(January 10 to 24 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Aminishiki
Fighting Spirit Award: Toyohibiki

Asashoryu has been in trouble for acting violently against a man during this tourney. Some said he attacked the man, breaking his nose. Initially it was believed he knocked down his manager. Later it was learned this man was not. This was raised as a serious offense committed by a yokozuna following a number of past troubles, including playing soccer in Mongolia when he was supposed to have been recovering from an injury. On Feb 4 Asashoryu was summoned by the Japan Sumo Association for questioning about the violence. Asashoryu revisited the board members and submitted his resignation. He was in tears during his farewell press conference. The other yokozuna Hakuho separately held a press conference to talk about Asashoryu. Hakuho could not speak for a while, breaking into tears.

Final day
Baruto got hold of Kyokutenho with his left and drove the Mongolian down to win his 12th bout. Kaio pulled away then grapped Kakizoe's arm and pulled him, drove him out the ring. Kaio finished with 9 wins. Harumafuji gave Koto-o-shu thrusts. Then the Bulgarian pushed forward and prompted Harumafuji to drop. It's Koto-o-shu's 9th win. Asashoryu got hold of Hakuho's belt. But Hakuho shoved and drove down Asashoryu to finish with 12 wins. Asashoryu lost his 2nd bout.

14th day
Takamisakari lost balance and was driven down by Kitataiki, succumbing to a majority loss. Kakizoe shifted slightly to make Baruto lose balance. Baruto turned around then got back to action. He threw Kakizoe with his right to win his 11th bout. It's Kakizoe's majority loss. Kisenosato and Kaio both got hold of eachother's bout. But Kaio proved he was stronger with his right. He threw Kisenosato to clinch a majority win. Hakuho struggled against Koto-o-shu but managed to throw the Bulgarian for his 11th win. Asashoryu fought carefully against Harumafuji. In the end the yokozuna won with an underarm throw to clinch the Emperor's Cup. It's Asashoryu's 25th tourney victory. With this he exceed the 3rd most record held by Kitanoumi.

13th day
Kisenosato shoved Kakuryu aggressively but was pushed back once. And he shoved again, managing to win and secure a majority win. Baruto and Aminishiki had to redo their bout. In the retake, Baruto quickly forced Aminishiki out for his 10th win. Harumafuji immediately pushed out Kakizoe also for his 10th win. Asashoryu fought low against Koto-o-shu. Both sides did not move for awhile. Then the yokozuna twisted the Bulgarian ozeki down by taking his wrist. Kaio immediately pulled Hakuho's hand and then pushed the yokozuna out powerfully. Hakuho suffered his 3th loss.

12th day
Baruto got had his arm around Goeido's back and held his belt with his left. With that hand the Etonian moved Goeido and drove him out to win his 9th bout. Takekaze shifted to the side and that prompted Koto-o-shu to loose balance. Takekaze then pushed the Bulgarian ozeki out. Harumafuji gave Hakuho thrusts, and while doing that kept an eye on the yokozuna. Then the Mongolian ozeki shifted to the side, and with that drove out the yokozuna. It's Hakuho's 2nd loss. Asashoryu did not let Kaio grab his belt. He shoved the ozeki and was able to force him out. Asashoryu is now the sole leader.

11th day
Toyonoshima pushed his good friend Miyabiyama out. With that, Miyabiyama succumbed to a majority loss. Harumafuji drove out Hokutoriki to clinch a majority win. Koto-o-shu got hold of Kaio's belt and forced him down also to secure a majority win. Asashoryu got his one hand on the back of Baruto's belt and the other on the front. He swung the Estonian down. Hakuho banged into Takekaze. It appeared Hakuho's shoulder hit Takekaze's head and that caused him to lose conscious temporarily and fall.

10th day
Miyabiyama thrust out Tochinoshin for his 3rd win. All eyes were on Baruto who was doing well. But Toyonoshima easily got himself in a good position and drove out the Estonian. Koto-o-shu lost to Yoshikaze's thrust suffering his 3rd loss. The incredible match if the day was that between Kaio and Harumafuji. The Mongolian shifted his position to force Kaio to lose balance. But Kaio managed to stay within the ring, return to fight Harumafuji, thrusting him down on the ring. It's Kaio's 6th win. Hakuho easily pushed out Kotoshogiku. Asashoryu drove out Takekaze. Hakuho and Asashoryu are the only two co-leading for the Emperor's Cup.

9th day
Takamisakari with his right forced Tochinonada on the ring for his 5th win. Goeido shoved Miyabiyama and forced him down. After the bout, the juries deliberated on the ring, but gave Goeido the win. Hokutoriki tried to prevent Kaio from getting hold of his belt buy thrusting Kaio's body. But Kaio pinned Hokuotiki's arm and shoved him out to earn his 5th win. Harumafuji drove Takekaze out to clinch a majority win. 2 tall men from Europe, Baruto and Koto-o-shu fought with their hands on eachothers belt. Baruto shoved the ozeki out to secure a majority win. Asashoryu shifted position and forced Kisenosato on the dirt. It's his 8th win. So did Hakuho secure a majority win by driving out Kakizoe.

8th day
Takamisakari grabbed Shimotori's body and drove him out. Takekaze stepped aside to force Miyabiyama down. Yoshikaze was automatically given a win as his opponent of the day Kotomitsuki due to Baruto powerfully drove Harumafuji out for his 7th win. Koto-o-shu got his hands on Hokutoriki's belt and drove him out. Kaio got hold of Kakuryu's belt with his left. Then he was able to reach out with his right. And with both grips, forced Kakuryu out for his 4th win. Hakuho and Kisenosato fought a competitive bout. Kisenosato shoved but Hakuho did not fall. In the over 1 minute bout, Hakuho in the end won with an underarm throw. Asashoryu forced Kakizoe to turn around, then pushed his opponent out the ring.

