(March 10 to 24 at Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Aminishiki
Fighting Spirit Award: Takanowaka

Final day
Miyabiyama performed a powerful bout taking out Takamisakari. The former ozeki finished the tourney with 9 wins. A long bout was held. It was between Kotonowaka and Kyokushuzan. It was so long, the bout was stopped at 4 minutes 43 seconds. But when it was resumed, Kyokushuzan attacked his opponents leg, driving the big guy out. For the Mongolian, it was his 2nd win. Dejima fell forwad to Tosanoumi's thrust ending the tourney 6 to 9. While Tosanoumi was 7 to 8. Takanonami pulled away. Otsukasa fell before the former ozeki's foot touched outside the ring. Takanonami won his 6th bout. Kaio did not have to fight to win his 12th bout. That's because Kotomitsuki against whom he was matched pulled out. Kotomitsuki was learned to have broken his chin bone from the bout the day before. Musoyama and Chiyotaikai fought by the belt. Chiyo tried to get his opponent off balance. But it did not work. Musoyama drove Chiyo down to win his 10th bout. Chiyo finished with a majority loss, meaning if he loses more bouts than win next tourney, he will be demoted from ozeki ranking. Musashimaru smacked Tochiazuma's face a few times, but Tochiazuma pushed back with his head low. Tochiazuma drove out the yokozuna. He finished the tourney with 10 wins. Maru faced his 2nd loss, still he was the winner of this tourney.

14th day
The day attracted a full house for the 5th time this tourney. In the juryo division, 39 year-old Terao skillfully grabbed Tamarikido's belt to drive him out. Terao clinched a majority win. Dejima with his back to the edge of the ring, swung Oginishiki out. Miyabiyama fell forward in his bout against Tochinonada. Tohki with thrusts, chased Takanonami who moved back, and Tohki drove the former ozeki out. Tohki clinched his majority win. Kotomitsuki also secured a majority win in his bout against Takanowaka. Tosanoumi fell flat on his belly in his bout against Kaio. It's Tosa's 5th loss while for Kaio his 11th victory. Musoyama pushed forward but while he was shoving down Wakanosato, it appeared he fell first, but the judges pronounced that the ozeki won. Musoyama won his 9th bout. Musashimaru shoved down Chiyotaikai to secure the Emperor's Cup. It's the 5th time he earned the honor as yokozuna, and his 10th tourney victory.

13th day
Oikari's attack at Miyabiyama's throat finished the bout. It's Miyabiyama's 5th loss while for Oikari his 7th win. Dejima went forward low and took out Kyokushuzan. The Mongolian only won one bout so far. Tamakasuga got Takanonami off balance and pushed him out. Takanonami's majority loss was finalized as a result. Kotomitsuki positioned himself behind Otsukasa and carefully drove him out for his 7th win. Musoyama pushed Aminishiki towards the edge, but then Aminishiki stepped aside, and with an overarm push defeated the ozeki. It's Aminishiki's 10th win. Musoyama faced his 5th loss. Tochiazuma and Chiyotaikai clashed into eachother. Tochiazuma with his left, shoved Chiyo out. Chiyo fell off the ring and took his 6th loss. The day was wrapped up by Musashimaru pushing down Kaio to stay at the top. And with Kaio who was the runner up until the day losing, the chance is stronger that Maru will clinch the Emperor's Cup.

12th day
Dejima at last won. He tried to stick by Kyokushuzan as he pulled away. The former ozeki won with a push down. Takanonami was taken out by Tochinonada. It's his 7th loss. Musoyama took control pushing Tosanoumi. At one point, the position seemed to have reversed. But in the end, Musoyama pushed out Tosanoumi to clinch a majority win. Kaio took a smooth bout to take out Chiyotaikai. Musashimaru appeared to face off rather slow, but he managed to quickly push out Kotomitsuki. The yokozuna kept the lead.

11th day
Miyabiyama took out Kaiho to win again. However Dejima lost again. This time he fell on his knees in the bout against Tochisakae. He's already recorded a majority loss. Two big guys over 190 cm tall clashed against eachother. Kotonowaka in the end threw Takanonami down. Kotomitsuki fell on his knees to Chiyotaikai's thrust. It's his 5th loss. Tochizauma shifted to the side to defeat Tohki. The ozeki secured his majority win. Kaio seemed to be at a disadvantage as Musoyama moved forward against him. But Kaio forced Musoyama down to win his 9th. Asashoryu attacked the yokozuna, in an attempt to keep his chin up. And he shoved Musashimaru down in the end. The crowd threw blue cushions like a discus. But with his first loss, Musashimaru is still the leader.

