(January 8 to 22 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Tokitsuumi
Fighting Spirit Award: Hokutoriki

Final day
Kokkai thrust Takamisakari out for his 8th win. Takamisakari finished with a majority loss. Hokutoriki put down Roho to finish the tourney with 12 wins. Miyabiyama pushed down Ama to secure a majority win. Tokitsuumi threw Kotomitsuki to also win his 12th bout. Hakuho got a grip of Koto-o-shu's belt with his left, and threw the Bulgarian ozeki. They both went down the ring. With his 13th win, Hakuho still had a possibility to win the Emperor's Cup, because if Tochiazuma lost, that means, he'd go into a play off with him. But Tochiazuma powerfully forced Asashoryu down and clinched the Emperor's Cup smoothly. It's the 3rd tourney victory for the ozeki, and the first in more than 2 years.

14th day
Dejima charged into Kasugao and pushed him out. The former ozeki secured a majority win. Another former ozeki,Miyabiyama shoved Takekaze and won. It's his 7th win. Kokkai drove out Kyokutenho for his 7th win. Ama attacked Kotomitsuki's throat and then put him down. It's the small Mongolian's 9th win. Two of the top contenders of this tourney faced eachother. Hakuho grabbed Tokitsuumi's belt and threw him to stay in the Emperor's Cup competition. Hokutoriki tried to intimidate Tochiazuma with thrusts. But in the end, the ozeki shifted slightly and drove Hakuho down. With this result, the chance for Asashoryu to clinch the tourney victory has vanished, that means no 8th victory in a row. But Asashoryu fought hard against Koto-o-shu. He grabbed the Bulgarian's arm, and put him on his belly. Tochiazuma keeps his lead, followed by Hakuho.

13th day
The Emperor and Empress joined the sellout crowd to watch the top division. Before them, popular Takamisakari lost to Kotoshogiku. Dejima thrust Tosanoumi down for his 7th win. Roho gave Aminishiki thrusts but was then put down. In a long bout, to end it, Tamanoshima hooked his leg around Kokkai's to trip him. Both are 6-7. Miyabiyama forced Kyokutenho down. One of the top contenders, Hokutoriki pulled back so obviously that Hakuho took advantage of the move the drove him down. Both are 11-2. Tochiazuma slightly moved to the side, and Koto-o-shu slightly lost balanced, forced to the edge of the ring and driven out. It's the new ozeki's 3rd loss. Asashoryu came on the ring with his right arm heavily bandaged, following yesterday's bout. He couldn't use that arm. His opponent Ama got hold of the yokozuna's belt, and threw him down. It's Asashoryu's 3rd loss. Tochiazuma is not the sole leader.

12th day
Kasugao threw Takamisakari for his 8th win. It's Takamisakari's 6th loss. Wakanosato drove Jumonji out for his majority win. Kitazakura forced Dejima out for his 9th win. Tokitsuumi put Roho off balance and put him on his rear. It's for his 10th win. Hokutoriki shifted position as he stood up to fight in his 5th try to face off, and thrust Kokkai down. Tamanoshima grabbed Miyabiyama's belt and forced him out. Both are 5-7. Kotomitsuki kept on pulling back but seeing that it was not effective, threw Kakizoe, and secured his majority win. Tochiazuma put Ama down for his 11th win. Koto-o-shu threw Iwakiyama for his 10th win. An upset by Hakuho. He held Asashoryu under his arm and threw the yokozuna. Tochiazuma and Hokutoriki tie for the Emperor's Cup.

11th day
Hokutoriki thrust down Kitazakura for his 10th win. Tokitsuumi drove Ama out for his 9th. Dejima managed to force Asasekiryu out. Miyabiyama pulled back while Roho pushed forward and won his 8th bout. Hakuho shoved Kotomitsuki's head and then drove him out. It's Hakuho's 9th win. Koto-o-shu grabbed Hakurozan's belt and drove him out. Kokkai gave Tochiazuma thrusts but the ozeki did not pull back. He rather shifted himself to the side to put the Georgian off balance. Ikakiyama seemed clearly heavy for Asashoryu, but the yokozuna managed to drive the giant out. Asashoryu, Tochiazuma and Hokutoriki are tied for the lead.

