(January 7 to 21 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Toyonoshima
Fighting Spirit Award: Toyonoshima

Final day
Takamisakari succumbed to a majority loss in the bout against Kotoshogiku. Kokkai defeated Roho for his 7th win. Roho finished with 12 losses. Kisenosato was pushing forward but Ama shifted away to put Kisenosato down and win his 10th bout. Kisenosato took a majority loss. Kyokutenho drove Miyabiyama down for his majority win. Toyonoshima forced Kotomitsuki down and clinched his 12th win. Hakuho got hold of Chiyotaikai and drove him out. Both ended the tourney with 10 wins. Kaio immediately grabbed Tochiazuma's belt with his right and forced him on the ring. Kaio clinched a majority win. Tochiazuma finished with 10 losses. Asashoryu forced Koto-o-shu a throw to win his 14th bout.

14th day
Ama tripped Toyonoshima by taking him by the ankle. As Toyonoshima lost his 3rd bout, if Asashoryu wins, he secures the Emperor's Cup. In other bouts, Kotoshogiku drove Dejima out to clinch a majority win. Miyabiyama pushed out Homasho. Kaio got hold of Koto-o-shu's body with his right and drove the Bulgarian out. It's Kaio's 7th win. Hakuho force Takamisakari out. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts and Kotomitsuki lost balance and fell forward. Asashoryu picked Tochiazuma up and forced him out the ring. Asashoryu won the Emperor's Cup for the 20th time.

13th day
Toyonoshima drove Ushiomaru out for his 11th win. Takamisakari got a firm grip of Kyokutenho's belt and forced his opponent out. Dejima appeared to win by thrusting Tochinonada down. But the judges announced Dejima pulled Tochinonada's topnot which is against the rule, so the former ozeki succumbed to his 10th loss. Miyabiyama pushed and pushed to defeat Aminishiki. Koto-o-shu threw Tochiazuma with his right. Tochiazuma succumbed to a majority loss. Kotomitsuki did not let Hakuho get hold of his belt, and himself was able to get a good hold to win. Kotomitsuki secured a majority win. Chiyotaika pushed forward the overwhelmed Ama. Asashoryu forced Kaio out for his 12th win.

12th day
Toyonoshima beat Takanonami to win his 10th bout. Tokitenku got the back of Dejima's belt and drove the former ozeki out. It's Dejim's 9th loss. Kotomitsuki shoved Homasho's head and controlled the bout to win. Hakuho drove Koto-o-shu out for his majority win. Ama quickly moved behind Kaio and drove the popular ozeki out. It's Kaio's 6th loss. Tochiazuma pushed Kisenosato out. Chiyotaikai attacked Asashoryu with thrusts but the yokozuna pulled Chiyo's arm and then pushed him out.

11th day
Toyonoshima forced down Kasuga-o by hooking his foot around the Korean's leg. It's his 9th win. Aminishiki drove out Takamisakari. The Robocop looked upset after the bout. Miyabiyama shoved Tokitenku out the ring. Kotomitsuki drove Ama out for his 6th win. Kaio grabbed the back of Roho's belt and shoved the Russian out. Tochiazuma tried to push, but he didn't do it with enough forced against Kyokutenho and lost. It's the ozeki's 7th loss. Koto-o-shu threw Chiyotaikai with his left to secure a majority win. Asashoryu attempted a throw twice, and in the end won by shoving Hakuho out. Asashoryu is the sole leader, and the runner up is Toyonoshima.

10th day
Toyonoshima thrust down Tamanoshima to win his 8th bout. Ama and Takamisakari fought a competitive bout, which in the end Ama won by driving Takamisakari on his knees. Aminishiki succumbed to a majority loss in a bout against Kisenosato. Roho managed to drive Dejima down the ring. Both are 3-7. Kyokutenho shoved Kaio out and on his knees. Both are 5-5. Chiyotaikai attacked Tochiazuma with quick thrusts and won. Chiyo secured a majority win. Koto-o-shu got hold of Miyabiyama's belt with his left and slowly threw him. It's Miyabiyama's majority loss. Hakuho forced Kotoshogiku down for his 7th win. Kotomitsuki appeared to using his brain in his fight against Asashoryu. But in the end the yokozuna drove him down. Asashoryu leads with 9 wins.

9th day
Ama drove Tochinonada out. Kisenosato threw Kotoshogiku in a fierce bout for his 4th win. Dejima charged into Kotomitsuki and won with the force. Takamisakari forced Koto-o-shu towards the edge of the ring, but he did not have a good enough grasp of the ozeki and insteda was put down. Both are 6-3. Hakuho put Tochiazuma down for his 5th win. It's Tochiazuma's 5th loss. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts against Kaio, and then put the big ozeki down. Miyabiyama shoved hard, but Asashoryu in the end won by driving the big former ozeki out.

8th day
Tamakasuga lost to Takekaze, meaning, there's no longer anyone with a clean record. Takamisakari forced Mongolian, Kakuryu out. Kokkai drove Dejima out for his 3rd win. Kotomitsuki banged into Tokitenku, then lost control and went out of the ring. Miyabiyama threw Roho on the ring for his 2nd win. Tochiazuma fought against Aminishiki with his head low, and it became too low, he fell. Ama leaped and shifted to the side, prompting Koto-o-shu to lose balance. Ama force the tall ozeki down. Chiyotaikai pushed forward and quickly defeated Kotoshogiku. Hakuho drove Kaio out. Asashoryu powerfully forced Kisenosato out the ring. At this point, the yokozuna, Tamakasuga and Tamanoshima tie for the Emperor's Cup.

