(March 13 to 27 Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Kaiho, Ama
Fighting Spirit Award: Tamanoshima

Final day
Kisenosato was able to clinch a majority win by driving Ishide out. Kaiho defeated Takamisakari to finish with 11 wins. Roho also earned his 11th win by beating Ama. Kokkai thrust Dejima down for his 9th win. Hakuho managed to earn his 8th win by driving Miyabiyama out. Kaio rammed into Tochiazuma who lost balance, but quickly regained control and instead forced Kaio out. Both finished with 10 wins 5 losses. Chiyotaikai was clearly trying his best to fight against Asashoryu but could not defeat the yokozuna. Chiyotaikai succumbed to his 9th loss. Asashoryu finished with 14 wins.

14th day
The makuuchi bouts were looked on by French President Jacques Chirac, known as an avid sumo fan. Tokitsuumi gave an underarm throw to defeat Kotonowaka and secure a majority win. Takamisakari had a good start and without a break to his motion, pushed Tamakasuga out. It's his 9th win. Tamanoshima put down Kakizoe for his 11th win. Wakanosato's foot went out the ring before he tried putting down Kokkai. Kokkai clinched a majority win. Koto-o-shu slapped Dejima as he stood up. Dejima however was not affected much by it and with his right drove the Bulgarian down. It's the former ozeki's 7th win. Roho thrust down Miyabiyama as soon as the bout took off, and won his 10th bout. It's Miyabiyama's 9th loss. Hakuho had a weak start. But he seemed determine to do his utmost in this bout. He tried to force a push on Kotomitsukil Kotomitsuki withheld. But in the end, the Mongolian threw Kotomitsuki to win his 7th bout. Tochiazuma quickly got a hold of Chiyotaikai's front part of the belt and shoved him out. Asashoryu came to fight, not wearing his golden belt. He was back in his black belt. Opposing him, was Kaio. They banged into eachother. Asashoryu clearly was not allowing Kaio get his belt with his powerful right hand. Then the yokozuna got Kaio to lose balance and thew him to win his 13th bout, and the Emperor's Cup. It's the 11th time for Asashoryu's grand tourney victory.

13th day
Ama managed to drive Tamakasuga down to clinch a majority win. So did Kotonowaka by defeating Toyozakura to an overarm throw. And Takamisakari did too, forcing Kisenosato out the ring. Tamanoshima won his 10th bout by putting Roho down on the ring. Tosanomi pulled back and put Iwakiyama to win his 8th bout. Hakuho threw Dejima with his left to win. Both are 6 - 7. Kotomitsuki force Miyabiyama out for his 9th win. Miyabiyama took a majority loss. Chiyotaikai pulled back to facilitate Kaio to fight for his 10th win. Asashoryu could clinch the Emperor's Cup this day, and it seemed highly likely according to critics, as he was in good shape, witha winning streak of 27 bouts. He faced Tochiazuma. But Tochiazuma fought well. He kept his feet withing the ring as he and Asashoryu fell. The judges had to review the bout and decided for a retake. The spectators were delighted. The the 2nd try, Tochiazuma actively fought forward against the yokozuna. This time, the ozeki had a decisive win. It's Asashoryu's first loss.

12th day
Takamisakari drove Ama out for his 7th win. Tamanoshima put Kisenosato down to win his 9th bout. Wakanosato and Kotomitsuki fought a competitive bout. In the end, Wakanosato shoved and made Kotomitsuki turn his rear toward him and Wakanosato forced his opponent down. It last 1.59 minute. Kokkai had a slow motion start, while Koto-o-shu was even slower. Kokkai got hold of the Bulgarian's belt and gave a twisted throw to win. Roho took off with thrusts against Kaio. Kaio then got hold of the Russian's left arm, and swung him. Kaio earned his 9th win. Chiyotaikai started the bout with thrusts but lost balance to Hakuho's shove and fell. It's the ozeki's 6th loss. Tochiazuma managed to put Dejima down for his 7th win. Miyabiyama atttacked Asashoryu's throat. But the yokozuna got hold of the former ozeki's belt with his right and threw him. Asashoryu still has a perfect record.

