(March 10 to 24 Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: none
Fighting Spirit Award: Okinoumi

Final day
Okinoumi managed to beat Myogiryu to finish the tourney with 11 wins. Tochiozan pushed down Toyonoshima to earn his 10th win. Baruto threw Kotoshogiku for his 9th win. Goeido thrust down Shohozan for his 10th win. Baruto threw Kotoshogiku for his 9th win. Kisenosato pushed out Kakuryu. Its the Japanese ozeki's 10th victory. The 2 yokozuna faced eachother. It was a powerful bout which in the end Hakuho won by throwing Harumafuji. Its Hakuho's 9th perfect record. During his victory speech, Hakuho asked the crowd to give a moment of prayer to the late Taiho, the great yokozuna who he respects a lot. On the final day, Miyabiyama announced he was retiring. The former ozeki in tears said his body was no longer keeping up. He had only 3 wins in the Juryo division, meaning he would have been demoted from the ranks of sekitori for the next tourney if he remained.

14th day
Tochiozan drove Kitatakiki down. Both are 9-5. The man who was hoped to be the star of this tourney,Okinoumi was beaten by Goeido. Aminishiki drove out Baruto for his 6th win. Kotoshogiku got hold of Shohozan and drove him out to secure a majority win at last. Harumafuji gave Kisenosato thrusts. But the yokozuna was driven out by the ozeki. Both are 9-5. Hakuho at one point lost his grip but managed to get hold of Kakuryu to drive him out. Hakuho earned his 14th win.

13th day
Tochiozan drove Okinoumi out the ring. With this win, Tochiozan secured a majority win. Okinoumi succumbed to his 3rd loss. Toyonoshima tried to pick up the huge Baruto but instead was crushed. Baruto secured a majority win. Kisenosato and Kotoshogiku stood still holding eachother, then Kisenosato put Kotoshogiku off balance and let him fall. It's Kisenosato's 8th win. Hakuho got hold of Goeido's belt with his left and threw him. With this win Hakuho clinched the Emperor's Cup. It's his 24th grand tourney victory, tying with Kitanoumi's record. The other yokozuna, Harumafuji was driven out by Kakuryu. It's Harumafuji's 4th loss while Kakuryu secured a majority win.

12th day
Okinoumi won again, this time by driving out Aoiyama. Goeido pulled Toyonoshima's arm then won with a push out to secure a majority win. Baruto faced off softly, giving him a weak start.Miyogiryu pushed the Estonian out. Kakuryu gave Ikioi a number of thrusts, while stalling from time to time, then went behind Ikioi and finally driving him down. Harumafuji forced Kotoshogiku out for his 9th win. Hakuho threw Kisenosato to win again. Hakuho continues to lead followed by Okinoumi.

11th day
Okinoumi aimed to pick up Chiyonokuni's leg then drove him out. It's Okinoumi's 9th win, keeping him the runner up in the Emperor's Cup race. Baruto got hold of Tochinoshin's belt and drove out the Georgian. It's Baruto's 7th win. Kakuryu struggled but managed to drive out Tokitenku. Kisenosato quickly forced Toyonoshima out. Kotoshogiku had a moment of advantageous position, but in the end Hakuho drove him out. Hakuho kept his record clean. Harumafuji defeated Goeido with an overarm throw to secure a majority win.

10th day
Okinoumi defeated Aran to clinch a majority win. Kisenosato forced Ikioi down on his knee. Kotoshogiku lost to Toyonoshima's throw. It's the ozeki's 3rd loss. Kakuryu rolled on the ring to Tochiozan's shove. Harumafuji went into Shohozan who had a late start and won. Hakuho fought a bout lasting more than a minute and a half against Baruto. The yokozuna managed to throw the Estonian to win.

9th day
Okinoumi managed to shove down half Filipino rikishi, Masunoyama for his 7th win. Kotoshogiku easily drove out Kakuryu for his 7th win. Kisenosato kept his eyes on Tokitenki and won with a push out. Hakuho threw Toyonoshima to improve his lead. Harumafuji drove Baruto way out of the ring and down into the spectators. Both are 6-3.

