2018 New Year Grand Sumo Tournament
(January 14 to 28 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Tochinoshin
Fighting Spirit Award: Ryuden, Abi

Final day
Terunofuji fought against Sokokurai and ended the tourney with no wins. His demotion to the juryo division is certain. Abi adhered to Shohozan moving around and pushed him out to win his 10th bout. Tochinoshin pushed out Endo to earn his 14th win, wrapping up the tourney in the best possible way. Kotoshogiku lost to Takarafuji. The former ozeki finished with a majority loss. Takayasu powerfully threw Mitakeumi for his 12th win. Goeido charged into Kakuryu. Kakuryu shifted at the verge of the ring, driving the ozeki down. Kakuryu finally won after 4 straight losses. But he was holding his hand after the bout, grinning. He may have injured himself. Tochinoshin was presented awards for his feat. The Prime Ministers' Cup was handed to him by Education Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi.

14th day
Shohozan gave Tochinoshin thrusts then shifted to the side, to which the Georgian withstood and fought back, driving Shohozan out. With the victory, Tochinoshin clinched the Emperor's Cup with another day of the tourney left. It's of course, Tochinoshin's first ever grand tourney title. Makuuchi rookie Abi faced Kotoshogiku. Abi tried to move around but Kotoshogiku forced him out. Goeido quickly drove out Mitakeumi for his 8th win. Kakuryu and Takayasu fought an aggressive bout. In the end Takayasu forced Kakuryu down the ring. Takayasu won his 11th bout while the yokozuna lost his 4th.

13th day
Endo withstood Kotoshogiku's throws and drove the former ozeki out to secure a majority win. Can Tochinoshin win the Emperor's Cup. All eyes were on his bout against the huge Ichinojo. Tochinoshin powerfully shoved and shoved the Monglian out to win again and keep the lead. Takayasu shoved strongly against Warwashi and won his 10th bout. Goeido drove out Okinoumi for his 7th win. Mitakeumi easily forced out Kakuryu. The yokozuna lost his 3rd bout. Tochinoshin needs only another win to clinch the Emperor's Cup.

12th day
Kotoshogiku forced down Takakeisho for his 6th win. Tochinoshin drove out Tamawashi. Takayasu attacked and Goeido was no match with an easy loss. It's his 6th loss. Kakuryu pulled back, succumbing to Endo's shoves. It's the yokozuna's 2nd loss. As a result, Tochinoshin is the sole leader.

11th day
Terunofuji was back to fight but he lost to Ishiura's tricky sumo, shifting position and forcing him out from behind. Tochinoshin slapped Takarafuji who slapped the Georgian back. They fought hard, and threw eachother at the verge of the ring. Takarafuji fell first. Tochinoshin earned his 10th win. Kotoshogiku quickly drove out Chiyotairyu for his 5th win. Takayasu charged forward, gave a thrust to drive out Okinoumi. Takayasu secured a majority win. Goeido fell to Arawashi's meticulous throw. Both are 6-5. Kakuryu pulled away and lost to Tamawashi. The yokozuna succumbed to his first loss. He's now on par with Tochinoshin.

10th day
Tochinoshin drove out Kotoshogiku for his 9th win. Mitakeumi lost to Arawashi to succumb to his 3rd loss. Shodai dashed forward, disabling Goeido from doing anything. The ozeki was driven out, taking his 4th loss. Takayasu pushed out Tamawashi fo his 7th win. Kakuryu went forward then when Okinoumi turned his back towards the yokozuna, shoved. Kakuryu remains the sole leader followed by Tochinoshin.

9th day
Kotoshogiku drove out Yoshikaze for his 4th win. Tochinoshin got hold of Mitakeumi's belt and lifted him out the ring. The Georgian secured a majority win. Takyasu attacked Shodai's throat then pulled back and forced him down. It's the ozeki's 6th win. Goeido charged into Tamawashi and drove him out for his 6th win. Kakuryu forced out Arawashi to keep the lead.

8th day
Tochinoshin thrust out Yoshikaze for his 7th win. Ichinojo drove out Mitakeumi. It's Mitakeumi's first loss. Chiyotairyu defeated Goeido with a thrust out. Takayasu beat Takakeisho by thrusting him down. Kakuryu threw Shodai to secure a majority win.

7th day
Kotoshogiku beat Ohnosho for his 3rd win. Mitakeumi pulled back then forced down Yoshikaze for his 7th win. Ichinojo gave Takayasu an underarm throw to win. Goeido pushed out Takakeisho. Kakuryu resisted Tochinoshin's thrust, and was able to drive out the Georgian for his 7th win.