7th day
Tamakasuga put Tosanoumi down to earn another win.It's the first time he's fought the first 7 days without a loss. Takamisakari drove Tochinonada out for his 5th win. Koto-o-shu pushed down Dejima. Hakuho was in trouble when he turned his back towards Tokitenku. The ozeki lost. Chiyotaikai gave small shoves but fell forward to Kyokutenho's thrust. Kotomitsuki had hold of Kaio's belt, but lost the grip and was driven out by Kaio. Both are 5-2. Tochiazuma fought an aggressive bout. He pushed out Miyabiyama. Asashoryu grabbed Ama's arm and threw him for his 6th win.

6th day
Tamakasuga thrust out Kakizoe to extend his clean record. He's the only one in the top division. Kasuga-o quickly wrapped around Takamisakari's arm under his and threw the Robocop. Ama went for Kotoshogiku's belt but he was instead, pushed out. Both are 4-2. Miyabiyama attacked Kotomitsuki's face, but Kotomitsuki kept his hands on the former ozeki's belt and in the end, took him out. It's Kotomitsuki's 5th win. Hakuho drove Roho out. Chiyotaikai's first set up thrust was not effective, but after he turned around, he gave Kisenosato thrusts again and won. Kaio got hold of Tokitenku's arm and drove him out for his 5th win. Tochiazuma gave Dejima a powerful throw for his 3rd win. Koto-o-shu forced Aminishiki out. Asashoryu grabbed Kyokutenho's leg to force him to drop.

5th day
Takamisakari pulled away and put down Takekaze. Ama quickly grabbed Futen-o's belt and drove his opponent out. Dejima fell out the ring and gave Homasho the win. Kisenosato managed to drive Miyabiyama out. Chiyotaikai's thrusts were brief. The ozeki quickly thrust Aminishiki down. Kotoshogiku banged into Kaio and drove the heavy ozeki out. It's Kaio's 2nd loss. Tochiazuma succumbed to Kotomitsuki's throw and took his 3rd loss. Koto-o-shu got hold of Roho and threw the Russian to win. Hakuho drove Kyokutenho out. Asashoryu forced Tokitenku out.

4th day
Kokkai charged forward against Ama and won. It's Ama's first loss. Takamisakari forced Homasho out. Kotomitsuki prompted Roho to fall forward. Kaio stood still for a while with his right hand on Miyabiyama's belt. Then he shoved forward and won. Tochiazuma automatically earned a win as his opponent Baruto pulled out from an injury. Koto-o-shu managed to push down Kyokutenho, and both fell into the crowd. Hakuho tried to push Kisenosato but was instead thrust down. It's Hakuho's 2nd loss. Dejima banged into Chiyotaikai. The ozeki pulled away to the side, which prompted Dejima to fall. Asashoryu drove out Aminishiki for his 3rd win.

3rd day
Takamisakari lost his first bout to Futen-o. Ama forced a throw, and from one angle, it appeared he fell first, but slow motion footage showed Asasekiryu's hand touched the dirt first. Kotomitsuki drove Kisenosato out. Tochiazuma gave thrusts to force Tokitenku out and earn his first win. Koto-o-shu got hold of Homasho but tried a throw with an insufficient grip. Instead the ozeki fell first. Miyabiyama attacked Hakuho and the Mongolian pulled back, prompting Miyabiyama to fall. Chiyotaikai went ahead thrusting Roho and won. Kaio fought a lousy bout against Aminishiki and was driven out. Dejima charged powerfully against Asashoryu and pushed out the yokozuna in a blink of the eye.

2nd day
Takamisakari struggled but was in the end, able to push down Asasekiryu. Baruto pushed out Homasho. Kotomitsuki slightly shifted his position at face off and put Aminishiki off balance. Tokitenku attacked Koto-o-shu's throat and grabbed the Bulgarian's left leg for a final blow. Dejima shoved Hakuho out the ring. Miyabiyama pushed Chiyotaikai down. Kaio got hold of Kisenosato's belt in the beginning and shoved, but he the grip was not so good, he lost the belt. He patiently waited for another opportunity to push forward and was able to win. Tochiazuma was powerlessly driven out by Roho. Asashoryu picked up Kotoshogiku and then drove him out.

1st day
Kokkai gave Takamisakari thrusts. The robocop went ahead and grabbed Kokkai's right leg and drove the Georgian down the ring. Ama attacked Homasho non-stop and won. Miyabiyama attacked Baruto, but the Estonian was unaffected and drove the former ozeki out. Kyokutenho thrust Kotomitsuki to win. Hakuho was quick and getting a hold of Aminishiki's belt with his left, and though it was not easy, Hakuho drove his oppponent down. Chiyotaikai's initial thrusts were not effective, but in the end he was able to push Tokitenku out. Kaio tied for 6th place with Chiyonofuji and Konishiki with 81 tourneys in the makuuchi division. Kaio got Dejima's belt with his left and shoved down the former ozeki. Tochiazuma was still in pain in his left knee, but nevertheless decided to fight in the tourney. He lost to Kotoshogiku. Koto-o-shu shifted his position as he faced off, putting Kisenosato off balance and on the ring. This drew boos from the audience. Roho gave Asashoryu a blow in the face but was unable to do anything more. The yokozuna gave the Russian with an overarm throw.

Pre Tourney highlights
Ama's dad passes away
Ama's dad was killed in a traffic accident in Mongolia in late December. He was only 48. Ama flew back to Mongolia and returned just in time for the tourney.

Asashoryu popular on New Years shows
The Mongolian yokozuna gained a lot of exposure during the New Years holiday season. He was on a number of entertainment programs, including sports competitions.

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