8th day
Okinoumi drove out Jokoryu.Both are 6-2. Tochiozan tried to shift position to put Baruto off balance. But he failed and the Estonian drove Tochiozan out for his 6th win. Kakuryu attacked Tochinoshin's throat and managed to drive the Georgian out. Goeido on the back of big support of the crowd had the force to drive Kisenosato out. The crowd gave him a big applause. Kotoshogiku grabbed Tokitenku and drove out the Mongolian for his 6th win. Toyonishima charged into Harumafuji and force the yokozuna out the ring. It's Harumafuji's 3rd loss. Hakuho immediately got hold of Ikioi and threw him to clinch his 8th win.

7th day
Aran was automatically given a win as the up and coming Chiyotairyu pulled out. Takayasu pushed then pulled back and gave Baruto a throw. It's the Estonian's 2nd loss. Kisenosato struggled against Shohozan but managed to win with a push out. Kotoshogiku pushed out Aminishiki. Toyonoshima immediately gave Kakuryu thrusts and won. The Mongolian ozeki succumbed to his 3rd loss. Hakuho went dashing into Tokitenku before the time to fight was indicated. Hakuho forced Tokitenku out and with him went out the ring. Harumafuji slapped Ikioi then forced him down for his 5th win.

6th day
Baruto immediately pulled Kisenosato's head and drove the ozeki down for his 5th win. Kotoshogiku got hold of Tochinoshin and shoved him out in his signature style. Goeido shoved Kakuryu with his left then drove the Mongolian ozeki out. Myogiryu automatically earned a win as his opponent, Koto-o-shu pulled out due to damage to his left elbow. Harumafuji pushed while Tokitenku pulled back. Naturally, the yokozuna won. Hakuho pulled back then threw Chiyotairyu for his 6th win.

5th day
Kotoshogiku got hold of Goeido's belt with his left and drove him out for his 3rd win. Kakuryu tripped Takayasu with his leg hooked. Baruto quickly defeate Koto-o-shu. The Bulgarian succumbed to his 4th loss. Kisenosato managed to force out Chiyotairyu. Hakuho quickly drove down Tochiozan for another win. Harumafuji gave Myogiryu thrusts then forced Myogiryu turn, then shoved his back to win.

4th day
Kakuryu got hold of Baruto's belt and shoved him down. It's Baruto's first loss. Tochinoshin drove out Koto-o-shu. The Bulgarian ozeki succumbed to his 3rd loss already. Kisenosato rolled on the ring, defeated by Tochiozan's thrust. Kotoshogiku quickly got hold of the back of Takayasu's belt and threw him down. It's the Japanese ozeki's 2nd win. Chiyotairyu forced Harumafuji down on the ring in his first challenge against a yokozuna. Hakuho quickly drove out Myogiryu. Hakuho is the only one with a perfect record.

3rd day
Baruto shoved and pushed out Goeido for his 3rd win. Chiyotairyu forced Koto-o-shu down with a twisting him. Kisanosato gave thrusts then forced Aminishiki down. Kotoshogiku rolled on the dirt on Tochiozan's throw. Kakuryu kept on pulling back and lost to Myogiryu. Its his first loss. Hakuho threw Tochinoshin. Harumafuji was forced down by Takayasu...ending his winning streak of 17.

2nd day
Baruto threw Tokitenku with his right. Myogiryu pushed out ozeki, Kisenosato. Kotoshogiku touches the dirt in the bout against Chiyotairyu. Kakuryu pushed out Aminishiki. Koto-o-shu lost to Tochiozan. Harumafuji to hold of Tochinoshin's belt and shoved to win. Hakuho also drove out Takayasu.

1st day
Before a sold out crowd the tourney kicked off. Aran drove out Kaisei. Toyonoshima forced Shohozan to turn around then shoved him out. Ikioi for the first time faced Baruto. The former ozeki threw Ikioi. Kotoshogiku pushed Myogiryu out. Kakuryu forced Chiyotairyu down on his belly. Koto-o-shu caught Takayasu and drove him out, while the Bulgarian leaped out the ring. Kisenosato drove Tochinoshin out. Aminishiki got hold of Hakuho's belt, but the yokozuna was powerful by pushing with his body. Harumafuji gave thrusts then drove Tochiozan down.

Pre Tourney highlight
Taiho is awarded People's Honor Award
Legendary sumo wrestler who passed away in January was awarded the People's Honor Award by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Feb 25. Receiving the award on Taiho's behalf, his wife and yokozuna Hakuho.