(Mar 15 to 29 Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Kakuryu
Fighting Spirit Award: Homasho

Final day
Asasekiryu had his arm over Yamamotoyama. The Mongolian drove the 248 kilo man out. Dejima pulled away, and Chiyohakuho thrust him down for his 10th win. Kaizo attacked Takamisakari's leg and drove the Robocop down. Both finished the tourney with a majority loss. Baruto and Kotomitsuki fought for over a minute. The Estonian threw the ozeki to secure a majority win. Harumafuji got behind Kaio and drove the veteran ozeki out for his 10th win. Koto-o-shu drove out Chiyotaikai. Chiyotaikai broke the record for the most number of losses incurred by an ozeki by losing 13 bouts. Mongolian yokozunas clashed against eachother. Hakuho shoved and shoved. Asashoryu withstood for just a short while and appeared he gave up, leaving the ring. Hakuho finished the tourney with a perfect record.

14th day
Yamamotoyama and Kokkai had to redo their bout. The heavier one managed to win his 8th bout with a thrust down. Shimotori drove out Takamisakari. The Robocop succumbed to a majority loss. Miyabiyama gave thrusts but was immediately forced down by Yoshikaze. Dejima charged into Tokitenku and won with a push out. Takekaze threw Kotomitsuki for his 8th win. Harumafuji drove out Chiyotaikai. It's Chiyo's 12th loss. Koto-o-shu forced out the powerless Asashoryu for his 9th win. Due to Asashoryu's loss, Hakuho won the Emperor Cup. Hakuho celebrated the Osaka tourney victory by driving out Kaio. It's his 10th Emperor Cup victory.

13th day
Hokutoriki won his first bout this tourney by forcing down Tokitenku. Young up and coming wrestlers faced eachother. Goeido managed to escape from Tochiozan's shoves and clinched a majority win. Chiyotaikai gave thrusts. But he didn't fight strong enough. Kotomitsuki pushed him out. Kotomitsuki secured his majority win to save himself from losing his ozeki rank. Harumafuji slapped Miyabiyama then tried to shove, but Miyabiyama pushed back. Harumafuji averted the danger of being taken out and instead shoved forward to win his 8th bout. Hakuho threw Koto-o-shu with his left to improve his record. Asashoryu managed to shove Kaio out, to still keep his hope to win the Emperor's Cup.

12th day
Takamisakari and Aminishiki had to redo their bout. In the end, Takamisakari forced Aminishiki down. But the Robocop did not look happy, seeing that Aminishiki's further hurt his knee. Koto-o-shu easily drove out Kaio to secure a majority win. Miyabiyama shoved Chiyotaikai's head to force down the ozeki. The judges made note of Miyabiyama pulling Chiyo's topnot, but decided it was not deliberate. Kotomitsuki drove out Asashoryu. The yokozuna succumbed to his 2nd loss. Hakuho forced Harumafuji out.

11th day
Homasho pushed out Yamamotoyama for to secure a majority win. On the verge of the ring, Miyabiyama went around and drove down Takamisakari. Kotomitsuki turned loosing his baland. Harumafuji did not loose that chance to push out his opponent fo his 7th win. Kaio immediately pulled Tochiozan's arm and down went the young one on his belly. Kaio secured a majority win. Koto-o-shu pulled back. Goeido went forward and toppled the Bulgarian. Kisenosato moved in an awkward manner as he faced off. But Hakuho was not affected. He charged forward and forced him out. Asashoryu threw Chiyotaikai on the ring for his 10th win.

10th day
Dejima charged into Yoshikaze and won with a push out while he himself fell. It's the former ozeki's 4th win. Miyabiyama banged in Tokitenku. The Mongolian tried to force the former ozeki to loose balance. But in the end it was Tokitenku who lost control and while bouncing around, his foot went out of the ring. Kisenosato drove Kaio out of the ring. It's the 5th win for the 22 year old. Koto-o-shu with his left forced Takekaze down. Kotomitsuki pulled Goeido toward him, but while doing that fell. It's Kotomitsuki's 4th loss. Harumafuji shifted slightly, and Asashoryu lost balance. The ozeki got hold of the yokozuna's belt and shoved him and drove him out. Hakuho drove out Chiyotaikai. Chiyo succumbed to a majority loss. Hakuho is now the only one with a perfect record.

