(March 9 to 23 Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: None
Fighting Spirit Award: Yoshikaze

Kakuryu is yokozuna
Messengers of the Japan Sumo Association visited Kakuryu at his temporary stable in Osaka on Mar 26. They informed Kakuryu that he was unanimously chosen yokozuna. The on Mar 27, we was given a lesson by Takanohana on how the do the ring entrance ceremony.

Final day
Ohsuna-arashi got hold of Toyohibiki's belt and drove him out to secure a majority win. Bulgarian Aoiyama pushed out Chiyomaru for his 9th win. Kaisei forced Takayasu out to finish with 6 wins. Endo was driven out the ring by Yoshikaze succumbing to his 9th loss. Yoshikaze won his 10th bout. Goeido forced Kisenosato down to win his 12th bout. Kakuryu got hold of Kotoshogiku and drove him out. With this victory, Kakuryu for the first time won the Emperor's Cup. The 2 yokozuna forced eachother down and since it was called a draw, they had to redo the bout. In that bout Harumafuji had a quick start, charged into Hakuho and forced his rival out. Both yokozuna finished with 3 losses. Kakuryu is expected to be promoted to yokozuna in the coming tourney.

14th day
Chiyotairyu gave Endo thrusts. Endo pulled back and succumbed to a majority loss. Goeido drove out Aoiyama for his 11th win. Kisenosato shoved and shoved, while Chiyo-ohori resisted, but not for too long. Hakuho came on the dirt with a terrible bandaged hand. Kotoshogiku drove out a Harumafuj by driving him down. 13th day
Ohsuna-arashi fell on his belly in the bout against Aminishiki. Endo was thrown by Takayasu. Aoiyama gave thrusts then shoved Shohozan's head to force him down. Aoiyama clinched a majority win. Kakuryu shifted and shifted then pushed out Kisenosato for his 11th win. Goeido with his right hand shoved Harumafuji, kept his hand on the yokozuna, and won with a push down. It's Harumafuji's 2nd loss. Kotoshogiku charged into Hakuho, got a good hold of the yokozuna shoved and shoved. Hakuho fell off the ring. He could not get back on his feet for a while. When he did he was hold his hand. Hakuho and Kakuryu tie for the lead.

12th day
Koto-o-shu said he was calling it quits. It's after pulling out the day before. He was in tears as he expressed his disappointment he was no longer fit to fight. But he said he did not regret going into sumo and will remain in the sumo world as a coach. As to bouts, Ohsuna-arashi was back after resting for 2 days. But he lost to Aoiyama. Endo withstood Shohozan's attempt for a throw and in the end won. It's his 6th win. Goeido hurled Yoshikaze to win his 9th bout. Tochiozan forced Kotoshogiku down. Both are 6-6. Hakuho appeared uncomfortable fighting against Kisenosato. They had to redo their face off 4 times. Hakuho gave thrusts, then forced Kisenosato down. Kakuryu faced Harumafuji, shoved the yokozuna's face as he shifted position and drove the yokozuna out by pushingfrom behind. Hakuho remains the leader followed by Harumafuji and Kakuryu.

11th day
Koto-o-shu pulled out from the tourney as he was diagnosed with a dislocation of his shoulder and needs 2 weeks to recover. Recording his 20th loss, he will be demoted a few ranks after this tourney. In the top division, Endo gave Toyonoshima thrusts and drove the veteran rikishi out for his 5th win. Kakuryu thrusts Tochiozan down. But juries had the bout reviewed as there was doubt, Kakuryu may have stepped out before Tochiozan fell. Kotoshogiku kept following Yoshikaze and pushed him out for his 6th win. Harumafuji slapped Kisenosato and forced the ozeki down. Kisenosato crashed on the dirt. Hakuho squeezed Goeido's arm under his and pushed him out. The 2 yokozuna continue to lead with perfect records.

10th day
Ohsuna-arashi pulled out as he was diagnosed with an injured toe from fighting Endo on the 8th day. His opponent Chiyo-ohtori was awarded a win. It's his 7th. Tochiozan proved his technique by driving Endo out. Goeido quickly grabbed Okinoumi's belt and drove him out to secure a majority win. Kisenosato got a good hold of Ikioi to shove hi out and also win his 8th bout. Takayasu threw Kotoshogiku. It's the ozeki's 5th loss. Kakuryu drove out Toyonoshima off the ring and the ozeki himself fell off too. Hakuho immediately threw Koto-o-shu. It's the Bulgarian's 9th loss. Harumafuji gave thrusts and pushed out Shohozan also to keep his record clean.

9th day
Ohsuna-arashi succumbed to his 2nd loss to Takekaze's push out. Goeido forced Endo down the ring for his 7th win. Kakuryu drove out Takayasu fo his 8th win. Kisenosato managed to forced Kotoshogiku out. Harumafuji gave Koto-o-shu thrusts then drove the former ozeki down. The Bulgaria succumbed to a majority loss. Hakuho forced Tochiozan rather quickly. The 2 yokozuna kept their lead.

