(March 12 to 26 Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium )

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Hakuho, Ama
Fighting Spirit Award: Kyokushuzan

Hakuho is OZEKI
Messengers from the Japan Sumo Association conveyed to Hakuho on Mar 29 that Hakuho has been elected to the ranking of ozeki. Hakuho accepted the prestigious promotion. He's become the 6th non-Japanese to win ozeki ranking. And he's the 4th youngest ever.

Final day
Takamisakari was driven to the edge of the ring by Buyuzan but managed to take Buyuzan out in the end. Takamisakari finished with 7 win, just one short of a majority win. Wakanosato got hold of the back of Kyokushuzan's belt and forced the Mongolian out. Kisenosata managed to drive out Tochinonada for his 10th win. Dejima forced Iwakiyama out for his 6th win. Kasuga-o hooked his leg around Kokkai's and forced the Georgian to fall. Both tumbled down together. Kokkai couldn't walk after the bout. Kasuga-o finished with 7 wins. Miyabiyama gave shoves and thrusts to defeat Tokitenku. Miyabiyama finished the tourney with 10 wins. Ama got hold of Kotomitsuki's belt and drove him out. The final bout for Kaio would determine his fate as ozeki. He clashed into Hakuho, got hold of the Mongolian's belt with his strong right hand and forced him out. Kaio clinched a majority win and secured his post. It's Hakuho's 2nd loss. Chiyotaikai's thrust easily drove Koto-o-shu out. Both finished 9-6 Tochiazuma charged toward Asashoryu. The ozeki got hold of the yokozuna and shoved to win. With the 2nd loss, Asashoryu went into a playoff against Hakuho. Hakuho was the first to get a grip of Asashoryu's belt. The yokozuna then managed to reach out to Hakuho's belt. Asashoryu in the end threw Hakuho to win. It's his 16th tourney victory. Asashoryu raised his hand high as he walked down the aisle.

14th day
Takamisakari tried to fight Asasekiryu aggressively but succumbed to the Mongolian's overarm throw. He recorded a majority loss. Kyokushuzan and Kisenosato had to retake their bout, and in the 2nd bout, Kisenosato dashed forward without much control of himself, his left foot left. When the referee gave the bout to Kyokshuzan, he looked dumbfolded. Kitazakura and Tokitenku fought a 4 minute long bout which Tokitenku won. Toyonoshima defeated Dejima by driving him out. Kokkai shifted his position as he faced off and Iwakiyama went down. Miyabiyama gave powerful thrusts and then pulled back to put Aminishiki down. Hakuho quickly drove Wakanosato out. Kotomitsuki banged into Kaio on the back of big cheers from the audience. Kaio got hold of his opponents belt with his powerful right hand, and with that grip, drove him out to win. Kaio's now 7-7. Tochiazuma withstood Chiyotaikai's thrust and that pressure seems to have caused Chiyo to tumbled on the ring. Asashoryu easily pushed Koto-o-shu out the ring. It appeared, the Bulgarian's knees are in such poor state he cannot stand firm.

13th day
Before a sellout crowd, Wakanosato lost his 3rd bout to Tamakasuga while Tamakasuga clinched a majority win. Kyokushuzan grabbed Tokitenku's wrist and didn't move for a while, but then drove the younger Mongolian out. It's Kyokushuzan's 10th win. Kokkai managed to drive Hokutoriki out for his 4th win. Ama kept his head low against Tamakasuga and stayed that way for a long time. It was not an easy position to sustain, but he managed to take his opponent out in a bout which exceeded 2 minutes. Hakuho shoved and shoved Kotomitsuki but he was heavy. After struggling for awhile, Hakuho finally gave Kotomitsuki a throw and won in front of his father, a former Olympian. Dejima pushed Kaio to the verge of the ring. Then Kaio shifted a bit and put Dejima down to win. The crowd broke into a big cheer. Tochiazuma forced Koto-o-shu to lose balance and pushed the Bulgarian out. Asashoryu got Chiyotaikai's belt after his regular thrusts and the with his left, shoved the ozeki's head to win.

12th day
Wakanosato put Takekaze down for his 10th win. Takamisakari was forced down by Tokiteku. Dejima charged forward too carelessly, succumbing to Ama's thrust. Both are 5-7. Miyabiyama thrust Tamanoshima down and secured a majority win. Kotomitsuki drove Chiyotaikai out. Tochiazuma pushed Hakuho out of the ring. It's the Mongolian's first loss. Asashoryu fell while forcing Kaio out. Hakuho and Asashoryu are tied for the Emperor's Cup.

