(Jan 13 to 27 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena )

Outstanding Performance Award:
Ama, Kisenosato
Outstanding Technique Award: Kakuryu
Fighting Spirit Award: Takekaze

Final day
Takamisakari was able to win his 8th bout by defeating Roho. Miyabiyama pushed out Tochinonada for his 7th win. Kisenosato finished the tourney with 10 wins, with his victory over Tokitenku. Dejima fell forward in his bout against Tamanoshima, and lost his 12th bout. Kotoshogiku drove Asasekiryu out to finish the tourney with 9 wins despite his knee injury. Ama overpowered Kakuryu with his shoves to win his 9th bout. Koto-o-shu drove Kaio out for his 9th win. Kotomitsuki managed to force Aminishiki out to secure a majority win. It's the first time in 5 years that 2 yokozuna tied for the Emperor's Cup on the final day and faced eachother. Hakuho stared at Asashoryu for a long time before the 2 threw their final batch of salt to fight. The bout was intense. Hakuho slapped Asashoryu and took his opponent's belt with his right. Then Asashoryu grabbed Hakuho's belt too. The two shoved eachother. Hakuho forced Asashoryu to the edge. Asashoryu resisted by lifting the other yokozuna up. In the end Hakuho threw Asashoryu. It's his 6th Emperor's Cup victory.

14th day
Ichihara beat Hakutoriki for his majority win. Miyabiyama fought patiently against Tokitenku and put the Mongolian down on his hands. Dejima drove Toyonoshima out for his 3rd win. Asasekiryu suddenly grabbed Ama's leg and tripped him. Asasekiryu earned his 10th win. Koto-o-shu threw Kakuryu to secure a majority win and retain his post as ozeki. Hakuho gave a powerful throw to defeat Kotomitsuki. Asashoryu drove Kaio out of the ring.

13th day
Kakuryu drove Tokitenku out of the ring for his 12th win. Kyokutenho got hold of Kisenosato's belt and forced him out with his 10th win. Wakanosato threw Dejima. It's only his 5th win while Dejima's 11th loss. Kotoshogiku who returned to fight after suffering from an injury threw Goeido for his majority win. Ama shifted his position as he stood up, turned Miyabiyama around and drove the former ozeki out from behind. Ama secured a majority win, but needs to win 2 more in order to stay as an ozeki candidate. Koto-o-shu lost balance to Takekaze pulling away, and fell to the extend that he went as far as into the audience. Kotomitsuki shoved and had a chance of winning, but in the end Asashoryu managed to throw and win. Hakuho and Kaio fought a competitive bout which lasted more than a minute. Hakuho managed to win by forcing the tired ozeki out.

12th day
Takamisakari pulled back and forced down Tosanoumi for his 6th win. Tosa faced his 9th loss. Mongolian, Kakuryu shoved down Futen-o for his 10th win. Roho shifted to the side and Miyabiyama went out the ring. Tochinonada shoved and thrusted Dejima and won his 5th bout. Ama's movement got Kisenasoto off balance. Ama earned his 7th win. Kyokutenho banged into Kaio. But Kaio had a better position to shove and shove and win. Kaio secured a majority win. Kotomitsuki gave small thrusts and then shoved into Asasekiryu and won. Koto-o-shu distanced himself from Hakuo for a second, but then the yokozuna slapped him. Down went the Bulgarian on Hakuho's throw. Asashoryu got hold of Aminishiki's belt with both his hands and drove him out. The 2 yokozuna still lead.

11th day
Tamakasuga was thrusted down by Kasugao to take a majority loss. Asasekiryu took an aggressive move to beat Kyokutenho. It's Kyokutenho's 2nd loss. Miyabiyama and Toyonoshima fought a competitive bout. Miyabiyama kept on shoving and manage to win his 5th bout. Goeido shoved Dejima's head a few times and in the end pushed the former ozeki down. Ama could not do anything after the tallk Tokitenku clinched him. Both are 6-5. Kaio's face off was not strong, while his opponent Kisenosato pushed forward and won. Kisenosato secured a majority win. Kotomitsuki pushed down Wakanosato to earn his 6th win. Koto-o-shu tried to shove Asashoryu. But the yokozuna quickly drove the Bulgarian ozeki down.] Hakuho attacked Aminishiki's throat and pushed his opponent out. Hakuho and Asashoryu tie for the Emperor's Cup.