9th day
Dejima fell forward in the bout against Aminishiki. It's the former ozeki's 6th loss. Tokitenku attacked Takamisakari pressuring him until the end of the ring. But then the Robocop pushed back and drove the Mongolian down. Miyabiyama attacked Tochiozan's throat. It was not effective though. Tochiozan pushed out the former ozeki who succumbed to a majority loss. Kaio drove out Chiyotaikai. Harumafuji went low against Koto-o-shu. He was too low, the Bulgarian forced the Mongolian ozeki down. Hakuho tried to trip Kotomitsuki with his leg. It didn't work. But in the end, the yokozuna drove out the ozeki. Baruto got his arm over Asashoryu. They got his right hand on the yokozuna's belt. The yokozuna resisted, and grabbed the Estonian's belt. The yokozuna took more than a minute to defeat him.

8th day
Chiyotaikai clashed against Kisenosato, pulled back and then shoved forward, at last defeating his opponent like an ozeki. It's Chiyo's 2nd win. Koto-o-shu attacked Tokitenku. But the Mongolian shifted slightly, and that prompted the Bulgarian to lose balance and go out the ring. Harumafuji fought with his posture low against Kakuryu. But the Mongolian ozeki was clearly not in control. Kakuryu went around the ozeki and forced him down. Two ozeki fought against eachother. Kaio tried to grab Kotomitsuki's belt with his right. But Kotomitsuki did not let him and shoved forward to win. Both are with 6 wins 2 losses. Miyabiyama dropped forwards in the bout against Asashoryu. Hakuho took his time to shove Baruto out of the ring. The 2 yokozuna clinched a majority win.

7th day
Yoshikaze forced Takamisakari down. Both recorded 3-4. Koto-o-shu got hold of Baruto's belt and drove the Estornian out for his 5th win. Kotomitsuki gave thrusts and pushed out Hokutoriki for his 5th win. Goeido shifted to the side to make Harumafuji lose balance. But the ozeki withstood and fought back. Harumafuji drove Goeido out. Kaio tried to get hold of Kyokutenho's belt with his right. He couldn't. But instead shoved his body into the Mongolian's and managed to win. Kotoshogiku went to the side and drove Chiyotaikai down. It's the ozeki's 6th loss. His side is heavily bandaged. Miyabiyama and Hakuho furiously thrusted eachother. Hakuho then forced the former ozeki out and down the ring. Asashoryu quickly got hold of Kisenosato's belt and forced the 22 year old on the ring.

6th day
Takamisakari tried to force Toyonoshima out with a hold of just one piece of belt. But insteady Toyonishima threw him down. Yamamotoyama pulled away, then shoved forward to defeat Kimurayama. Takekaze drove Miyabiyama down on the ring. Kotomitsuki quickly stood up and forced Tokitenku out for his 4th win. Tochiozan dashed forward and drove Harumafuji out the ring. Kaio got hold of Hokutoriki's belt with his strong right and walked his opponent out for his 5th win. Baruto stopped Chiyotaikai from giving thrusts and drove the ozeki out. It's Chiyo's 5th loss. Koto-o-shu grabbed Kakuryu's belt and shoved the Mongolian out. Asashoryu gave Kotoshogiku a blow on his side. Down went Kotoshogiku. Hakuho forced out Kyokutenho.