10th day
Tokitsuumi charged forward and drove Hokutoriki out the ring. It's Hokutoriki's first loss. Wakanosato and Takamisakari, both 29 year-old faced eachother. Wakanosato stayed on the knot of the ring, and forced Takamisakari down for his 6th win. Dejima pushed Kyokushuzan out the ring. Both are 5-5. Ama dashed toward Roho and pushed the Russian out for his 7th win. Kokkai pushed and pushed to shove out Kakizoe. Hakuho threw Miyabiyama to secure a majority win Koto-o-shu grabbed Tamanoshima's belt and forced him out. Iwakiyama pushed Tochiazuma. The ozeki stopped at the edge of the ring and put Iwakiyama down. Asashoryu and Kotomitsuki fought a competitive bout. But in the end, the yokozuna forced Kotomitsuki down.

9th day
Hokutoriki extended his winning streak to 9 by pushing Aminishiki out the ring. Dejima drove Kotoshogiku out the ring. Ama clashed hard into Takamisakari and shoved him out. It's the Mongolian's 6th win. Iwakiyama forced Kokkai down on his knee. Both are 5-4. Roho quickly threw Kasuganishiki with his left hand. Kotomitsuki attempted a throw which put Tokitenku on his belly. Koto-o-shu got hold of Asasekiryu's belt and forced him out. Hakuho earned his 7th win as his opponent Kaio pulled out of the tourney. Former ozeki Miyabiyama gave Tochiazuma thrusts. Tochiazuma attempted to pull back several times to put his opponent off, but failed. In the end, Tochiazuma was pushed out. Hakurozan started his bout against Asashoryu with quick thrusts, but when he could no longer continue, the yokozuna easily drove him out. Hokutoriki is now the only one with a perfect record.

8th day
Takamisakari forced his power on Kakizoe who crashed on his knee. It's the Robocop's 5th win. Dejima pushed forward and beat Jumonji. Kokkai thrust down Ama for his 5th win. In a bout of heavyweights of sumo, Miyabiyama managed to push out Iwakiyama. Kotomitsuki defeated Asasekiryu with a powerful overarm throw. Tochiazuma and Hakuho only were able to face off in the 3rd attempt. Tochiazuma pushed forward and it appeared the two fell from the ring together, but the bout went to the ozeki. Tochiazuma secured a majority win and also saved himself from falling from the ranks of ozeki. Kaio was completely powerless and fell in the bout against Takekaze. Chiyotaikai pulled out from the tourney and his opponent of the day Roho was automatically given a win. Although the bout began with Tokitenko's hand shoved into Koto-o-shu's throat, the new ozeki did not seemed bothered. He went ahead and got hold of the Mongolian's belt and drove him out. Asashoryu with thrusts shoved Tochinohana out.

7th day
Iwakiyama, in a long bout drove Dejima out. Kokkai pushed out Hakurozan. Tochinohana pushed out Hakuho. It's the Mongolian's first loss. Kotomitsuki didn't have a dashing start but he managed to drive Tamanoshima out. Roho drove Kaio out. It's the Russian's 5th win. Chiyotaikai could not give thrusts and was driven out by Miyabiyama. It's the ozeki's 3rd loss. Koto-o-shu got a hold of Kyokutenho's belt and shoved and shoved to win. Tochiazuma fought carefully against Takekaze, in the end thrusting his opponent's back and putting him down. Tokitenku tried to withstand Asashoryu's power, but in the end tumbled down.

6th day
Yoshikaze and Takamisakari exchanged positions a couple of time, and in the end Takamisakari was take out. It's his 3rd loss. Ama drove Kisenosato out for this 5th win. Roho pushed Dejima out. Kotomitsuki threw Takekaze with his right to win his 4th bout. Kokkai tried to stay within the ring, but he lost balance and Hakuho drove him out. The Mongolian has a clean record. Chiyotaikai went forward with thrusts, but Tamanoshima managed to stop him and drove the ozeki out. Koto-o-shu got hold of Miyabiyama's belt and slowly drove him to the edge and down the former ozeki went. Tochiazuma controlled the bout and pushed Tochinohana out. Kaio forced Tokitenku on his hand to win his 3rd bout. Asashoryu put pressure on Kyokutenho to put him down on his knee.

5th day
Dejima shoved and shoved to drive Toyonoshima out the ring. Hakuho had an easy win against Hakurozan. It's Hakuho's 5th win. Miyabiyama gave Kotomitsuki thrusts, pulled back, and then threw his opponent down. Kokkai attacked Koto-o-shu with thrusts and then threw the ozeki by his neck. Tochiazuma had a relatively long bout against Kyokutenho. The Mongolian drove the ozeki to the edge of the ring, but Tochiazuma managed to keep himself in, and swing his opponent out. Kaio clashed into Tamanoshima and drove him out for his 2nd win. Chiyotaikai gave quick thrusts to defeat Tokitenku. Roho fought hard against Asashoryu and then in the end the yokozuna grabbed the Russians leg to win.

