2019 New Year Grand Sumo Tournament
(January 13 to 27 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena )

Outstanding Performance Award:
Mitakeumi, Tamawashi
Outstanding Technique Award: Takakeisho
Fighting Spirit Award: Tamawashi

Final day
Kotoshogiku forced down Chiyoshoma to finish with 6 wins. Mitakeumi lost to Nishikigi. Tamawashi drove down Endo to win the Emperor's Cup. It's the first for the 34 year old Mongolian. He also celebrated the birth of his 2nd child on the day. As to other bouts, Takayasu drove out Kaisei. Goeido forced Takakeisho out of the ring for his 9th win, finally showing off his rank of ozeki.

14th day
Hakuho decided to pull out from this day. He is reported to have complained of a severly painful right knee. That knee was operated. But on the 4th day he banged it. He kept on fighting bouts, but could no longer. Goeido who was supposed to fight him was automatically given a win, luckily clinching a majority win. In other bouts, Endo forced out Tochiozan for his 10th win. Takakeisho powerfully drove out Okinoumi for his 11th win. Tamawashi pushed out Aoiyama for his 12th win to keep a tourney lead. Takayasu drove out Mitakeumi to secure a majority win.

13th day
Mitakeumi drove out Ichinojo to clinch a majority win despite his injury. He had to ask his stablemate for help to walk back to the locker room. Kotoshogiku appeared to be on the verge of being pushed out but he withstood, fought back and forced down Myogiryu. Both are 5-8. Tamawashi thrust down Hokutoumi for his 11th win. Goeido got hold of Takayasu's belt and drove him out. Both are 7-6. Takakeisho forced Hakuho to fall on his hands. Both are 10-3. As a result Tamawashi is the sole leader.

12th day
Takakeisho pushed out Kotoshogiku for his 9th win. Goeido pulled away prompting Yoshikaze to fall. It's Goeido's 6th win. The huge Aoiyama shifted slightly to the side, but that did not affect Takayasu. Takayasu shoved the Bulgarian out. Tamawashi forced Hakuho to turn his back and shoved the yokozuna out. Both lead with 10-2.

11th day
Daishomaru won his first bout by defeating Ikioi. Kaisei drove out Chiyotairyu for a majority win. Kotoshogiku twirled on the ring and was driven out by Tamawashi. It's Tamawashi's 9th win. Takekeisho forced down Hokutofuji to secure a majority win. Takayasu forced out Okinoumi. Goeido thrust down Aoiyama. Mitakeumi was back after resting for 2 days to recover from his injury. He faced Hakuho and with thrusts pushed out the yokozuna. Hakuho succumbed to his first loss.

10th day
Chiyonokuni was driven down by Ikioi and injured himself. Endo drove out Ryuden for his 7th win. Kaisei lost to Aoiyama's push and succumbed to his 3rd loss. Goeido forced down Kotoshogiku for his 4th win. Takayasu gave Takekeisho shoves then with a thrust forced Takekeisho to lose balance. It's the ozeki's 5th win. Hakuho got hold of Okinoumi's belt, quickly drove him out to win again.

9th day
Chiyonokuni thrust down Akesei for his 8th win. Kaisei was driven out by Raiden succumbing to his 2nd loss. Takakeisho pushed out Nishikigi for his 7th win. Takayasu rolled on the ring in the bout against Tamawashi. He has more losses. Goeido also lost. The ozeki was forced down the ring by Okinoumi. Hakuho drove down Kotoshogiku to keep the lead.

8th day
In the lower ranks, Chiyonokuni, Yago and Kaisei won their 7th bout. Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko arrived at the Kokugikan to watch the later half of the makuuchi bouts. Endo drove down Hokutofuji for his 5th win. Takakeisho pushed out Oonosho. Goeido lost to Tamawashi. It's the ozeki's 5th loss. Takayasu was driven out by Shohozan. Hakuho threw Aoiyama with his right to become the first this tourney to clinch a majority win.

7th day
Oonosho pulled back and lost to Kaisei, his first loss. Hokutouji was again given a win without fighting as his opponent of the day Mitakeumi withdrew. Takakeisho quickly forced out Ichinojo for his 5th win. Takayasu stopped Kotoshogiku's shoves and drove the former ozeki down. Both are 4-3. Goeido distanced himself from Shodai then got hold of him, driving him out. It's the ozeki's 3rd win. Hakuho thrust down Shohozan to be the only one with a perfect record.

6th day
Kaisei lost his first bout to Sadanoumi. Oonoshi continued to do well by pushing out Okinoumi. Myogiryu drove Mitakeumi out the ring. Mitakeumi could not get up. He was ushered out on a wheelchair. Takayasu drove out Nishikigi. Kakuryu pulled out of the tourney and Hokutofuji was automatically given a win. Hakuho drove out Shodai to keep his record clean.