11th day
Kotonowaka fought back at Kisenosato with rhythmical thrusts and won his 7th bout. Tamanoshima put Ama down to secure a majority win. Roho put down Kaiho and won his 9th bout. Kyokushuzan moved quickly, shoved Tosanoumi's head down to win. Kotomitsuki forced his university colleague Takamisakari powerfully out the ring. Dejima fell in the end to Kyokutenho's thrust. Kakizoe attacked Koto-o-shu, and the Bulgarian weakly fell on his knees. It's the first time since his debut that Koto-o-shu succumbed to a majority loss. Miyabiyama shifted to the side and Chiyotaikai fell. It's Chiyo's 5th loss. Tochiazuma managed to take Tochinonada out the ring. Kokkai as usual came forward and attacked. Kaio tried to bear the thrusts, but he lost to Kokkai's unexpected pull. Asashoryu went straight ahead to drive Hakuho out the ring.

10th day
18-year old Kisenosato shoved Ootsukasa out the ring for his 7th win. Dejima took Kotonowaka out for his 6th win. Tosanoumi powerfully drove Takamisakari out the ring. It's also his 6th win. Kotomitsuki stood up fast and went forward, perhaps too fast and low that Roho took the opportunity to thrust him down. Hakuho gave Tochiazuma thrusts and shoves, and Tochiazuma lost control, finding himself standing on the edge of the ring facing the outside. Hakuho pushed the ozeki out for his 4th win. Kaio had a weak start against Miyabiyama. He tried to change his position. Then the two were in a wrestling position. They pushed and shoved. But Kaio did not fight strongly and was pushed out. It's Kaio's 2nd loss. Kokkai banged into Chiyotaikai really hard. But Chiyo was able to keep himself in control and forced Kokkai down the ring. Asashoryu immediately had a grip of Tochinonada's belt with his right. He tried to push, but then he shoved another direction and succeeded to put him down.

9th day
Takamisakari got hold of Toyonoshima's arm and threw him. It's Takamisakari's 6th win. Kotonowaka shifted to the side, and put Jumonji down. It's the veteran rikishi's 6th win. Roho threw Buyuzan and won his 7th bout. Kotomitsuki charged right into Tamanoshima and drove him out. Both are 7-2. Iwakiyama tried to force a throw, but he couldn't and fell. Koto-o-shu won. Tosanoumi was able to push down Hakuho. It's the new sekiwake's 6th loss. Kaio immediately got hold of Tochinonada's belt and powerfully threw him. Kaio clinched a majority win and secured his ozeki rank as well. Chiyotaikai gave Dejima thrusts. Dejima pulled back, and with that move, Chiyo lost balance and went dashing out the ring. Both are 5-4. Miyabiyama gave Tochiazuma powerful thrusts and won. It's the former ozeki's 3rd win. Kokkai rammed into Asashoryu, but lost balance and fell forward. Asashoryu improved his perfect record. He's followed by Kaio for the Emperor's Cup.

8th day
Kisenosato managed to drive Ama out of the ring to end a 3.07 minute long bout. Both are 5-3. Kyokushuzan drove Asasekiryu out of the ring. Takamisakari succumbed to Roho's pressure. It's Roho's 6th win. Tamanoshima lost his first bout to Tochinonada's underarm throw. Dejima shoved Tosanoumi and won his 4th bout. Koto-o-shu tried to throw Kyokutenho. That grip slipped, but while he was falling, he pushed the Mongolian and won. Both are 2-6. Wakanosato, after struggling somewhat, threw Miyabiyam with his right to win. Kotomitsuki shifted to the side, and Chiyotaikai was driven out the ring. Tochiazuma kept his head low to fight Kokkai and pushed the Georgian out. Immediately after Kaio clashed against Hakuho, he got the Mongolian's arm, pulled him, and drove him out. It's Kaio's 7th win. Iwakiyama at one point pushed Asashoryu. But the yokozuna managed to take control and drive him out. Asashoryu clinched his 8th win, and the only won to do so at this point.