10th day
Kyokutenho is doing good. He won his 9th bout when he pulled away and forced Tochi-o-zan down. Miyabiyama pushed forward with thrusts,driving Goeido to the edge but, Goeido stepped aside, and down went Miyabiyama. Kisenosato forced Toyonoshima out for his 7th win. Dejima charged forward while Tokitenku barely moved and took advantage of the former ozeki's action. Tokitenku shifted his position, and forced Dejima down. Dejima succumbed to a majority loss. Kotomitsuki got the back of Roho's belt and shoved him out. Koto-o-shu banged into Asasekiryu and quickly drvoe out the Mongolian. Kaio was in control. He shoved Aminishiki to win again. Hakuho pushed Ama but, his one thrust did not hit the target properly, and that forced him to loose balance. Ama took advantage of that and forced the yokozuna down. Asashoryu charged into Wakanosato and drove him out. Hakuho is tied with Asashoryu and Kyokutenho for the Emperor's Cup.

9th day
Kaiho pressured Takamisakari to the edge of the ring. But Takamisakari was able to turn Kaiho around and from behind, drove the small rikishi out. Kisenosato overwhelmed Roho with a shove that forced the Russian down the ring. Miyabiyama was automatically given his 4th win as his opponent, Kotoshogiku pulled out due to injuries. Koto-o-shu quickly got hold of Dejima's belt with his left and with his right hand on Dejima's neck threw him to win. Kaio pushed towards Goeido and won his 6th bout. Kotomitsuki managed to shove Tochinonada out for his 4th win. Ama fought a competitive bout against Asashoryu, pushing himself against the yokozuna. But in the end Asashoryu won with an overarm throw. Hakuho threw Wakanosato for his 9th win.

8th day
Takamisakari was beaten by Chiyohakuho to succumb to his 5th loss. Kyokutenho drove the big Ichihara out for his 7th win. Aminishiki could not step much forward as he faced off against Miyabiyama. Aminishiki lost balance and was forced on the dirt. Ama slapped Dejima and then got Dejima to turn around and forced the former ozeki down from behind. Kaio immediately grabbed Kotomitsuki's belt with his right and shoved his opponent out. It's Kaio's 5th win. Goeido was given a win as Chiyotaikai pulled out from this day. Koto-o-shu got hold of Kisenosato's belt and shoved the 21 year old out. Kotoshogiku collapsed as he fought Hakuho. Kotoshogiku was seen dragging his leg as he left the ring. For Hakuho, as a result, he secured a majority win. Asashoryu had a tough fight against Tochinonada. But in the end,with his right he managed to win with a throw.

7th day
Takamisakari shoved Wakanoho at the edge of the ring. The Russian won't move. So the Robo-cop jumped and forced himself on Wakanoho to drive him down the ring. It's Takamisakari's 3rd win. Kisenosato and Goeido had to redo their bout. In the end, Kisenosato won by forcing his opponent out. Kotoshogiku pushed Toyonoshima out for his 6th win. Ama attacked Kotomitsuki and drove the ozeki out. Kotomitsuki,by the way, is reported to have undergone a surgery before this tourney and so that may be why he's not doing so well. Chiyotaikai was driven out by Tokitenho. There's very little sign Chiyo's doing better. Aminishiki easily pushed Koto-o-shu out. Kaio slapped Tochinonada, got a hold of his opponent's belt with his right, and managed to shove to win. Dejima pushed forward. Asashoryu was pressured to the edge of the ring, and suddenly he threw the former ozeki to win. Miyabiyama gave thrusts and attacked Hakuho ferociously. In the end, Hakuho won with an overarm throw.

6th day
Tochi-o-zan pushed down Takamisakari. Kotoshogiku drove Dejima out for his 5th win. Aminishiki got hold of Chiyotaikai's belt and shoved him out. It's the first time the Aminishiki beat an ozeki. There's rising criticism towards Chiyo continuing to fight bouts in this manner. Koto-o-shu banged into Goeido and forced the young man down. The Bulgarian ozeki earned his 4th win. Kaio shoved forward but with Ama moving sideways, Kaio could not keep up and was driven out the ring. Toyonoshima powerfully drove out Kotomitsuki. It's Kotomitsuki's 3rd loss. Hakuho moved quickly to drive out Kisenosato. Asashoryu thrust Miyabiyama on the dirt to win. Hakuho still is the sole leader.