10th day
Miyabiyama pushed out Hamanishiki for his 6th win. Dejima lost to Tochinonada already taking his 7th loss. Takanonami lost balance and fell in the bout against Asashoryu. Kotomitsuki got Tochiazuma's belt and pushed the ozeki out. Tochiazuma's chance for the Emperor's Cup and promotion appears to be have vanished as a result. Kaio got his left hand on Akinishima, but Akinoshima thrust down the ozeki. It's Kaio's 2nd loss. Tohki seemed to be getting Musoyama off balance, but it was Tohki who fell down. Musoyama earned his 7th win. Chiyotaikai pressed against Kyokushuzan's throat to win. The ozeki won his 6th bout. Musashimaru gave thrusts from a lower angle to defeat Ootsukasa. Maru still is on top.

9th day
Tochisakae lost control showing his back towards Miyabiyama. Obviously the former ozeki would push him out. Miyabiyama is with 5 wins. Dejima dropped to Tamanoshima's thrust. He's down to his 6th loss. Takanonami rolled Wakanosato down the ring to mark his 5th win. Kotomitsuki drove down Asashoryu also to win his 5th bout. Kaio was a wonder. He with his right grabbed Otsukasa's left arm and threw him out. Kaio recorded a majority win. Musoyama who could have withdrawn from the tourney decided to stay on. And he benefited afterall. He gave several pushes to take out Kotonowaka. Chiyotaikai pushed out Akinoshima to win his 5th bout. Tochiazuma gave a series of thrusts to overwhelm Kyokushuzan. It's his 7th victory. Musashimaru got Tohki powerless, as Tohki could not use his arm. He was taken out by Maru. The yokozuna is still the sole leader.

8th day
Dejima's already down to his 5th loss, thrust down by Tohki. Kotomitsuki got his record to a tie by taking out Kyokutenho. Takanonami pinned down Musoyama to bring his record to a even. The ozeki faced his 3rd loss. There are concerns that Musoyama hurt his shoulder badly. Chiyotaikai fell on his hands, losing his balance against Asashoryu's kick. It's Chiyo's 4th loss. Tochiazuma thrust down Akinoshima for his 6th win. Kaio defeated Kyokushuzan. Musashimaru shoved out Wakanosato to keep his lead.

7th day
Former ozeki Dejima and Miyabiyama both lost and both are 3 to 4. In the Monglian match, Asashoryu with an underarm throw beat Kyokushuzan. Kotomitsuki while fighting against Tosanoumi suddenly collapsed on his knee. It's already Kotomitsuki's 4th loss. Chiyotaikai lost againt, this time to Tochinonada, Tochiazuma and Takanonami had to redo their start 3 times. Tochiazuma with a hold of the former ozeki's belt went forward and threw him out the ring. Kaio, as he shoved forward against Wakanosato, tried to change the position of his grip. It was at that point Wakanosato thrust Kaio down. Kaio faced his first loss. Musoyama was in control of the bout. And as he moved forward, his opponent Kyokushuzan's left foot went out the ring. It's the 5th win for the ozeki. Akinoshima, on his 35th birthday faced the yokozuna. But Musashimaru was overwhelming the veteran rikishi, but pushing him out with his right hand. Maru is now the sole leader.

6th day
Tochiazuma quickly pushed down Tosanoumi for his 4th win. Kaio, with his all mighty right hand threw Tochinonada to accumulate his victory. Asashoryu attacked Musoyama and took him out. The ozeki faced his 2nd loss. Chiyotaikai went forward but was thrust down by Kotonowaka losing again. Kyokushuzan moved around in an attempt to get Musashimaru off balance. But the yokozuna proved superior driving out the Mongolian. It's only Kaio and Musashimaru with perfect records.

