(January 11 to 25 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: None
Fighting Spirit Award: Terunofuji

Final day
Goeido pushed out Kotoshogiku quickly to secure a majority win. Harumafuji forced down Kisenosato. Hakuho performed a long bout against Kakuryu. After a minute he managed to drive out the younger Mongolian. Hakuho finished the tourney with a perfect record.

14th day
Terunofuji and Ichinojo would hardly move during their bout. After 3 minutes based on the sumo rule, the bout was stopped. They rested and returned to their last positions to fight. Both struggled again but Ichinojo managed to drive out Terunofuji. Goeido twisted Aoiyama to win his 7th bout. Endo drove down Kotoshogiku for a surprise win. Hakuho powerfully drove out Harumafuji. Kisenosato fought powerfully against Kakuryu to win with a push out.

13th day
Toyohibiki was unlucky. His hand got stuck inside Chiyo-otori's top knot, even though he thrust down his opponent, his act was regarded as violation of sumo rule. Kyokutenho succumbed to a majority loss in his bout against Takarafuji. Goeido managed to drive Endo out from behind for his 6th win. Kotoshogiku attacked Aminishiki with thrusts to his throat, and won with out push out. It's the ozeki's 9th win. Harumafuji appeared to be taking the lead in the bout against Kakuryu. But Kakuryu fought back and got hold of the back of Harumafuji's belt, then threw to win. Both are 10-3. In the big bout of the day Hakuho and Kisenosato both went flying out of the ring. The judges ruled they both fell at the first time. Fans were delighted they could watch the two fight again. In the retake, Hakuho forced down Kisenosato. With this win, Hakuho secured his 33rd tourney victory, surpassing the record held by the former Taiho.

12th day
Endo thrust down Takayasu for his 4th win. Kisenosato pushed out Toyonoshima for his 10th win. Goeido gave Kakuryu thrusts but Kakuryu avoided further attacks by shifting his position. That force Goeido out the ring. Goeido is in danger of losing his ozeki ranking with his 7th loss. Hakuho with his left drove out Kotoshogiku. Harumafuji force Ichinojo to roll on the ring. Hakuho remains the sole leader.

11th day
The popular Endo gave thrusts against Tochiozan, then pulled back, gave thrusts again. But when he pulled back, that gave Tochiozan the chance to shove him. Endo succumbed to a majority loss. Ichinojo and Tochinoshin performed a powerful bout in which Tochinoshin won by attacking the Mongolian's inner thigh to topple him. Kisenosato managed to force down Aminishiki for his 9th win. Hakuho moved quickly and drove down Goeido. Aoiyama forced Harumafuji down. Harumafuji succumbed to his 2nd loss. Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved and drove out Kakuryu. Kotoshogiku managed to salvage his rank as ozeki by securing a majority win.

10th day
Goeido gave quick thrusts and pushed out Aminishiki. Both are 5-5. Endo appeared to have taken off to a good start. But when he tried to reposition his hands, Kisenosato shoved and won. The ozeki secured his majority win. Harumafuji gave strong thrust to drive out Kotoshogiku. It's the yokozuna's 9th win. Kakuryu drove out Ichinojo for a majortiy win. Hakuho fought a long bout against Aoiyama in which he in the end prompted the big Bulgarian to fall. He is still the lone leader.

9th day
Kotoshogiku had a good start. It appeared Kisenosato stopped him. But in the end Kisenosato was forced down. Both are 7-2. The bout between Kakuryu and Myogiryu was retaken. Kakuryu managed to push out Myogiryu. Hakuho pulled back and struggled against Ichinojo. But in the end drove the young Mongolian out. Hakuho pushed out Goeido to secure a majority.

8th day
Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko were welcomed by a sell out crowd. The first bout they watched, between Toyonoshima and 40 year old Kyokutenho. Toyohoshima fell on his knee. Ikioi forced Endo down the ring to win his first bout. Ichinojo thrust out Takarafuji. Kisenosato forced Goeido to fall down the ring. It's Goeido's 4th loss. Kotoshogiku got hold of Tochinoshin fast and shoved the Russian out. Hakuho gave thrusts they pulled Aminishiki by his arm and drove the veteran rikishi out. Harumafuji pushed hard Kaisei's throat and forced the Brazilian out. Kakuryu threw Aoiyama.