5th day
Futen-o was thrown by Ichihara who took his arm, and so Futen-o succumbed to his first loss. Takamisakari easily lost to Kyokutenho. Kisenosato got hold of Tochinonada's belt with his right, he shoved and then pushed Tochinondada out. Koto-o-shu struggled a bit, but when he got hold of Tokitenku's belt, he threw the Mongolian to win. Kaio stood up fast and shoved Dejima out for his 3rd win. Kotomitsuki drove Miyabiyama out to win his 3rd bout. Chiyotaikai tried to fight with thrusts. But again his right arm did not exert enough power. Ama forced him out. Toyonoshima fought well against Asashoryu, getting a good hold of the yokozuna. But the yokozuna averted the danger by grabbing the back of Toyonoshima's belt and forcing a throw, which toppled himself down the ring too. After the bout, Asashoryu grinned. Hakuho forced Goeido on the dirt with an overarm throw. He's the only one as of this day with a perfect record.

4th day
Ichihara shoved Tochiozan out for his 3rd win. Takamisakari managed to drive out Tamanoshima. Kotoshogiku shoved while Ama tried to withstand the power, but his foot left the ring It's the Mongolian's 3rd loss. Kaio did not have a very good start. Tokitenku pushed forward than pulled back, and Kaio fell on the dirt. It's his 2nd loss. Kisenosato drove Kotomitsuki out as if he was the ozeki. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts but easily pulled back and lost again. It was to Toyonoshima. Wakanosato threw Koto-o-shu on the ring. As a result, all 4 ozeki lost. Hakuho gave thrusts than threw Tochinonada for a powerful win. Asashoryu too performed well, by grabbing Goeido's belt and shoving the youngster out.

3rd day
Iwakiyama attacked Takamisakari and won. Kotoshogiku calls Kisenosato his rival. He fought hard and forced Kisenosato down. Goeido tried an underarm throw which did not topple Kotomitsuki. But in the end, Goeido forced the ozeki out. It's Kotomitsuki's first loss. Chiyotaikai tried to push Dejima, but in the end, fell. It's his 3rd loss. Koto-o-shu got behind Ama and forced the small Mongolian out. Kaio had a good start. He charged at Miyabiyama and won with a push out. Asashoryu drove Tokitenku out this time. Hakuho struggled a bit against Toyonoshima but managed to win with an underarm throw.

2nd day
Takamisakari managed to shove Ichihara out the ring for his first win. Roho forced down Wakanosato for his first win. Goeido and Ama fought for the 2nd time as they're first bout was called a draw. In the 2nd bout, Ama stood up fast and drove Goeido out. It's Ama's first win. Miyabiyama shoved against Chiyotaikai. Chiyo tried to pull away, but in the end he was pushed out. It seems Chiyo's right arm is in very bad shape. Toyonoshima with his left gave Koto-o-shu an underarm throw to win. Kotoshogiku charged into Kaio who had a bad start. Kotoshogiku drove the ozeki out. Kotomitsuki pulled Dejima towards him and then shoved the former ozeki out. Hakuho had a good start. Hethrust Tokitenku's head and won. All eyes were on 21 year old Kisenosato regarded by many as a yokozuna material. He fought against Asashoryu aggressively. Asashoryu turned his back towards Kisenosato. Kisenosato took advantage and drove the yokozuna out. The sell out crowd threw cushions in response to the upset.

1st day
New makuuchi rikishi Ichihara beat Kaiho. Ichihara was amateur yokozuna and has been fighting professionally for only a year. The popular Takamisakari was driven out the ring by Shimo-otori. Georgian, Kokkai managed to force down Wakakirin. Hokutoriki clashed into Baruto and forced the Estonian to fall down the ring. Roho pulled back while Tamakasuga pushed and won. Ama who has a chance for ozeki promotion was powerless before Tochinonada. The Mongolian was thrusted down. Aminishiki pushed down the up-and-coming Goeido. Koto-o-shu, who is in danger of losing his post as ozeki, pulled away from Miyabiyama. That prompted Miyabiyama to fall and touch the dirt not more than a second before the Bulgarian's foot touched the dirt outside the ring. It was a very close bout. Kaio banged into Toyonoshima, tried to reach for the belt with his right, and then with both hands, shoved his opponent to win. It appears the popular ozeki is in good shape to start the tourney. Chiyotakai appeared with his right arm heavily bandaged. He tried to thrust Kisenosato but quickly pulled back and lost. Asashoryu was welcomed by spectators with cheers and jeers. He gave Kotoshogiku a powerful left hand throw and won. Hakuho wore a new dark brown silk belt. He ended the bout also with a left hand throw. Hakuho beat Dejima before a sellout crowd.

Pre Tourney highlights
Asashoryu is back
On Nov 30, 2007, Asashoryu landed in Narita Airport after spending 3 months in his homeland of Mongolia. He apologized for having played soccer in Mongolia instead of participating in local sumo tours. He spoke in a press conference for nearly an hour.

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