7th day
Roho thrust down Kasuga-o. Kyokushuzan attacked Kotonowaka's throat, but Kotonowaka was not affected. Instead the Mongolian lost to his shove. Tochinonada gave a powerful throw and defeated Hokutoriki. Tamanoshima fought a bout against Furen-o which lasted over 2 minutes, which he in the end won. Kokkai clashed into Takamisakari but he lost balance and fell. Both are 5 to 2. Wakanosato and Hakuho had eachother's belt with one hand and kept still until Wakanosato took action. With his left, he put the Mongolian down. Both are 3-4. Miyabiyama rammed into Kyokutenho. Kyokutenho's foot left the ring. It's the former ozeki's 2nd win. Tochiazuma struggled against Iwakiyama, but in the end gave an overarm throw and won. Kaio was able to handle Tosanoumi's strong start, and pushed him out. It's Kaio's 6th win. As Koto-o-shu started to pull back, Chiyotaikai was able to push hi out. Dejima got hold of Asashoryu's belt. He's the first to get a grip of the new golden belt. Asashoryu, however, wrapped his leg around the former ozeki, and then forced him down on the dirt. Dejima could not get up for a while, and when he was up, his left shoulder scrapped and red.

6th day
Tamanoshima drove Korean Kasuga-o out for his 6th win. Dejima pushed towards Shimotori. Also he slightly lost balance was able to win. Jumonji fell on his hands as a result of Kokkai's pressure on him. It's Kokkai's 5th win. Iwakiyama got his hand on the back of Miyabiyama's head and thrust him down. Hakuho made a throw from the side and defeated Kyokutenho. Koto-o-shu dashed forward, but was taken out by Kaio. Chiyotaikai gave Wakanosato thrusts and managed to win. Tochiazuma and Kakizoe had a competitive bout, which the ozeki in the end, won. Asashoryu stopped Tosanoumi from overpowering him in the head off, and pushed him out.

5th day
Ama is doing good. He fought a 2.46 minute bout which he eventually finished with by giving Toyonoshima a throw for his 4th win. Kisenosato pushed out Kaiho to win his 4th bout too. Takamisakari was overwhelmed by Buyuzan. Roho drove out Shimotori for his 4th win. Kotomitsuki pulled back and lost to Kokkai. Dejima pushed but Wakanosato shifted and put him down to win. Hakuho managed to win his 2nd bout against Iwakiyama. Koto-o-shu immediately moved to the side, which put Miyabiyama off and down. It's the Bulgarian's first win. Tochinonada threw Chiyotaikai with his left to win. Tochizauma succumbed to Tosanuomi's powerful shoves. It's the ozeki's 3rd loss. Kaio got hold of Kyokutenho's belt with his right and threw him to secure his 4th win. Asashoryu sent Kakizoe out the ring, but falling with him.

4th day
Takamisakari and Kyokushuzan gave a sharp stare at eachother a couple of times before they took off to fight. This has aroused excitement among the fans. The Mongolian was just an inch away from pushing out Takamisakari. But Takamisakari withstood and then got hold of Kyokusuzan with both his arms and drove him out. Roho slightly shifted to the side, and pushed Dejima's throat, and defeated the former ozeki. Kokkai charged forward, but he was not strong enough. The Georgian was put down by Tochinonada. Tosanoumi, this time, did not have such a strong start and was put down by Kakizoe. It's Tosa's first loss. Miyabiyama at last won, but pulling Hokutoriki and letting him fall. Hakuho also won his first bout with a slow, but powerful underarm throw against Koto-o-shu. Tochiazuma quickly drove Wakanosato out the ring. Kotomitsuki had a great start, which pulled Kaio back. Kaio powerlessly lost. It's the ozeki's first loss. Chiyotaikai gave his trademark thrusts and defeated Iwakiyama. Asashoryu attacked Kyokutenho's throat and then put his Mongolian opponent down. The yokozuna improved his perfect record.

