(January 10 to 24 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

WINNER: Kotoshogiku
Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: None
Fighting Spirit Award: Shodai

Final day
Yoshikaze forced out Aoiyama to secure a majority win as sekiwake. Toyonoshima could not fight Tochiozan back. Tochiozan softly pushed out Toyonoshima who lost his 3rd bout. Kotoshogiku had only to win this bout to clinch the Emperor's Cup. He shoved Goeido then forced him down. It's the first time in 10 years that a Japanese born rikishi wins a tourney. Kisenosato drove out Kakuryu for his 9th win. Harumafuji easly forced down Hakuho. Both yokozuna finished 12-3.

14th day
Yoshikaze and Toyonoshima fought a competitive bout in which in the end Toyonoshima won for his 12th victory. Kotoshogiku slapped Tochiozan as he stood up and quickly shoved to win. Takarafuji lost balance to Goeido's shove and forced down. But the juries ruled, Goeido pulled Takarafuji's topknot and called it a violation of the sumo rule. Goeido lost his 10th bout. Kakuryu threw Harumafuji. It's Kakuryu's 10th win, while Harumafuji took his 3rd loss. Hakuho shoved Kisenosato's neck unimpressively, succumbing then to the ozeki's push out. Kotoshogiku is the sole leader, followed by Hakuho and Toyoshima.

13th day
Tochiozan drove Goeido down. It's Goeido's 9th loss. An embarrassing loss for an ozeki. Toyonoshima knew Kotoshogiku well as they've faced eachother since junior high school. Toyonoshima pulled away and forced Kotoshogiku to fall to earn his 11th win. It's the ozeki's first loss. Kakuryu turned his back towards Hakuho and with that he lost. Harumafuji and Kisenosato had to redo the bout. Harumafuji in the end won. Kotoshogiku and Hakuho tie for the Emperor's Cup/

12th day
It was announced that former makuuchi rikishi Daido will retire. As to results in the top ranks, Kisenosato drove out Kaisei. Hakuho forced down Goeido on his belly. Goeido succumbed to his 8th win, meaning he could be demoted from ozeki if he fails to win a majority in the next tourney. Kotoshogiku pushed with all his might and forced down Harumafuji. Kakuryu pushed out Tochiozan. It's still Kotoshogiku taking the lead followed by Hakuho.

11th day
Kisenosato lost to Yoshikaze succumbing to his 5th loss. Even worse is Goeido who was pushed out by Harumafuji and down with 7 losses. Kakuryu drove out the big Kaisei for his 8th win. Kotoshogu charged into Hakuho with all his might, shoved, shoved and shoved, driving out the yokozuna. He's become the sole leader with a perfect record, followed by Hakuho and Harumafuji with a loss each.

10th day
Takayasu thrust down Takanoiwa for his 8th win. So did Okinoumi beat Yoshikaze to secure a majority win. Kisenosato forced Goeido down. Goeido faced his 6th loss. Kotoshogiku powerfully forced Kakuryu out to keep his record clean. Hakuho threw Kaisei to also to win his 10th bout. Harumafuji quickly forced out Tochiozan for his 9th win.

9th day
Takayasu and Okinoumi both faced their 2nd loss. Kotoshogiku continued to show stable strenghth driving Kaisei out. Aoiyama attached Kisenosato's throat. The ozeki was unable to fight bac, succumbing to his 4th loss. Hakuho stepped aside and Tochiozan who charged straight ahead toppled. The audience booed. Kotoyuki shoved Harumafuji's face, then the yokozuna slapped back, got the back of Kotoyuki's belt and forced him down. Harumafuji secured a majority win. Kakuryu's right foot stayed inside the ring and his other leg was up when Goeido went down the ring. The refree gave the bout to Goeido, but the decision was reversed by juries.

8th day
Okinoumi hurls Myogiryu for his 7th win. Takayasu thrusts down Kotoyuki also for his 7th win. Two ozeki face eachother. Kotoshogiku keeps on shoving and Kisenosato steps out the ring. Kotoshogiku secured a majority win. Kaisei forced Goeido down the ring. The ozeki succumbed to his 4th loss. Harumafuji hurled Ikioi down. Kakuryu was shoved by Ichinojo, but returned that attack smoothly and won. Yoshikaze tried to withstand Hakuho's shove on the verge of the ring, but Hakuho gave a final blow which gave Yoshikaze a bloody nose. Hakuho and Kotoshogiku lead with perfect records.

7th day
Takayasu was thrust down by Okinoumi succumbing to his first loss. Kisenosato drove out Ikioi. Goeido could not withstad Shohozan's thrust and went of the ring. Kotoshogiku with his right forced Aoiyama down. Kakuryu hooked his leg on Tochinoshin and forced the Georgian down. Hakuho got hold of Ichinojo's belt then threw him. Harumafuji kept low to drive out Yoshikaze.