4th day
Wakanosato lost his first bout to Tokitsuumi. Kyokushuzan shoved Takamisakari to the verge of the ring, but the Mongolian's right foot left the ring, so the bout went to Takamisakari. Futen-o shove Dejima out the ring. Miyabiyama lost balance during the bout against Kasuganishiki and was driven out. Kotomitsuki twisted his body to throw Kyokutenho. Tochiazuma kept moving forward the defeated Roho. Kokkai pushed Kaio out the ring. It's the ozeki's 3rd loss. Chiyotaikai gave Hakurozan thrusts and won. Koto-o-shu thrust Tochinohana down. Asashoryu powerfully drove Takekaze out.

3rd day
Wakanosato won his 3rd straight bout against Shunketsu. Aminishiki attacked Takamisakari's throat and then forced him out. Dejima and Kisenosato banged into eachother. Kisenosato got a firm hold of Dejima's belt and slowly but surely drove the former ozeki out. Kokkai, who defeated the yokozuna the previous day was pulled by his arm by Kasuganishiki and fell. Roho gave a powerful overarm throw to defeat Kotomitsuki. Tochinohana pushed forward and beat Kaio. It's the ozeki's 2nd loss. Chiyotaikai lost too. He was pushed out by Takekaze. Koto-o-shu managed to throw the heavily bandaged Tamanoshima down. Tochiazuma thrust Hakurozan down. Asashoryu grabbed Miyabiyama and drove the former ozeki out.

2nd day
Takamisakari forced Kisenisato out the ring for his first win. Ama threw Kakizoe also for his first win. Dejima defeated Kasuganishiki with an overarm throw. As Roho and Iwakiyama was fighting eachother, the gyoji or referee suddenly tripped over the roped ring. Roho got hold of Iwakiyama's neck and threw him while the gyoji was still on the dirt. Iwakiyama's heavy leg apparently hit the normal size man. But the gyoji managed to get up and call the winner. Miyabiyama and Kyokutenku atttacked eachother. In the end, the Mongolian pulled away and Miyabiyama fell down. Kotomitsuki drove Hakurozan out. Asasekiryu was thrown with his arm bound under Hakuho's and lost. Chiyotaikai shoved Tochinohana with thrusts to one side of the ring, then to another side, and finally won with a push out. Koto-o-shu managed to pushed down little Takekaze down the ring. It's his first win. Tochiazuma drove Tamanoshima out the ring. Kaio charged forward and beat Kyokutenho for his career 800th win. Kokkai seemed to have lost balance at one point, but kept himself under control. Then, he got a good hold of Asashoryu's belt with his right, and seemed determined not to let go. With his other hand Kokkai shoved the yokozuna and forced him down. The crowd threw red cushions toward the ring in response to the upset.

1st day
The tourney opened before a sellout crowd. Wakanosato was ranked all the way down at Maegashira number 16 because he could not fight from the middle of last tourney. But he showed he was of a much superior calibre. He easily defeated Wakatoba. Kyokushuzan pulled back and then threw Kasugao down. Takamisakari was powerlessly pushed out by Toyonoshima. Aminishiki forced Dejima down. Iwakiyama forced himself on Asasekiryu to defeat the Mongolian. Hakuho forced Takekaze out. Kotomitsuki got hold of Kokkai's belt with his right and drove the Georgian out. New ozeki Koto-o-shu faced Russian Roho. Roho immediately grabbed the ozeki's belt and gave a powerful throw. The Bulgarian was defeated. Tochiazuma was back after missing the majority of the last tourney. He fought Tokitenku cautiously and pushed him out. Kaio was out of shape. He hardly practiced before the start of the tourney. And it showed in his performance. He lost balance in his bout against Miyabiyama and was driven out. Chiyotaikai gave quick thrusts and then pulled back to dump Kyokutenho on the ring. Asashoryu got a grip of Tamanoshima's belt and put him down.

Pre Tourney highlights
Kotooshu is ozeki
Kotooshu was visited by messengers of the Japan Sumo Association at his temporary stable in Fukuoka on Nov 30, 2005. His promotion to ozeki was officially conveyed, and he humbly accepted it, accompanied by his new stable master, the former Kotonowaka who's replaced the retired head of Sadogatake. He's become the 5th foreign national to become ozeki. Following his promotion, Kotooshu has become widely sought after, to appear on TV commercials and on TV variety programs.

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