(March 14 to 28 at Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Asasekiryu
Fighting Spirit Award: Kotonowaka

Final day
Kokkai fell on his hands in the bout against Takekaze succumbing to his 7th loss. Kotonowaka grabbed Hokutoriki's arm and pushed his opponent out. It's his 11th win. Takanonami slapped Tochinonada but it didn't do anything. The former ozeki was taken out, finish with 10 losses. Kotoryu put down Dejima to clinch a majority win, while Dejima suffered a majority loss. Takamisakari clashed into Miyabiyama and then pulled back to win his 8th bout. Asasekiryu tried all kinds of skills on Wakanosato. But Wakanosato got the back of the Mongolian's belt and gave an underarm throw. Asasekiryu took his 2nd loss, while Wakanosato was able to finish the tourney with a majority win. Kaio got hold of Musoyama's belt and shoved him out. It's Kaio's 13th win. Chiyotaikai had a chance of taking the match to a playoff if he'd win. And he started the bout with quick thrusts against Asashoryu but he was not firmly on his feet that he fell and lost. It's Asashoryu's 6th Emperor Cup victory.

14th day
Kaiho skillfully defeated Kokkai by taking the Georgian's belt and shoving him out. Takanonami had his arms wrapped around Jumonji's shoulder. The former ozeki took Jumonji out for his 5th win. Takamisakari was helpless. He lost easily to Tochinonada. At this point both are 7-7. Dejima was put down by Hokutoriki. Dejima is also 7-7. Asasekiryu shifted to the side immediately and drove Miyabiyama out the ring. The Mongolian picked up his 13th win. Chiyotaikai was matched up with a fellow ozeki he has a hard time defeating. It's Kaio. Chiyo stood up and gave thrusts, but they were not effective, that Kaio easily pushed him out. Chiyo succumbed to his first loss. Asashoryu shoved Musoyama's throat to win. Asashoryu is the only one with a clean record.

13th day
Kokkai at last secured a majority win by driving out Kotonowaka. Takamisakari lost to Futenoh's throw. Takanonami pulled back and as he didn't show other skills, naturally lost to pusher Tosanoumi. Dejima shifted to the side and then went forward to beat Tamanoshima. Miyabiyama was powerless before Hokutoriki losing to his push out. One of the highlights of the day--the bout between the leaders of this tourney, Mongolian Asasekiryu and ozeki Chiyotaikai. As usual, Chiyotaikai gave thrusts but Asasekiryu returned some painful thrusts that bruised the ozeki's face. And then the bout was quiet and tense. Chiyo tried to stop Asasekiryu from trying to reach his belt. Then Chiyo pushed hard to win. Fans were delighted to see such high quality bout. Musoyama was able to push out Tochisakae to win his 9th bout. And the final bout of the day was between Kaio and Asashoryu. Kaio has defeated Asashoryu in the past, but this time the yokozuna was quick to defeat the ozeki. Asashoryu threw Kaio with his right hand. So the leaders are now, Asashoryu and Chiyotaikai.

12th day
Disappointment for Takanonami fans. He lost to Uchiomaru and succumbed to a majority loss. Takamisakari quickly shoved down Buyuzan for his 7th win. Tachinonada drove out Kokkai. It's Kokkai 4th straight loss. Miyabiyama pushed out Tamanoshima to secure a majority win. Dejima charged forward and drove out Shimotori. Chiyotaikai gave quick thrusts to beat Kotomitsuki. Iwakiyama tried to put Musoyama, while Musoyama shoved him. But Iwakiyama kept his right foot on the ring while Musoyama fell. The two with perfect records faced eachother. They're Asasekiryu and Kaio. As they faced off, Asasekiryu held his head low, banged into Kaio and put the ozeki down fast. It was a surprising result. Asashoryu did not have an easy bout, but in the end drove Wakanosato out the ring.

11th day
Asasekiryu contines to win. He powerfully drove out Kotoryu. Kokkai fell on his back following Buyuzan's push. It's the Georgian's 4th loss. Jumonji slapped Takamisakari's face as he faced off. He drove Takamisakari out. Takanonami tried to throw Iwakiyama. He himself fell too, but touched the dirt, slightly after Iwakiyama to win his 4th bout. Kyokushuzan kept on pulling away from Miyabiyama. Miyabiyama was able to push out the Mongolian. Kotomitsuki drove Dejima down on the ring. Musoyama quickly walked out Hokutoriki and secured a majority win. He's been able to retain his ozeki ranking. Kaio tripped Tochinonada with his right leg to win. Chiyotaika gave a series of thrusts to make Wakanosato helpless and lose. Asashoryu put Kakizoe on the dirt. For the first time in modern sumo 4 in the makuuchi division have perfect wins on the 11th day.