5th day
Kaisei pushed out Abi for his 5th win. Oonosho thrust out Yoshikaze also to keep his record clean. Kotoshogiku forced Hokutoriki out for his 3rd win. Takakeisho pushed out Myogiryu for his 4th win. Takayasu pushed forward but Shodai got a good position, driving the ozeki down the ring. It's the ozeki's 3rd loss. Shohozan was automatically given a win as his opponent Tochinoshin pulled out. Goeido drove out Tochiozan quickly for his first win. Ichinojo got hold of Kakyru's belt and drove the yokozuna out. Hakuho and Nishikigi looked uncomfortable with eachother facing off. They both threw eachother from the ring, which judges ruled was a draw, so another bout was performed. Hakuho moved cautiously and won with an overarm throw to win his 5th bout.

4th day
In the morning, Kisenosato's stable master told media, the yokozuna has decided to retire. Kisenosato gave a news conference in the afternoon, stated he did not regret his sumo life. However, he was choking up his tears when asked about the severe injury 2 years ago that had hurt his career. His opponent Nishikigi won uncontested. As to the bouts, Kasei pushed down Daieisho for his 4th win. Aoiyama apeared to have won by driving out Oonosho. But the judges ruled he had his hand on his topknot. So he succumbed to a penalty and lost his first bout. Kotoshogiku was driven out by Shohozan. Takakesho and Mitakeumi, today's up and coming stars faced eachother. Mitakeumi drove out the 22 year old last tourney winner to keep his record clean. Tochinoshin pulled back and lost again, this time to Tamawashi. Goeido struggled against the heavy Ichinojo, fough for 1 min 35 seconds but eventually lost. Goeido has not won a bout yet. Takayashu gave thrust against Tochiozan and won his 2nd bout. Takayasu belongs to Kisenosato's stable. Kakuryu gave Myogiryu thrusts and won his 2nd bout. Hokutofuji appeared to be in an advantage shoving Hakuho to the verge of the ring. Hakuho with his foot on the ring, kept his other leg high up while driving out Hokutofuji. The judges discussed the result and decided Hakuho won.

3rd day
Those in good shape were clear. Aoiyama quickly pushed out Oginoumi for his 3rd win. Takakeisho was in control of his bout, forcing out Tamawashi. Mitakeumi forced down Goeido. Hokutoumi drove down Takayasu. Myogiryu drove out Tochinoshin who pulled back. All 3 ozeki lost. As to the yokozunas. Hakuho struggled agains the huge Ichinojo but gradually got a good position, throwing fellow Mongolian to win. Kisenosato lost to Tochiozan, drawing big sighs from the crowd. Kakuryu tried to throw Nishikigi but instead he flies out the ring first. All eyes are on Kisenosato's decision.

2nd day
Many young women were in kimono at the arena. They were observing a public holiday Coming of Age Day, celebrating their adulthood. Endo gave thrusts after thrusts and beat Asanoyama. Aoiyama forced down Kotoshogiku for his 2nd win. Takakeisho powerfully forced Shohozan to fly out of the ring. Takayasu was given a win in a close competition against Myogiryu. Tochinoshin got hold of Nishikigi but Nishikigi shifted positions and drove the Georgian down. In the 2nd face off, Goeido got hold of Hokutofuji's belt but did not push strongly enough. Goeido was pushed out to take his 2nd loss. Kisenosato rolled on the ring, losing to Ichinojo. The yokozuna's getting closer to retirement if he doesn't win the next bout. Mitakeumi gave a strong shove to push out Kakuryu. Mitakeumi beat 2 yokozunas already. Hakuho lost balance but he kept inside the ring and drove out Tochiozan. He's the only yokozuna with a perfect record.

1st day
All ozeki and yokozuna were present to kick off the first grand tournament of the year. In the lower ranks, Endo thurst down Takarafuji. Aoiyama pushed out Yoshikaze. Kotoshogiku drove out Okinoumi and won while the former ozeki himself fell. Last tourney winner Takakeisho thrust out Shodai. Hokutoumi fought low against Tochinoshin and pushed out the Georgian ozeki. Nishikigi threw down Goeido. Ichinojo quickly forced out Takayasu. All 3 ozeki lost. As to the yokozuna, Kakuryu quickly drove out Tochiozan. Hakuho had a powerful face off forcing Myogiryu to touch the ring. Kisenosato was pushed out by Mitakeumi, to the dismay of fans wishing for the yokozuna's recovery.

Pre Tourney highlight
Hakuho and Kisenosato will compete
It was learned on Jan 10 that the 2 yokozunas will compete. Hakuho was absent last tourney as he was recovering from a knee and ankle surgery. Kisenosato said he was gradually gearing up, after his practive.

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