8th day
2 popular rikishi faced eachother. Ohsuna-arashi shoved forward but Endo turned his body slightly and drove down the Egyptian. It's Ohsuna-arashi's first loss. Koto-o-shu weakly lost again as he tried to pull Toyonoshima's arm, stepped out the ring. Kakuryu pulled back, gave thrusts and drove out Goeido. Kisenosato force Tochinowaka out. Shohozan shifted to the side as he faced off. Kotoshogiku kept from losing his balance but lost to a throw. Hakuho took time to fight Takayasu. In the end he gave a throw to clinch a majority win. Harumafuji shifted to the side slightly and threw Kaisei. It's his 8th win too.

7th day
The Egyptian shoved Masunoyama's back to force him down and won again. Endo drove Koto-o-shu down. Kisenosato forced Toyonoshima down with his left. Goeido threw Kotoshogiku. Kakuryu shoved and shoved to drive Tochinowaka out. Harumafuji fought using various techniques and in the end drove Takayasu out with both leaping from the ring. Hakuho took the front part of Kaisei's belt and threw the big Brazilian.

6th day
Ohsuna-arashi forced Takanoiwa on the dirt for his 6th win. Endo pushed out Tamawashi for his 2nd win. Goeido drove Koto-o-shu out. Kotoshogiku got hold of Okinoumi, shoved and shoved to drive him out. Kakuryu forced Kaisei out. Yoshikaze got hold of Kisenosato and forced the ozeki down. It's Kisenosato's 2nd loss. Hakuho gave a soft throw to drive dow Tochinowaka. Harumafuji stepped aside to forced Tochiozan to lose balance and fall.

5th day
Shohozan drove Koto-o-shu down for his first win. Kakuryu immediately drove out Tamawashi. Endo attacked Kisenosato starting with the ozeki's throat, gave thrusts, then as he pulled back he shifted with his foot in the ring. Kisenosato stepped out. It's Endo's first win. Kotoshogiku got hold of Kaisei, shoved and shoved to win. Harumafuji charged into Okinoumi then pulled back driving him down. Hakuho gave thrusts then grabbed Toyonoshima and forced him out.

4th day
Ohsuna-arashi forced the even heavier Gagamaru down for his 4th win. Kaisei fought well to drive out Ikioi for his first win. Goeido was shoved to the edge, but kept his one foot in and pulled Shohozan's wrist, driving him out. Goeido kept his record clean. Tamawashi attacked Kisenosato's throat then his foot went out. Kotoshogiku got a hold of Endo, shoved and shoved and won. Kakuryu banged into Koto-o-shu and drove the Bulgarian out. Hakuho quickly drove out Okinoumi. Harumafuji gave thrust then tried to drive Tochinowaka down but failed. Then the yokozuna forced a shove and won.

3rd day
Ohsuna-arashi won again, driving out Chiyomaru. Goeido powerfully forced down Toyonoshima. Tochiozan drove out Koto-o-shu. It's the former ozeki's 2nd loss. Kotoshogiku managed to shove out Tochinowaka. Okinoumi shoved forward pressuring Kakuryu and forcing the ozeki out. It's Kakuryu's first loss already. Kisenosato pushed down Shohozan. Harumafuji banged into Tamawashi then thrust him down. It's Hakuho's 29th birthday. He celebrated by driving down Endo.

2nd day
Ohsuna-arashi again fought powerfully, by shoving Myogiryu's head and forcing him down. Kaisei shoved and shoved but Goeido withstood then threw the Brazilian to win. Okinoumi drove out Koto-o-shu. Kakuryu gave Shohozan thrusts then drove Shohozan down. Kisenosato pulled back and forced Tochiozan to fall. Kotoshogiku was taken out by Toyonoshima. Tamawashi forced Hakuho to the edge of the ring, but the yokozuna with his skillfulness pulled back and force Tamawashi to fall. Harumafuji gave Endo thrusts then threw him down.

1st day
Chiyomaru, brother of Chiyoootori has also joined the makuuchi division. The very round rikishi pushed out Sadanofuji. Ohsuna-araishi was slightly slower than Tokushoryu to face off. But the Egyptian forced his opponent out easily. Koto-o-shu threw Kaisei down. Goeido who hails from Osaka gave Tochinowaka an overarm throw to win and excited local fans. Kisenosato tried to shove Okinoumi several times and finally won with an overarm thrwo. Kotoshogiku appeared in great pain with a heavily bandaged right shoulder but managed to drive out Tamawashi. Endo attacked Kakuryu. The ozeki shifted away and Endo lost his balance and fell. The super popular Endo had a bloody face. Harumafuji who's returned to fight this tourney managed to defeat Toyonoshima. Hakuho was no match for Shohozan with an easy push out.

Pre Tourney highlight
Harumafuji set to return
Harumafuji with Hakuho performed a ceremony in Osaka's Sumiyoshi taisha on Mar 1. It's before 2000 visitors.