7th day
Takarafuji and Goeido performed a close competition, in which the ozeki managed to win. Kotoshogiku drove out Aoiyama. Kisenosato managed to force Ichinojo out. Harumafuji pushed and tried to get hold of Jokoryu's belt with his right but was instead forced down. It's the yokozuna's first loss. Endo gave Kakuryu thrusts but he pulled back. Kakuryu took advantage of that and thrust Endo down. Hakuho struggled against Takayasu but in the end forced Takayasu out. The bout was put to question but the judges ruled that Takayasu's foot left the ring before Hakuho was down.

6th day
Okinoumi lost to Myogiryu succumbing to his first loss. Kotoshogiku beat Takayasu. Kisenosato drove out Ikioi. Ichinojo forced Goeido out. Both are 3-3. Kakuryu gave thrust then pulled back, losing to Tochiozan. Hakuho gave Endo a strong blow then for a moment Endo went into the yokozuna and appeared to have a chance to defeat him. But Hakuh quickly took control and drove out Endo. Harumafuji struggled against Toyonoshima but managed to drive Toyonoshima out. Hakuho and Harumafuji lead. On the same day, Homasho announced he was retiring as there was not prospect his leg would recover.

5th day
Okinoumi pushed out Takekaze for his 5th win. Endo pushed down Jokoryu, a university sumo mate. Takayasu drove out Ichinojo. Kisenosato forced out Aoiyama. Goeido fell in the bout against Tochinoshin. Kotoshogiku pushed out Takarafuji. It appeared Hakuho was at a disadvantage in the bout against Ikioi. But Ikioi's foot was ruled as having touched the dirt outside the ring. Harumafuji threw Tochiozan. Kakuryu drove out Terunofuji in a more than a minute long bout.

4th day
Ohsuna-arashi gave thrusts to drive out Kotoyuki for his 3rd win. 40 year old Kyokutenho easily took out Chiyotairyu for his 2nd win. Goeido shifted position and drove out Tochiozan for his 3rd win. Ichinojyo shifted to the right and shoved Kotoshogiku down. Tochinoshin shoved hard Kisenosato's chin. Kisenosato withstood it and managed to throw the Bulgarian. Harumafuji moved quickly to drive Endo down. Kakuryu thrust down Ikioi for his 3rd win. Terunofuji stopped Hakuho for a while, but then the yokozuna pulled away and threw the young Mongolian down.

3rd day
Aminishiki took Endo's leg and drove him out. It's Endo's 2nd loss. Ichinojo forced out Aoiyama for his first win. Tochiozan forced Kotoshogiku down. It's the ozeki's first loss. Another ozeki Kisenosato also lost. It's to Terunofuji after failing to shove hard with a hold of the Mongolian's belt. Goeido drove out Takayasu. Kakuryu shoved and shoved to defeat the tall Tochinoshin. Hakuho pushed out Takarafuji. Harumafuji forced out Ikioi.

2nd day
Endo was driven down by Aoiyama. Aminishiki forced Ichinojo down. The up and coming Mongolian took his 2nd loss. Kisenosato thrust Tochiozan down. Terunofumi hooked his leg around Goeido who needs a majority win to retain his ozeki ranking. But Goeido fell and lost. Kotoshogiku defeated Ikioi. Hakuho gave an underarm throw to defeat Tochinoshin. Harumafuji pushed out Takayasu. Kakuryu faced defeat against a confident Takarafuji who shoved then pulled back and threw the yokozuna. Red cushions were thrown towards the ring in response to the upset.

1st day
Egyptian Ohsuna-arashi fought with both legs heavily bandaged. It was a long bout against Mongolian Kyokutenku. The Mongolian tried to trip Ohsuna-arashi. The Egyptian did not and instead with his right arm threw the Mongolian down the ring as he himself fell too. 40 year- old Kyokutenho quicky got hold of 22 year old Chiyo-ohtori's belt and drove the youngster out. Rising stars faced eachother. Endo gave Ichinojo a bear hug which forced the young Mongolian's foot to leave the ring. Goeido slightly shifted to the left and drove out Ikioi. Kotoshogiku quickly drove Terunofuji out. Kisenosato forced Takarafuji out. Harumafuji forced Tochinoshin out from behind. Kakuryu and Takayasu gave eachother thrusts, then the yokozuna forced Takayasu on his hand. Hakuho drove down Tochiozan.

Pre Tourney highlight
Kakuryu is engaged
Yokozuna Kakuryu announced his engagement on Jan 6 to Mongolian student. His fiancee is pregnant and is expecting to deliver in May. They have been living together since August 2014.

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