5th day
In a competitive bout, Tosanoumi pushed Yamamotoyama down the ring. It's the first loss from the giant. Dejima drove out Wakanosato for his 1st win. Takekaze charged into Takamisakari and drove him out. Both are 3-2. Harumafuji tried to throw Baruto twice but failed. Then finally, this third throw forced the Estonian down. Miyabiyama shifted to the side to which Kaio was about to lose balance but kept himself within the ring. The Kaio fled and fled, then grabbed Miyabiyama's belt, and drove the former ozeki down. Kaio tumbled down the ring too. Chiyotaikai charged forwards with his head down and he went down the ring not seeing Kakuryu shifting to the side. Koto-o-shu managed to throw Hokutoriki for his 3rd win. Kotomitsuki defeated Kyokutenho. Hakuho drove out Tochiozan. Asashoryu quickly forced down Goeido. The 2 yokozuna keep their records clean.

4th day
Yamamotoyama continued to win by defeating Toyozakura. Takamisakari shoved Tamanoshima out the ring for his 3rd win. Kisenosato attacked Miyabiyama's throat and won with a push out. Kaio forced Baruto down on the ring for his 3rd win. Chiyotaikai did not thrust hard enough. Goeido got hold of the ozeki and shoved him out. Kyokutenho forced Koto-o-shu down. Kotomitsuke twisted Kakuryu and drove the Mongolian down. Harumafuji fled, but managed to win as Hokutoriki fell. Asashoryu drove Tochiozan down. Hakuho held Kotoshogiku's belt with his left and forced him down.

3rd day
Yamamotoyama banged into Kakizoe and drove him out for his 3rd win. Takamisakari took Dejima by his arm. Dejima turned his back towards the Robocop. The former ozeki was driven out. Baruto pushed Goeido. Right when it appeared Goeido would leave the ring, he kept himself in, and forced Baruto out. It was an amazing 1st win. Chiyotaikai charged into Tochiozan, but Tochiozan shoved forward and beat the ozeki. Koto-o-shu gave thrusts not looking too confident, but managed to drive Miyabiyama down on the dirt. Kisenosato thrust down Kotomitsuki for his 1st win. Harumafuji got hold of Kyokutenho's belt and gave an underarm throw to win. Kaio couldn't get hold of Kotoshogiku's belt but shoved the big guy forward to win. Kakuryu at one point was pushing Hakuho. But Hakuho quickly attacked back and forced the younger Mongolian down. Asashoryu forced Hokutoriki easily down.

2nd day
Takamisakari lost to Kokkai's push out. Tochiozan drove out Koto-o-shu. Miyabiyama gave thrust than pulled back forcing Kotomitsuki to fall. Kisenosato shoved Harumafuji's head down, but the Mongolian escaped and then turned himself around prompting Kisenosato to fall off the ring. Kaio pulled Goeido's left arm and threw him for his first win. Kyokutenho grabbed Chiyotaikai's belt with both hands and drove the ozeki out. Asashoryu easily pushed out Kakuryu. Hakuho with his hand on Hokutoriki's belt shoved him out. Already there are no longer any ozeki with a perfect record.

1st day
Gigantic Yamamotoyama pushed out Mongolian Tamawashiro. Takamisakari drove out Tochinonada. Tokitenku continuously slapped Takekaze. But Takekaze kept on moving forward. He seemed to have hurt his eye during the bout but managed to drive the Mongolian down. Baruto easily pushed out Miyabiyama. Kotomitsuki got hold of Tochiozan's belt with his right and shoved him out. Kotoshogiku got hold of Harumafuji's belt with both his hands and forced the Mongolian out the ring. Kakuryu pushed Kaio out. Kaio looked concerned about his left leg after the loss. Chiyotaikai quickly pushed out Hokutoriki. Koto-o-shu shoved new sekiwake,Kisenosato out the ring. Hakuho grabbed the front part of Goeido's belt and shoved him out. Asashoryu forced Kyokutenho out. Kyokutenho fell into the audience.

Pre Tourney highlights
Asashoryu as a popular model
On Mar 6, Asashoryu posed for a temple as a Buddhist idol in Kyoto. His modeling job didn't stop there. 2 days later he was on stage of a popular fashion show in Tokyo, dressed in a school uniform like he does in a beverage TV commercial. He skipped practice in Osaka that day, and was criticized for it.