5th day
Kaio had a smooth victory over Tosanoumi to keep his record clean. Musoyama went forward and took out Akinoshima to earn his 4th win. But to the dismay of many fans, some of those thought to be the top contenders in this tourney lost. Chiyotaikai attacked Takanonami but the former ozeki stepped aside, putting Chiyo off balance. Tochiazuma too lost. He succumbed to a thrust down by Asashoryu. But Musashimaru kept fighting powerfully. He defeated Tochinonada.

4th day
Miyabiyama pushed out Tamanoshima for his 2nd win. Dejima was about to charge forward, but Kaiho got his neck and threw him. Takanonami with his left, forece Kotomitsuki down. Both have even records. Musoyama appeared to be chasing Kyokushuzan around the ring to finally take him out. It's the ozeki's 3rd win. Chiyotaikai's rear was taped. But despite that, he managed to take down Kyokutenho. A long bout took place between Tochiazuma and Kotonowaka. After 2 minutes and a half, Kotonowaka suddenly got his arm over Tochiazuma's shoulder to grab the back of the belt. And finally after 3 minutes, Kotonowaka gave a overarm throw to defeat the ozeki. Tochiazuma's loss was a major upset. Kaio easily drove out Asashoryu. Tosanoumi gave Musashimaru a hard time, but in the end Maru won with a push out.

3rd day
Dejima dropped when Ootsukasa pulled away and thrusted him down. It's the former ozeki's first loss. Miyabiyama was down to in the bout against Kyokushuzan. Kotomitsuki picked up a win without fighting because his opponent for the day Buyuzan pulled out. Chiyotaikai gave a couple of thrusts, but then, Tosanoumi pushed down the ozeki's head getting Chiyo down on his belly. Tochiazuma had a smooth win, taking Kyokutenho out. Kaio got hold of Takanonami's belt with his right and threw the former ozeki down. Musoyama threw down Tochinonada, Musashimaru faced another big guy, 175 kilo Kotonowaka. But it was not a big challenge. The yokozuna drove his big opponent out.

2nd day
The Osaka grand tourney's full house record stopped on the 409th day. Miyabiyama was thrown down the ring by Aminishiki. Takanonami walked out Tosanoumi. Tochinonada pushed Tochiazuma. The ozeki pulled back and to the side to barely keep himself inside the ring to win. Kotonowaka attacked Kaio's throat, but the ozeki fought back, pushing Kotonowaka straight out. Musoyama clashed into Kotomitsuki effectively. Kotomitsuki's upper body was held up. And so the ozeki was able to take his opponent out. It's Musoyama's first win. Chiyotaikai did not have a good start, but managed to get hold of Wakanosato's arm and throw him out. Musashimaru easily thrust out Kyokutenho. It was a day without any major upset.

1st day
The gymnasium was fortunately packed. So the full house record continuing for 28 years were unbroken. There were no real big surprises in the bout results of the top contenders. Dejima took out Hayateumi. Miyabiyama was back as maegashira number 8 after missing 2 full tourneys. And as if to start a fresh, his belt new. It's a bright green. He tried to push forward against Tamakasuga. His shoves were not as powerful as before. But in the end the former ozeki managed to win. Kotomitsuki who missed promotion to ozeki last tourney appeared to be in good shape. He drove out Tochinonada. Kaio took out Kyokutenho. The only upset was, Tosanouma thrusting down Musoyama. Chiyotaikai with thrusts took out Buyuzan in a bright yellow belt. Tochiazuma pushed down Wakanosato. But Tochiazuma after the bout told reporters that he was really tense. Takanonami, as komusubi faced Musashimaru. It's the 53rd match between the two, a record. The outcome was simple. Musoyama easily shoved out Takanonami.

Pre Tourney highlights
Concerns on the popularity of sumo
Japan Sumo Association reported concerns that the consecutive full house record at the Osaka tourney will be broken on the first day of the tourney,that's Mar 10. For 28 years, Osaka has had a full turnout non-stop. The possibility is being speculated as tickets are not selling well.

Takanohana breaks record
Takanohana's stable master Futagoyama revealed on Mar 7 that his son will pull out from this tourney too. It's the yokozuna's 5th straight bashi out. It's the worst record for a grand champion ranker.

Takanonami is a title holder again
This tourney's listing shows that Takanonami has been promoted to the komusubi ranking. That mean's he's a title hold, or a sanyaku.