(January 8 to 22 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Myogiryu
Fighting Spirit Award: Gagamaru

Final day
It's another sellout crowd day. Kakuryu banged into Myogiryu and pushed him out for his 10th win. Each won an award. Kisenosato attacked Koto-o-shu and won his 11th bout. Kotoshogiku grabbed Harumafuji, then lost him but grabbed again and manged to drive the Mongolian out to secure a majority win. Hakuho pulled Baruto's arm then shoved him, tarnishing Baruto's clean record. Baruto finished with 14 wins while Hakuho with 12.

14th day
The day attracted a sellout crowd even though the winner was decided the day before. Tochiozan thrust down Asasekiryu to win his 11th bout. Gagamaru also won his 11th bout by defeating Toyohibiki. Oginoumi drove Miyabiyama out for only his 4th win. Kakuryu lost to Takayasu's thrusts. Baruto got hold of Koto-o-shu's belt and forced his rival out the ring. Koto-o-shu landed in the crowd. Harumafuji's hand smashed into Kisenosato's chin. With that Kisenosato collapsed on his knee and lost. It's Harumafuji's 11th win. Hakuho quickly forced Kotoshogiku down.

13th day
Kakuryu shoved Aminishiki's head to drive him down. Baruto lifted the heavy Kotoshogiku then put him down with a throw to further his lead. Kotoshogiku lost his 6th bout. Tochinowaka at one point appeared to be in control but Kisenosato shoved him in the end to win. Harumafuji drove Miyabiyama down. Koto-o-shu pressured Hakuho and defeated the yokozuna. Baruto's Emperor's Cup victory was secured with Hakuho's loss. It's the first time for Baruto.

12th day
Baruto shifted position and forced Kisenosato to fall. Koto-o-shu gave Takayasu thrusts and managed to win. Kotoshogiku shoved Kakuryu but was not powerful enough that he had to change gear by shifting position, shoved Kakuryu's head they forced him down. It's Kotoshogiku's 7th win. Harumafuji forced Hakuho to fly out the ring, falling into the audience. Baruto has extended his lead, putting him closer to winning the Emperor's Cup.

11th day
Aminishiki forced Miyabiyama to fall forward to succumb to his 8th loss. It's Aminishiki's 6th win. Kakuryu was clearly fighting in a better position, and threw Koto-o-shu down to secure a majority win. Kotoshogiku shoved, shifted position and shoved again to defeat Homasho. Baruto charged into Harumafuji with thrust, driving the Monogolian down the ring. Hakuho pulled Kisenosato's arm then shoved to when quickly. Baruto still leads with a perfect record.

10th day
Miyabiyama clearly looked like he didn't have a chance with Takekaze appearing to be in control. But the former ozeki went around Takekaze to drive him out. It's his 3rd win. Takayasu shoved Harumafuji, but the Mongolian ozeki was able to bear the shoves and instead drive Takayasu out. Koto-o-shu drove Kitataiki out for his 8th win. Baruto slapped Toyonoshima then grabbed his belt and threw him to win his 10th bout. Two ozekis faced eachother. Kisenosato banged into Kotoshogiku then stepped aside, driving Kotoshogiku down. It's Kisenosato's 0th win. Kakuryu shoved the yokozuna, pressuring him at the edge of the ring. Hakuho tried to bear the shoves, but Kakuryu suddenly picked up the heavy grand champion then shoved again to win. It's Hakuho's first defeat. Baruto is now the sole leader.

9th day
Miyabiyama succumbed to Wakakoryu's thrust. Kotoshogiku shoved Kitataiki then pulled away prompting a fall. Kitataiki succumbed to a majority loss. Baruto with thrusts foced Takayasu out. Kisanosato drove Homasho out for his 8th win. Koto-o-shu appeared to take off to a strong start. But he lost balance and Harumafuji pushed him out out the ring. Both are 7-2. Hakuho powerfully defeated Toyonoshima. It's still Baruto and Hakuho leading for the Emperor's Cup.

8th day
Miyabiyama pulled back and forced Kotoshogiku down. It's the ozeki's 4th loss. Baruto threw Kitataiki down to secure a majority win. Kisenosato pulled back and then threw Okinoumi to win his 7th bout. Even before Homasho could stand, he was thrust down by Harumafuji. Koto-o-shu while looking clumsy in the fight managed to force Tonoyoshima down. Hakuho pushed then pulled back to drive Takayasu down.