11th day
Wakanosato drove Yoshikaze out for his 9th win. Asashoryu managed to secure a majority win in a bout he was taken to the edge of the ring. He drove Asasekiryu out. Kisenosato shoved Takamisakari down to clinch a majority win too. Kokkai lost balance and touched the dirt in the bout against Tamanoshima and took his 8th loss. Miyabiyama aggressively attacked Roho and won his 7th bout. Koto-o-shu got a firm hold of Hokutoriki and drove his opponent out. Kaio surprised fans by powerfully driving Tochiazuma out of the ring. With his 3rd loss, Tochiazuma's dream to win yokozuna ranking collapsed. Chiyotaikai saved himself from falling from ozeki ranking by securing a majority win in a bout against Dejima. The 2 Mongolian leaders faced eachother. Asashoryu and Hakuho tried to get a good hold of eachother's belt. Hakuho pulled the yokozuna towards him and put him down. With this win, Hakuho's chance for promotion is assured. Hakuho became the sole leader, with Asashoryu the runner up and Wakanosato placing 3rd.

10th day
Takamisakari tried to force Kitazakura out, but instead fell on his knee to lose his 4th bout. Takekaze attacked Kyokushuzan's throat and forced out the Mongolian for his majority win. Wakanosato had to redo his bout against Kyokutenho and won with a decisive blow. Wakanosato clinched a majority win. Roho was put down by Tamonoshima succumbing to a majority loss. Miyabiyama slightly shifted himself and forced Kokkai to fall down. Hakuho had a good grip of Aminishiki's rear belt and drove his opponent out. Tochiazuma pulled back and put Dejima down on the ring. It's a majority win for Tochiazuma. Chiyotaikai drove Ama out the ring. Kaio slapped Koto-o-shu toward him and the Bulgarian seemed to have lost balance slightly. But Kaio wasn't able to take advantage and lost to an overarm throw. It's Kaio's 6th loss. Kotomitsuki turned his back toward Asashoryu, and the yokozuna threw him in the end. The same two lead the pack.

9th day
Takekaze pushed and then pulled away Kisenosato who lost his 3rd bout. Wakanosato chase Tokitenku who was pulling back. Then Tokitenku shifted to the side and managed to put Wakanosato down for his 2nd loss. Kotoshogiku moved to the side, which was not effective in the bout against Dejima who drove him out. Kokkai at last showed a powerful shove to defeat Tokitsuumi. Aminishiki pushed out Roho who succumbed to his 7th loss. Kotomitsuki drove Futen-o out to win. Two ozeki on the verge of falling from their ranks faced eachother. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts, and Kaio stopped him, but was unable to do anything further and lot. It's Kaio's 5th loss. The 2 giants faced eachother and went for eachother's belt, but Hakuho with his left, put down Koto-o-shu first. Tochiazuma pushed Ama out. Asashoryu easily took Kyokutenho out. The yokozuna and Hakuho remain to be the leaders.

8th day
Kyokushuzan redid his bout against Yoshikaze and he won with a push down. Wakanosato pushed Kitazakura and threw him for his 7th win. Toyozakura was more aggressive, but Takamisakari got behind him and shoved him. Kisenosato drove Toyonoshima out the ring. Dejima fell on his knee in a bout against Aminishiki to lose his 4th bout. Miyabiyama pushed down Ama and both fell from the ring with blood all over. Chiyotaikai's thrusts did not work on Hakuho. Hakuho thrust down Chiyo's head and won. Koto-o-shu slapped Iwakiyama's face to start off the bout, then with his left threw his opponent. Kaio banged into Tamanoshima and his arms were caught, but Kaio made his release them, then pushed Tamanoshima out. Asashoryu got Kokkai's belt and pushed the Georgian out.

7th day
Kyokushuzan pushed out Toyozakura out for his 5th win. Takamisakari tried to raise his motivation higher than ever before the bout took off, but he lost to Wakanosato. Kisenosato shoved Jumonji out of the ring for his 5th win. Kotomitsuki grabbed Hokutoriki and drove him out to earn his 6th win. Hakuho managed to take Kokkai out to keep his record clean. Koto-o-shu immediately changed position and as that didn7t work, he got a hold of Dejima's belt and threw him to win. Miyabiyama gave Tochiazuma thrusts and then put the ozeki down. It's Tochiazuma's 2nd loss. Kaio nodded as he prepared to fight, and his eyes were watery. It's amid reports that he is likely to retire this tourney. But he proved otherwise. He gave Hokutoriki a powerful throw and won his 3rd bout. Tamanoshima slightly pulled away to topple Chiyotaikai. Asashoryu threw Roho to win. Hokutoriki and Asashoryu lead with a perfect record.