10th day
Kokkai, surprisingly, easily lost to Yotsukasa's pushes. Takamisakari and Kotonowaka won't move. And after 4 minutes 12 seconds, the judges stopped the bout. After taking some rest, the bout was resumed. And Kotonowaka threw Takamisakari. Takanonami held Chiyotenzan with both hands and threw him to win his 3rd bout. Asasekiryu threw Hokutoriki on the dirt to win his 10th bout. Dejima tried a throw against Tochinonada, but he loses balance and is instead pushed down. Miyabiyama put down Kyokutenho for his 6th win. Kaio quickly drove out Kotomitsuki. Chiyotaikai gave powerful thrust and Aminishiki fell. Wakanosato got a good hold of Musoyama and pushed the ozeki out. Asashoryu pulled back and got hold of Tosanoumi to topple him. The top contenders remain unchanged from the previous day.

9th day
It looked as though Asasekiryu was being forced to the edge of the ring. But Asasekiryu stopped Kokkai from pushing him further by hooking his right leg around Kokkai's and tripping him to improve his winning streak. Takamisakari took out Takanonami for his 6th win. Dejima was pressured by Iwakiyama, but at the edge of the ring he thrust Iwakiyama down to win his 5th bout. Miyabiyama drove out Tochinonada for his 5th win too. Chiyotaikai gave Tosanoumi thrusts but as he did not get up to fight fast enough, his thrusts were not so powerful. Perhaps realizing that, he pulled back to put Tosanoumi on the dirt. Musoyama defeated Tokitsuumi with an overarm throw. Kaio walked out Shimotori. Aminishiki tried to throw Asashoryu, but Aminishiki fell first. The same 4 still lead with perfect records.

8th day
Despite Yotsukasa's slap Asasekiryu put his opponent down to clinch a majority win. Kokkai charged into Takamisakari and easily won. It's the Georgian's 7th win. Takanonami pulled Tochisakae towards him and put him down for his 2nd win. Miyabiyama pushed out Aminishiki. Dejima got hold of Kyokushuzan and took him out. Musoyama tried to throw Kotomitsuki, but stopped, and instead, Kotomitsuki got himself better positioned against the ozeki. Kotomitsuki drove Musoyama out. Kaio avoided facing off against Tosanoumi immediately. After they banged into eachother, they stopped taking action for a while. Then Kaio pushed forward and won. Chiyotaikai attack Tochinonada fast and pushed him out. Asashoryu pushed out Tamanoshima and took his leg, even though Tamanoshima was already out of the ring. At this point Asashoryu, Chiyotaikai, Kaio, and Asasekiryu are tied for the lead.

7th day
Toyozakura shifted to the side to try to put Kokkai off. But Kokkai grabbed him and drove Toyozakura out. Takanonami with his right hand pulled Asanowaka's head toward him and put him down. It's Takanonami's first win. Takamisakari was slightly behind Tochisakae to face off. But he pushed and Tochisakae crushed on the ring. Dejima pushed and fel to defeat Kyokutenho. Both are with 3-4. Miyabiyama gave Shimotori a big slap and kept on aggressively fighting. In the end, the former ozeki put Shimotori down. Kaio could not get a hold of Wakanosato's belt bu was able to take him out to keep his record clean. Chiyotaikai pulled back and the referee awarded the bout to Tamanoshima. But taped video showed that Chiyotaikai had one foot up in the air while the other stayed on the rim of the ring, and so the bout went to Chiyo. He was able to retain his spot as a co-leader. Musoyama twisted Tosanoumi down for his 6th win. Asashoryu had a tough bout against Kotomitsuki. Kotomitsuki would not give up, and the bout went on for a minute 20 seconds. In the end, Kotomitsuki succumbed to Asashoryu's throw.

6th day
Kokkai was cautious. He had a grip of Hokutoriki's belt with his left but took his time. Then when he did try to take action, Hokutoriki put him down on his knee. It's Kokkai's first loss. Tokitsuumi and Takanonami tried to throw eachother, but Takanonami's right hand touched the dirt first. Iwakiyama clashed into his high school junior, Takamisakari and took him out fast. Dejima kept his head low and drove Jumonji out. Wakanosato was surprisingly, defeated to Kyokushuzan's overarm throw. Miyabiyama pused out Kotomitsuki. Chiyotaikai at last gave his trademark thrust to defeat Shimotori. Musoyama thrusted Tamanoshima and pushed him out powerfully. Kaio got hold of Kyokutenho's belt and drove him out the ring. Aashoryu at one point was pushed back by Tochinonada, but Tochinonada lost balance, and the yokozuna took advantage of that to shove him out.