6th day
Another disappointing news. Kisenosato pulls out and Chiyotairyu automatically wins. It's the 6th grand tourney in a row Kisenosato withdraws. Aminishiki too, pulls out. One rikishi in good shape is Georgian, Tochinoshin. He drove out Takakeisho. Mitakeumi pushed out Hokutoumi also for his 6th win. Goeido touched the dirt in response to Yoshikaze's thrust. Takayasu lost balance and fell in the bout against Ohnosho. Kakuryu struggled against Kotoshogiku's shove but in the end forced the former ozeki out.

5th day
Hakuho's withdrawal from the tourney was announced. As a result, his opponent for the day, Kotoshogiku was automatically given a win. It may be also trouble for veteran rikishi Aminishiki. He was forced down by Chiyonokuni. He could not walk alone to exit the arena. The up and coming rikishis faced eachother. Ohnosho forced down Takakeisho. Mitakeumi kept his record clean by pushing out Tamawashi. Takayasu powerfully pushed out Hokutofuji. Tochinoshin shoved and shoved Goeido to defeat the ozeki. Kakuryu swiftly drove out Chiyotairyu. Kisenosato fell off the ring prompted by Yoshikaze's shoves and lost again.

4th day
Mitakeumi is in good shape driving done Takakeisho for his 4th win. Goeido forced down Kokutofuji. Takayasu succumbed to his first loss in the bout against Tochinoshin. The Georgian has a clean record. Kakuryu was shoved by Ichinojo. Then he shoved back and won. Kotoshogiku forced down Kisenosato for his first win. Kisenosato appeared totally at a loss after the bout. Hakuho was forced down by Yoshikaze, losing his 2nd bout already.

3rd day
Former ozeki Terunofuji pulled out again. He's currently maegashira number 10. If he cannot return to fight then he will be demoted to juryo division. As to the top rankers, Takayasu pulled Chiyotairyu's arm and drove him down for his 3rd win. Goeido threw Kotoshogiku also for his 3rd win. Ichinojo shoved against Kisenosato who could not resist much. Ichinojo drove the yokozuna out. Hokutofuji pushed out Hakuho, forcing the Mongolian yokozuna to take his first loss. Kakuryu was stable, thrusting down Yoshikaze to keep his record clean.

2nd day
Goeido forced down Ohnoshi with his right. Kotoshogiku and Takayasu competed in a long bout. In the end the incumbent ozeki threw the former ozeki down. Hakuho struggled against Ichinojo. In a bout of more than a minute, Hakuho with a grip of the front of Ichinojo's belt finally won by driving the younger Mongolian out. Kakuryu slapped Takakeisho then pushed him out to win again. Kisenosato cautiously attacked Hokutofuji and was able to drive him out. The arena echoed with jeers and applause as fans were so delighted with Kisenosato's win.

1st day
Endo threw Takarafuji to win. Mitakeumi forced Kotoshogiku to the verge of the ring. Kotoshogiku tried to resist but his foot left the ring. Takayasu in what looked like a slow motion threw Yoshikaze for his win. Goeido pushed out Ichinojo. Kakuryu gave Hokutofuji thrusts then forced him down. Kisenosato was back. He struggled against Takakeisho. He tried to kick Takakeisho but fell first, with his arm touching the dirt. However the referee gave the bout to the yokozuna. The juries put in a complaint ruling the yokozuna touched the dirt first. Ohnosho dashed with full speed toward Hakuho. Hakuho looked startled then stepped aside to drive down Ohnosho.

Pre Tourney highlight
Top ranking referee in sexual harrassment scandal
It came to light that 58 year old Shikimori Inosuke who is currently the highest ranking referee had molested a young referee when he was drunk during the winter local tourney in Okinawa on Dec 16. Shikimori touched the young man and kissed him, according to the report. As a result he's been dismissed from 3 grand tourneys. Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko were planning to enjoy the New Year Tourney, but the Japan Sumo Association, taking into account the absence of its top referee, declined their attendance.

A scandal hit tourney
Leading up to the tourney, Harumafuji was forced to retire for badly hurting Takanoiwa during a drink with fellow Mongolians before the Kyushu grand tourney. Then Takanoiwa's stable master was criticized for not reporting about this incident. Takanohana's handling of the situation was frowned upon by the Japan Sumo Association. He was demoted from his rank in the association.

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