6th day
Takayasu drove out Amuru for his 6th win. Kisenosato struggled against Ichinojo in a bout that lasted more than a minute. The Mongolian pushed but Kisenosato at the verge of the ring, thrust his opponent down. Goeido did not have to fight as his match was cancelled due to Aminishiki pulling out for catching the flu. Kotoshogiku quickly drov out Shohozan to keep his record clean. Tochiozan was automatically given a win as Terunofuji withdrew from the tourney. Hakuho threw Tochinoshin. Harumafuji drove out Kyokushuho. Kakuryu forced down Aoiyama.

5th day
Takarafuji and Sokokurai fought for about 3 minutes. In the end Takarafuji drove out Sokokurai for his first win. Yoshikaze grabbed Goeido's foot and forced him to completely loose balance. Both are 3-2. Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved to force out Tochinoshin and keep his record clean. Terunofuji tried to bear Kyokushuho's shoves, but in the end was unable to and lost his 2nd bout. Kisenosato kept his eyes on Shohozan and pushed him out. Harumafuji threw Kaisei with his left arm. Kakuryu toppled forward and touched the dirt with his hand, losing to Ikioi. Hakuho immediately rolled Aoiyama down on the ring. Hakuho, Kotoshogiku and Takayasu won their 5th bout.

4th day
Kotoshogiku pushed forward and managed to win with a push out despite Aminishiki's attempt to reverse the movement. Terunofuji drove out his huge opponent Aoiyama. Kisenosato got hold of Tochinoshin's belt but was not taking strong action, that the Georgian threw the ozeki instead. Goeido threw Ikioi by his neck. Kakuryu drove out Shohozan. Hakuho had not problem forcing out Takarafuji for his 4th win. Harumafuji pushed forward and pushed out Ichinojo.

3rd day
Ichinojo drove out Terunofuji with ease, at least it appeared that way. Kisenosato got hold of Takarafuji's belt and forced him out. Goeido's foot went out of the ring, succumbing to his first loss in the bout against Tochinoshin. Kotoshogiku drove out Yoshikaze. Hakuho pushed so hard, he drove Tochihozan out of the ring, while he himself fell into the audience too. Harumafuji forced out Aoiyama. Aminishiki gave thrusts, pulled back then pushed Kakuryu out of the ring.

2nd day
The referee first gave the bout against Takekaze to Shodai.But the juries decided that the refree judged wrong and Takekaze earned a win for driving Shodai down. Kisenosato pushed out Tochiozan for his first win. Goeido shoved against Ichinojo with his head low and won. Kotoshogiku drove down Ikio on the dirt. Terunofuji forced Tochinoshin out. Shohozan surprisingly lifted Harumafuji and threw him. Takarafuji pushed forward but Kakuryu responded with thrusts and won with a push out. Hakuho pushed out Aminishiki.

1st day
New makuuchi rikishi Shodai pulled back and drove Chiyotairyu down smoothly. Endo was driven out from behind by Amuru. Tochiozan drove down the huge Ichinojo. Goeido shifted to the side and drove down Aoiyama. Kotoshogiku shoved but when that didn't work, he thrust down Takarafuji. Shohozan fought aggressively against Terunofuji. But in the end, Terunofuji drove Shohozan out. Kisenosato and Aminishiki had to redo their bout. Aminishiki shifted his position and quickly drove down the ozeki. Kakuryu thrust down Yoshikaze. Ikioi shove Hakuho. The yokozuna then moved back and threw Ikio as he himself. The juries assembled to confirm the outcome. The bout was given to Hakuho. Harumafuji attacked Tochinoshin's throat then quickyly threw the Georgian. The later half of the makuuchi division was enjoyed the Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko.

Pre Tourney highlight
Tokitenku undergoes cancer treatment
Stable master Tokitsukaze unveiled on Jan 8 that Tokitenku was receiving treatment for malignant lymphoma. The 36 year old has been demoted to Juryo division after missing the whole Kyushu tourney. He is expected to complete his treatment in April.

Local sumo tourneys to increase
On the back of the popularity of sumo, Japan Sumo Association says there's growing requests for local tournaments. In 2015 rikishi travelled on such tournaments for 60 days. This is expected to increase to 70 days in 2016. Grand funeral for former Kitanoumi
On Dec 22, 2015, former yokozuna Kitanoumi's funeral hosted by the Japan Sumo Association was held. Former yokozunas were there, including Asashoryu, Wakanohana, and incumbent ones as well. Others who mourned the loss were former baseball greats.

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