6th day
Takamisakari forced Takekaze out for his 4th win. Dejima also won his 4th win by defeating Kasuga-o. Ama attacked Hakuho who he faced for the first time, but in the end Hakuho threw Ama. Iwakiyama gave thrusts but Tochiazuma shifted slightly to the side and put his opponent down. It's the ozeki's 4th win. Fans are greatly worried about Kaio. He's not in good shape. And in the bout against Kokkai, he was not clashing powerfully into the Georgian. Kaio lost balance and was put down. It's already his 4th loss. Miyabiyama pulled back and forced Chiyotaikai to fall,. It's Chiyo's first loss. Koto-o-shu managed to drive Roho out the ring. Asashoryu defeated Hokutoriki.

5th day
Takamisakari shoved Tamakasuga to make him show his back towards him. Takamisakari then drove Tamakasuga out. Wakanosato lost his first bout to O-tsukasa. Dejima took Kisenosato's arm between his own and threw the youngster. Both are 3-2. Kotomitsuki grabbed the front belt and Miyabiyama's back to put the former ozeki down. Hakuho managed to defeat Iwakiyama for his 5th win. Kaio's start was weak, and Roho kept on pushing and pushing and won. It's the Russian's first win, while Kaio's 3rd loss. Chiyotaikai put Aminishiki down for his 5th win. Ama got Koto-o-shu's leg and forced the ozeki to fall. The Bulgarian succumbed to his 2nd loss. Tochiazuma pushed Kokkai out. Asashoryu hooked his leg around Tamanoshima's and forced him to trip.

4th day
Wakanosato shoved Hakurozan out. Toyonoshima grabbed Takamisakari and drove him out. It's his 2nd loss. Kisenosato pushed down Kotoshogiku for his 3rd win. Dejima charged forward and drove Tokitsuumi out. Hakuho easily forced Miyabiyama out. Roho seemed to be in control of the bout against Kotomitsuki, but his foot left the ring. It was a careless loss. Chiyotaikai thrusted Hokutoriki out. Koto-o-shu threw Kokkai with his right and tumbled down the ring. It's the Bulgarian's 3rd win. Tochiazuma quickly pushed Tamanoshima out. Kaio did not have a powerful start and did not aggressive. The ozeki lost to Aminishiki. Asashoryu got Iwakiyama's belt and pushed him out.

3rd day
Wakanosato got a hold of Kasuganishiki's lower part of the belt and threw him. Kotoshogiku seemed to have charged forward too hastily, and was put down by Takamisakari. Tamanoshima drove Dejima out. It's the former ozeki's 2nd loss. Kotomitsuki put Kokkai down on the ring. Hakuho gave a twisted throw and Roho touched the dirt. Koto-o-shu grabbed Futen-o's belt and won with a push down. Tochiazuma quickly drove Hokutoriki out of the ring. Kaio made Miyabiyama lose balance and won. Chiyotaikai gave slow thrusts, and then pulled back to put Iwakiyama down. Aminishiki pulled back and lost to Asashoryu.

2nd day
Takamisakari and Tochinonada grabbed eachother's belt and both tried to drive the other out. Tochinonada was successful. Wakanosato gave a powerful throw to beat Tochinohana who he's competed against for the first time in 32 tourneys. Kokkai pushed Dejima out for his first win. Kokkai lost his father and it was only 3 days before the tourney started that he was back in Japan from the funeral. Hakuho drove Futen-o out. Kotomitsuki lost to Iwakiyama. Tochiazuma struggled against Aminishiki and in the end fell. Kaio attacked Hokutoriki's throat and won. Roho gave Chiyotaikai thrusts but was unable to keep up with the ozeki's shift of position. Koto-o-shu was not fighting aggressively, probably due to his injury. He pulled back and lost to Miyabiyama. Asashoryu drove Ama out the ring.

1st day
Kyukushuzan could not celebrate his wondrous record of 54 consecutive tourneys as a makuuchi ranker who hasn't reached the top 3 level. Although it was a close bout, he lost to Tochinonada. Takamisakari shoved Hakurozan and won with an overarm throw. Wakanosato drove Toyonoshima out. Kisenosato forced Tokitenku down on his belly. Dejima pushed Kyokutenho out. Hakuho who is trying out for ozeki ranking shoved Hokutoriki out easily. Kaio pushed Ama but at the verge of the ring, his body shifted out of balance, and he lost. Kaio needs a majority win this tourney to retain his ozeki post. Chiyotaikai too needs a majority win. The ozeki started out with thrusts against Kokkai and then pulled away to shove down the Georgian's head. Koto-o-shu had a heavily bandaged right leg. He's ripped his muscle during practice but decided to take part in the tourney. The Bulgarian pushed, pulled back, almost lost balance but managed to stay put and in the end, shoved Tamanoshima out. Tochiazuma pushed out Roho. Asashoryu got hold of Miyabiyama's belt and put him on the dirt.

Pre Tourney highlights
Tochiazuma is committed to seek high
Tochiazuma has been training well to prepare for the tourney. It's his 3rd time to eye his promotion to yokozuna, following his New Year tourney victory.