7th day
Miyabiyama gave his good friend Toyonoshima thrusts. This went on for awhile. Then finally he was able to force his friend down for his first win. Kisenosato immediatly thrust down Wakakoyu. Harumafuji succumbed to a throw by Goeido to take his 2nd loss. Koto-o-shu gave Homasho thrusts, then he missed Homasho when he tried to thrust him wit his left. With that the Bulgarian lost balance and Homasho got the back of the ozeki's belt and shoved him. It's the first loss for Koto-o-shu. Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved to defeat Takayasu. Hakuho quickly drove Kitatakiki out the ring. Hakuho and Baruto are the only ones with a perfect record.

6th day
Kitataiki shifted his position and forced Miyabiyama on his belly. It's a technique that displeased the crowd. Kisenosato this time had no problem pushing out Takekaze to win. Kakuryu picked up Harumafuji and forced the ozeki out the ring. Harumafuji succumbed to his first loss. Koto-o-shu, as he pulled back was able to thrust down Wakakoyu before he himself fell. Kotoshogiku managed to drive out Toyonoshima. Both are 3-3. Baruto forced Aminishiki down on the ring. Hakuho shoved Goeido out. Hakuho, Baruto and Koto-o-shu kept their records clean.

5th day
Harumafuji fought well again banging into Kitataiki then taking his belt, driving him out. Kimura Shozaburo was back. He was discharged from the hospital and took charge of the bout between Koto-o-shu and Okinoumi. The Bulgarian ozeki forced Okinoumi out. Goeido threw Kotoshogiku. The ozeki succumbing to his 3rd loss is reported to have not uttered a work to questions. Takekaze resisted Baruto with thrusts but in the end Baruto pushed him out. Kisenosato kept his one foot inside the ring while forcing Kakuryu out. It's Kakuryu's first loss. Hakuho thrust Miyabiyama down. 3 ozeki and Hakuho all have perfect records.

4th day
Tochinoshin won a bout which went on for almost 2 minutes. It's by driving out Sadanofuji. Both are 2-2. Kakuryu powerfully forced out Miyabiyama for his 4th win. Koto-o-shu threw down Goeido also for his 4th win. Kotoshogiku however was forced out by Aminishiki succumbing to his 2nd loss. Baruto in an aggressive bout drove Wakakoyu out from behind. At the same time the referee fell of the ring. Kimura Shozaburo did not move out all. He was rushed out and taken to a hospital. Sumo continued. Kisenosato was up next but he fought too cautiously and was forced out by Toyonoshima. Harumafuji got hold the front part of Takekaze's ring and shoved him out. Hakuho charged into Okinoumi and pulled back, driving Okinoumi on the ring.

3rd day
199 kilo Gagamaru shoved Daido out of the ring for his 2nd win. Tokitenku shifted his position prompting Tochinoshin to lose balance. The Mongolian pushed the Georgian out for his 3rd win. Kotoshogiku drove out Okinoumi. Goeido used his leg to trip Baruto but instead he was shoved down the ring. Kisenosato with thrusts forced Miyabiyama out the ring. Harumafuji drove Wakakoyu out. Koto-o-shu threw Takekaze. Hakuho quickly forced Aminishiki out the ring.

2nd day
Kakuryu shoved Goeido out for his 2nd win. Baruto pushed out Okinoumi. Kisenosato gave thrusts then with a powerful one, Aminishiki's body slightly lifted and then he fell. Harumafuji threw Toyonoshima with his right. Miyabiyama gave thrusts. Koto-o-shu did too. But at one point Miyabiyama lost balance and seeing that, the Bulgarian ozeki won with a push out. Kotoshogiku this time managed to drive Wakakoyu out for his first win. Hakuho attacked and pulled back then Takekaze who tried to resist the yokozuna's fast movement fell.

1st day
Takayasu shoves but Toyonoshima managed to trip him with his leg. Kakuryu powerfully pushed Kitadaiki out of the ring, on top of Kisenosato who was waiting. The new ozeki attacked Goeido and lost him at one point, but then managed to thrust Goeido out. Harumafuji got hold of Okinoumi's belt with his left and threw him to win. Koto-o-shu pushed Aminishiki out while he himself fell off the ring. Takekaze shoved Kotoshogiku's head and drove the ozeki down. Former ozeki Miyabiyama has been promoted Komusubi for this tourney. He tried to put Baruto off balance. But the Estonian regained balance and shoved Miyabiyama out. Hakuho fought a quick bout pushing then shifting positing to drive Wakakoyu down.

Pre Tourney highlight
Hakuho's first official performance of the year
Hakuho performs ring entrance ceremony outdoors in the cold at the Meiji Shrine on Jan 6.

Kisenosato is voted ozeki
It was on Nov 30 messengers of the Japan Sumo Association visited Kisenosato in Fukuoka, following the tourney in the area. Kisenosato accepted the promotiion by responding simply as he will give his utmost without tainting the title of ozeki. It's 2 tourneys in a row to seen an ozeki promoted.

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