3rd day
Mongolian Ama pulled Kotonowaka's right arm, and then pushed him out the ring. Takamisakari rushed to the ring to fight. And he pushed quickly forward against Kasugao to win. The audience cheered in delight. Wakanosato slightly pulled back, but then forced his way forward to drive Jumonji out. It's his first win. Dejima charged forward and drove Iwakiyama out. Hakuho was not giving a powerful fight, and he was forced down the ring by Tochinonada. The Mongolian sekiwake has yet to win a bout. Miyabiyama came on the ring wearing his old black belt. He said he changed from his bright belt as he felt bad for losing all bouts to those who sponsored his new belt. Still, he lost. This time to Georgian Kokkai. Kaio tried to shove Kakizoe by attacking his back, but quickly shifted to shoving his front, and won. Tosanoumi rammed into Chiyotaikai. That pressure forced Chiyotaikai out of the ring. Tochiazuma kept his head low. At one point he pulled back, but immediately started to shove again, and beat Koto-o-shu. It's Tochiazuma's first win. Asashoryu attacked Kotomitsuki's throat and drove him out.

2nd day
Up and coming wrestler Kisenosato pushed down Toyozakura for his first win. Kotonowaka immediately thrust down Buyuzan too. Takamisakari pulled back. Then Tamanoshima pulled back and that made Takamisakari lose his balance and was driven out. Kyokushuzan had a quick win against Jumonji. Kotomitsuki did not allow Dejima to charge into him. The two, went for eachother's belt, and stood still for a while. In the 1.47 minute bout, Kotomitsuki was the one to win. Tosanoumi fought well again. This tie, he got his right arm against Koto-o-shu's back and forced the Bulgarian down the ring. Miyabiyama fell forward and lost to Tochinonada. Kokkai pushed forward and thrust out Hakuho. Chiyotaikai pulled back and Kakizoe fell. Tochiazuma was clearly trying to shove Kyokutenho out. But the Mongolian instead gave the ozeki an overarm throw to win. Kaio was struggling to get a hold of Iwakiyama's belt with his right hand. But then he used his weaker left hand which already had a grip to topple him instead. Asashoryu quickly put Wakanosato down.

1st day
Takamisakari shoved the big Kotonowaka out the ring. He seemed very thrilled with the win when he was leaving the hall of the arena. Russian, Roho fell outside the ring in his bout against Jumonji. Kyokushuzan attacked Hokutoriki. Hokutoriki immediately fell. Dejima pushed forward and defeated Tochinonada. Kokkai gave Iwakiyama thrusts and drove him out. Hakuho slapped Kakizoe but was unable to move forward after that and was instead pushed out. Tosanoumi dashed forward and as Miyabiyama turned his back toward him, drove him out. Miyabiyama who's ranked sekiwake lost wearing a bright red belt. Tochiazuma is back fighting as ozeki. He kept his head too low that he was thrust down by Kotomitsuki who slipped to the side. Mr Popular, Kaio has to earn a majority win this tourney to keep his ozeki title. It's been reported that he was not in shape, but he threw Wakanosato powerfully and won. Chiyotaikai gave Kyokutenho thrusts then pulled back. The Mongolian dropped on the dirt. Asashoryu wore a new golden colored belt. Koto-o-shu, promoted to komusubi for the first time, could not keep up with the yokozuna's speed and touched the ground.

Pre Tourney highlights
Hakuho is sekiwake
20 year-old Mongolian is the fastest after Takanohana to be promoted to sekiwake.