5th day
Asanowaka pulled back and naturally Kokkai pushed ahead to extend his winning streak. Takamisakari tried to flee from Takekaze's charges, but while he did, his foot went out the ring. It's Takamisakari's first loss. Takanonami lost again, this time to Kinkaiyama. Dejima pushed fast and took out Tosanoumi. Wakanosato, with his left, threw the big Miyabiyama. Musoyama thrust Aminishiki down. Kaio got hold of Tamanoshima's arm and swinged him. Tamanoshima could not get up for awhile. Chiyotaikai got his right hand on Kyokushuzan's throat and won with a push out. Kyokutenho fought well against Asashoryu. The lower ranking Mongolian managed to stop the yokozuna from picking him up out of the ring. But after that, Asashoryu gave a throw that put Kyokutenho down on his left knee.

4th day
Takamisakari pulled down Kasuganishiki for his 4th win. Kokkai began by shoving Takanonami's neck, and then kept his head low as usual. Although he struggled a bit, Kokkai clinched his 4th win. Wakanosato literally picked Shimotori up and held him on his belly while Shimotori's legs dangled and won. Kaio pushed out Kyokutenho. Chiyotaikai was pressured by Miyabiyama's shoves, but managed to shift aside and put Miyabiyama down. Musoyama charged forward and took down Tochinonada. Dejima twirled once, and then succumbed to Asashoryu's underarm throw. Dejima held his left elbow after the bout.

3rd day
Takanonami was again powerless shoved out by Takekaze. Takamisakari banged into Asanowaka. Asanowaka seemed to have attempted to shift to the side, but he just fell. Iwakiyama had a hold of Kokkai's belt. But Kokkai kept on keeping his head low and fighting, which eventually led to his 3rd win. Kakizoe beat Kotomitsuki. Kaio slowly stood up to fight and forced Dejima down. Chiyotaikai thrust Kyokutenho down. Miyabiyama was given a win since Tochiazuma pulled out from the tourney. It was rumored that Tochiazuma had injured his shoulder the last tourney, but it surprised even himself that medical check up showed, he actually had broken his shoulder. Musoyama managed to thrust down Shimotori. Asashoryu with thrusts, took out fellow Mongolian Kyokushuzan.

2nd day
Sitting by the ring as one of the judges for the first time was Takanohana who's just opened a new stable run under his ring name. In front of his eyes, Takanonami who belongs to his stable fell to Kasuganishiki's leg hook. Kokkai pushed Tochisakae out. Takamisakari with his left shoved out Tokitsuumi. Kotomitsuki banged into Kyokutenho and fell to the Mongolian's over arm shove. Chiyotaikai pulled back and Dejima fell. Musoyama this time pushed out Kyokushuzan's rear to win. Tochiazuma lost to Shimotori's throw. He gave a look of pain as he got back on his feet. Kaio was pushed by Kakizoe, but shoved back and won. Miyabiyama had a good fight against Asashoryu. He got his right hand on the yokozuna's belt, and attempted to throw him, but his grip was not firm enough that he fell. Asashoryu won.

1st day
The tourney opened with a full house, and with all those ranking above the juryo division, present. Kotonowaka was back, but after a long bout which exceeded a minute, lost to Asasekiryu. Georgian,Kokkai moved forward with his head held low and beat Kasugafuji. Takanonami was pushed out by Buyuzan. Takamisakari gave Kinkaiyama a bear hug and shoved him out. Kotomitsuki had a bad start, as he was almost pushed out. But he kept his foot on the straws making the ring, and fought back. In the end, he pushed out Tochinonada. Wakanosato pushed down Dejima. Kyokutenho drove out Musoyama, who needs to gain a majority win this time to keep his ozeki status. Kyokushuzan, as he shoved down Tochizauma, fell on the ring. The Mongolian rikishi didn't notice he's won until the referee pronounced his win. Kaio had a solid start against Miyabiyama and won. Chiyotaikai gave Kakizoe quick thrusts and pulled backed effectively to drop Kakizoe on the ring. Asashoryu at one point picked Shimotori up, and put him back on the dirt to push him out.

Pre Tourney highlights
More foreigners in upper ranks
10 non-Japanese are sekitori for this tournament. And out of 10, 7 are Mongolians.

Sumo in South Korea
The sumo delegation of around 70 people, including, South Korean born Kasugao travelled to Soeul to perform on Feb 14 and 15, and Pusan on Feb 18. Asashoryu won the tournament in Soeul and Pusan.