(January 12 to 26 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: None
Fighting Spirit Award: Endo

Final day

Endo appeared to have gotten a good hold of Takanoiwa's belt, but Takanoiwa fought back and threw Endo.Still finishing 11-4 Endo won one of the 3 special awards. Satoyama fought a long bout against Takayasu. It appeared he drove down Takayasu. But the juries decided he pulled Takayasu's topknot which is against the rule, so Satoyama with this loss succumbed to a majority loss, and highy likely to face demotion to the juryo division. Kaisei drove out Gagamaru to secure a majority win. Kotoshogiku was automatically given a win. That's because his opponent Kisenosato pulled out of the toury. Goeido changed his position and drove Koto-o-shu down to earn his 8th win. Hakuho faced Kakuryu. Kakuryu got hold of the yokozuna's belt and forced him down. Both tied with 14 wins. They proceeded to a play off. Hakuho this time got hold of Kakuryu's belt and shoved him down. Hakuho won his 28th grand tourney.

14th day

Endo gave thrusts and drove out Satoyama for his 11th win. Ohsunaarashi forced Kitataiki out to earn his 9th win. Tochiozan stepped aside forcing Yoshikaze to lose balance and fall. Both are 10-4. Koto-o-shu was attacked to the edge of the ring, but he managed to stay inside to throw down Tamawashi. The former ozeki clinched a majority win. Kakuryu shoved Kisenosato's head to win. Kisenosato could not get up for a while. Hakuho and Kotoshogiku got hold of eachother. Then the yokozuna tapped the ozeki's knee. With that Kotoshogiku fell. Hakuho leads followed by Kakuryu.

13th day

Endo faced Koto-o-shu. The former ozeki tried a throw but instead he was defeated by the up and coming rikishi. Kakuryu got hold of Kotoshogiku and won with an under arm throw. It's the Mongolian's 12th win. Hakuho gave Kisenosato thrusts and pushed him down. It's Kisenosato's 6th loss.

12th day

Ohsunaarashi attacked Tokushoryu and won his 8th bout. Satoyama did the unusual. His small self went into Tochinowaka, then got hold of his opponent's arm, twisted himself and threw by the arm. The skill called "ippon zeoi" had not been recorded for decades. Kakuryu thrust Shohozan down for his 11th win. Kisenosato refused to face off properly against Koto-o-shu twice. When he did, the Bulgarian shifted to the side, then grabbed his belt. They stayed in a position with eachother's belt for a while, then Koto-o-shu threw the ozeki. Kisenosato toppled down the ring and could not get up for awhile. Endo faced an ozeki for the first time. It's Kotoshogiku. The ozeki powerfully drove out Endo. With this wink Kotoshogiku secured his post as ozeki winning his 8th bout. Goeido tried to resist Hakuho but Hakuho powerfully threw him.

11th day

Endo threw the heavy Gagamaru down for his 9th win. Kisenosato pushed out Goeido. Kotoshogiku managed to shove Shohozan out. Kakuryu drove out Takekaze for his 10 win. Hakuho got hold of Koto-o-shu's belt and threw the Bulgarian for another win.

10th day

Kaisei charged forward attacking Endo. Endo kept himself within the ring then pushed the Brazilian out to secure a majority win. Shohozan duck low and pushed out Koto-o-shu. It's also Shohozan's majority win. Tochiozan shoved Kotoshogiku on his belly. Kakuryu thrust down Goeido for his 9th win. Kisenosato quickly pushed out Takekaze for his 6th win. Hakuho pushed out fellow Mongolian Kyokutenho to keep his record clean.

9th day

Ohsunaarashi shoved Masunoyama's head and won his 7th bout. Shotenro was stopped twice during his bout. It's because his sash belt loosened. In the end, Tokitenku threw him as his belt loosened again. Endo drove out Tokushoryu. Koto-o-shu defeated Okinoumi with an overarm throw. Kakuryu with his right threw the big Aoiyama for his 8th win. Kisenosato powerlessly succumbed to Toyohibiki's shove and lost his 4th bout. Kotoshogiku forced down Goeido for his 6th win. Hakuho slapped Takekaze then got hold of him, driving him down.

8th day

Ohsunaarashi thrust down Endo. Both are 6-2. Kaisei drove out Shorenro for his 4th win. Goeido managed to force out Okinoumi to his 5th win. Koto-o-shu forced down Takekaze. Tochiozan powerfully pushed out Kisenosato. Both are 5-3. Kotoshogiku drove down Aoiyama for his 5th win. Kakuryu slapped Ikioi many times then pulled back putting Ikioi off balance. Hakuho grabbed Shohozan's arm and force him down. Hakuho clinched a majority win.

