kotonowaka powerfully threw Miyabiyama. It's Miyabiyama's first loss. Wakanosato succumbed to Kakozoe's shoves also to take his first loss. Tosanoumi defeated Tochiazuma. Chiyotaikai again gave a series of thrust. The ozeki pushed out Tamanoshima. Hakuho attacked Kaio, and then pulled the ozeki's head towards him to put him down. Kaio's already with 2 losses. Kokkai was clearly trying to fight with all his might. But Asashoryu, got hold of the Georgian and threw him down powerfully.

2nd day
Mongolian Anma and Korean Kasugao threw eachother. Kasugao dropped on his knee. Buyuzan's right thrust prompted Kisenosato to roll on the ring. Asasekiryu won a long 2 minute 20 second bout by hurling Tokitsuumi. Takanowaka immediately attacked the back of Dejima's neck and knocked him down. Iwakiyama pushed Takamisakari right out of the ring. Tochinonada pushed out Roho, who pulled back. Hakuho quickly defeated Kakizoe by attacking his head. Wakanosato put down Koto-oshu on his back. Tochiazuma kept his head low and dashed towards Kokkai and put him out. Miyabiyama and Tamanoshima had to redo their bout after their first fight was called a draw. In the 2nd try, Miyabiyama clashed into Tamanoshima and put him down. All eyes are on Kaio. His huge opponent Kotonowaka was not easy to beat. Kaio tried throws but Kotonowaka would not fall. Instead, Kotonowaka put Kaio down. Chiyotaikai this time pushed through with powerful thrusts to defeat Kotomitsuki. Tosanoumi's powerful pushes did not bother Asashoruyu. The yokozuna in the end pulled back and put Tosa down.

1st day
Marking the start of the new year in sumo, attendance by Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko among a sellout crowd. Mongolian sumo pioneed Kyokushuzan was driven out by another Mongolian Asasekiryu. Shimotori threw Dejima. Dejima was dragging his feet. Russian,Roho took the popular Takamisakari out the ring. Koto-oshu was wearing a fanshaped top knot for the first time in a grand tourney. He attacked Kakizoe's face and then threw him down. Kotomitsuki put Kokkai down. Tochiazuma struggled but beat Tamanoshima. Tochiazuma's been demoted to sekiwake can regain ozeki ranking if he wins 10 bouts this tourney. Miyabiyama shifted to the side as Tosanoumi charged forward and fell. Wakanosato pushed out Kotonowaka. Chiyotaikai was too hasty, succumbing to Tochinonada's thrust down. Iwakiyama gave Kaio thrusts and moved forward. It seemed Kaio had no chance, but surprisingly on the verge of the ring, he shifted to the side and drove Iwakiyama out. Asashoryu attacked young Mongolian Hakuho with thrusts. It seemed Hakuho was withstanding them, but the judges viewed otherwise. They called Hakuho's foot had left the ring.

Pre Tourney highlights
Kaio still has chance to yokozuna
Kaio wasn't seen to be in great shape, from his practices before the tourney. But depending on how he performs, he could be promoted to yokozuna. And that's what many sumo fans are hoping for.

Hakuho is already komusubi
19 year old Hakuho has been promoted to komusubi already.

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