7th day
Takamisakari appeared to be holding Tokitenku from an awkward position, but was able to force out the Mongolian for his 3rd win. Aminishiki got hold of Miyabiyama and drove the former ozeki out for his 6th win. Harumafuji beat Kisenosato with an overarm throw. Koto-o-shu pushed out Kakizoe. Kaio immediately pulled Tochinoshin's arm toward him and pushed the Georgian from his back. It's Kaio's 3rd win. Kotomitsuki was easily defeated by Takekaze suffering his 6th loss. Asashoryu forced out Hokutoriki. Hakuho was challenged by the very tall Baruto. The Estonian first held the yokozuna's belt with his right. Then he changed hand and threw the yokozuna down. Its Hakuho's first loss.

6th day
Aran drove out Takamisakari for his 5th win. Koto-o-shu drove down Kisenosato who suffered his first loss. Toyonoshima forced down Kaio on the dirt. Miyabiyama shoved Kotomitsuki's throat then pulled back, forcing the ozeki to fall. Harumafuji pulled Goeido by his arm, and forced him out. Hakuho drove out Hokutoriki to be the only one to keep his record clean. Asashoryu forced Kakuryu out.

5th day
Toyohibiki charged into Takamisakari. The Robocop was blown away, but tried to stay in the ring. In the end, he was pushed out to take his 3rd loss. Kisanosato with a grip of the front part of Yoshikaze's belt shoved him out for his 5th win. Baruto drove out Kaio. Kotomitsuki struggled, but in the end, forced Toyonoshima out for his first win. Harumafuji threw Kakuryu with his left to win his 4th bout. Koto-o-shu managed to win with an underarm throw against Tochinoshin. Asashoryu shoved Goeido. On the verge of the ring, Goeido turned around. That has surprised Asashoryu, prompting him to go down the ring. Hakuho slowly force Miyabiyama out the ring.

4th day
This afternoon, a shocking news. Chiyotaikai announced he's retiring and will take on a new name of Sanoyama to coach young sumo wrestlers. He said he was discouraged from continuing sumo after seeing a repeat on video his bout against Kaio on the 3rd day. The former ozeki was demoted to sekiwake ranking this tourney. Baruto who was slated to fight Chiyotaiki was given a win. As to other high rankers. Kotomitsuki lost to Tochinoshin. Harumafuji was thrown by Toyonoshima. Koto-o-shu was defeated by Kakuryu's underarm throw. Kaio was driven out by Kotoshogiku. All ozekis lost. As to the yokozunas, Hakuho forced down Goeido. Asashoryu pushed out Miyabiyama.

3rd day
Kaio breaks Chiyonofuji's record is obviously the big news of not only this day but historically for the sumo world. He gave thrusts and when Chiyotaikai lot balance, got hold of him and then dropped him on the ring. Ironically Chiyotaikai belongs to Chiyonofuji's stable, Kokonoe. For Chiyo its his 3rd straight loss. In other bouts, Takamisakari shoved Kokkai out from behind for his 2nd win. Harumafuji pushed out Miyabiyama. Koto-o-shu was shoved in the beginning but managed to get hold of Goeido's belt and threw him. Kotomitsuki was driven out by Hokutoriki. Asashoryu forced Tochinoshin out. Hakuho drove Toyonoshima down.

2nd day
Tochiozan quickly drove Takamisakari out. Both are 1-1. Kokkai got hold of Tokitenku's belt with both hands and forced the Mongolian out. Both are also 1-1. Baruto and Kisenosato shoves eachother. In the end, Kisenosato managed to push out the Estonian. Hokutoriki easily thrusted out Chiyotaikai. Koto-o-shu got hold of Miyabiyama. Miyabiyama tried to fight back, but turned the other way, prompting the Bulgarian ozeki to force him out from behind. Kaio tries to take control of the bout with attempted throws which Goeido withstands. But in the end, with his right, drives out Goeido. With this win, Kaio ties with Chiyonofuji's record of 807 makuuchi wins. Kotomitsuki was driven down by Kakuryu, succumbing to his 2nd loss. Harumafuji forced Kotoshogiku out. Hakuho got hold of Tochinoshin's belt and forced him out. Asashoryu banged into Toyonoshima then went on to drive him out.

1st day
The crowd watched the first day of the tourney with Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko. Chiyotaikai fought as sekiwake for the first time in 11 years. And he lacked the sharp dash he used to have in fighting Kisenosato. He pulled back and lost. Baruto powerfully drove out Hokutoriki. Kotomitsuki appeared to take control of the bout with his hand on Goeido's belt. But in the end, Goeido forced down the ozeki. Harumafuji drove down Tochinoshin on the dirt. Koto-o-shu quickly and powefully shoved Toyonoshima out of the ring. Asashoryu got hold of Kotoshogiku's belt and shoved with a lift and won. Hakuho and Kakuryu fought for over a minute. In the end both tried to lift eachother by the belt. Hakuho managed to drive down Kakuryu first, but both men then toppled down the ring into the first row where the judges sit.

Pre Tourney highlight
Chiyotaikai not in good shape
Chiyotaikai who lost his ozeki ranking in the last tourney was absent from the general practice performed in front of the yokozuna committee. He needs to win at least 10 bouts in the coming tourney to regain ozeki rank.

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