7th day

Endo attacked Tamawashi's throat and drove him out. Kotoshogiku lost to Ikioi. Kakuryu drove out Koto-o-shu. Kisenosato pushed out Aminishiki. Hakuho threw Toyohibiki.

6th day

Endo pushed and drove out Kitataiki for his 5th win. Goeido pulled back and was thrust out by Shohozan losing his 2nd bout in a row. Koto-o-shu was thrown by Tochiozan. It's the former ozeki's 2nd loss. Kakuryu pushed out Aminishiki then ran out of the ring. Kisenosato appears to lose balance at one point, but was able to force Ikioi out. Kotoshogiku threw Toyohibiki using his severly bandaged arm. Hakuho pulled back then threw the big Aoiyama on the ring to improve his perfect record.

5th day

Egyptian, Ohsuna-arashi forced Kyokushuho out for his 3rd win. Endo got the back of Takayasu's belt and forced a throw, driving Takayasu down. It's Endo's 4th win. Koto-o-shu thrust out Toyonoshima. Tochiozan pushed out Goeido who succumbed to his first loss. Aoiyama immediately attacked Kisenosato's throw and defeated the ozeki. Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved and forced down Aminishiki. The ozeki fell too and he grimaced. He was clearly in pain. Toyohibiki thrust Kakuryu's throat. Kakuryu moved around Toyohibiki, kept within the ring, but Toyohibiki's left foot touched the dirt outside the ring. Hakuho banged into Ikioi and threw his opponent down. Hakuho is now the only makuuchi rikishi with a perfect record.

4th day

An unusual site on the ring during a makuuchi bout. Sadanofuji and Tokitenku fought. Yoshikaze was ordered by the juries to help tighten the mawashi belt. There were 3 rikishi on the ring at the same time. Sadanofuji won the bout. Kaisei pushed out Takayasu for his first win. Goeido thrust down Takekaze for his 4th win. Koto-o-shu shoved forward to drive Aminishiki down. Kotoshogiku automatically won the bout as Myogiryu withdrew from the tourney. Kakuryu thrust down Toyonoshima's head to win. Kisenosato managed to forced Okinoumi out the ring. Hakuho banged into Chiyotairyu who immediately fell on his hands.

3rd day

Aoiyama fought despite his poor physical state. He attacked fellow Bulgarian Koto-o-shu. But as Koto-o-shu pulled back, he fell. Kakuryu shoved Tochiozan who slammed into the referee, then went out the ring. Kisenosato cautiously fought against Chiyotairyu and managed to drive him out. Kotoshogiku was covered in bandage. He weakly fell on the dirt in the bout against Toyonoshima. Hakuho powerfully drove out Okinoumi.

2nd day

Masunoyama fought aggressively against Takanoiwa and pushed him out. Kyokushuho appreaded with his face half bandaged. He powerlessly lost to new makuuchi rikishi Kagami-oh. Endo did not seem to control the bout but in the end he pushed down Yoshikaze. Aoiyama gave Goeido thrusts then the Bulgarian fell. He could not get up for a while. Koto-o-shu grabbed the back of Ikioi's belt. That grasp slipped. The Bulgarian former ozeki lost to Ikioi's throw. Myogiryu appeared to be in control of the bout against Kisenosato. But instead, was thrown by the ozeki. Okinoumi forced Kotoshogiku on the ring. Kakuryu got hold of Chiyotairyu's belt and crushed him on the ring. Hakuho forced Toyonoshima to fall on his belly.

1st day
In the earlier bout of the makuuchi, there was a bloody fight. Chiyo-ootori's head banged into Kyokushuho's face. Blood spurted. The bout continued. Kyokushuho drove out Chiyo-ootori. Popular Endo pulled back as he fought against Shotenro and fell. Koto-o-shu who's been demoted to sekiwake was able to drive out Toyohibiki. Goeido went inside Ikioi and drove Ikiou down. Kotoshogiku faced off with speed and forced Chiyotairyu out. Okinoumi pushed out Kakuryu. Toyonoshima did not allow Kisenosato to get a hold of his belt. Toyonoshima shoved the ozeki then threw him to win. Hakuho pushed out Tochiozan.

Pre Tourney highlight
Kitanoumi to be absent this tourney
President of the Japan Sumo Association, former yokozuna great Kitanoumi has failed to recover from his surgery and submitted his withdrawal from this tourney on Jan 10. Acting on his behalf is Kokonoe or former Chiyonofuji.

Both yokozuna perform new year ceremony
The Meiji Shrine in Tokyo drew 2800 eager to see the 2 yokozuna's ceremonial performance on Jan 8 under sprinkling weather. Harumafuji appeared not in shape, suffering from a pain of his left ankle. Then a few days later, he withdrew from the tourney.

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