(March 13 to 27 Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium)

WINNER: Harumafuji
Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: None
Fighting Spirit Award: None

Final day
Kotoyuki thrust down Ikioi to finish with 12 wins. In the bout between Yoshikaze and Kotoshogiku, Yoshikaze won. Kisenosato got a hold of Goeido with his left and shoved him out. Kakuryu threw Kotoshogiku with his left. Hakuho shifted to the left and Harumafuji fell forward. With that win, Hakuho clinched the Emperor's Cup for the 36th time. The audience was clearly unhappy. Hakuho heard the angry voices and broke into tears during a live TV interview.

14th day
Kotoyuki this time beat Myogiryu for his amazing 11th win. In the upper ranks, Goeido threw Ikioi by his neck for his 12th win. Kisenosato drove out the heavy Terunofuji also to win his 12th bout. Kakuryu easily forced Harumafuji out of the ring. Harumafuji appeared to be in pain. Hakuho threw Kotoshogiku to keep the lead.

13th day
Myogiryu lost to Mitakeumi succumbing to his 3rd defeat. Ikioi drove out Gagamaru for his 10th win. Kotoyuki too earned his 10th win by pushing out Takarafuji. Goeido slapped Terunofuji then quickly drove out the Mongolian ozeki. Kisenosato got hold of Aoiyama's belt and forced out the Bulgarian. Hakuho slapped Kakuryu then got the belt of the younger yokozuna and quickly drove him out. Kotoshogiku was thrown by Harumafuji. Hakuho remains the sole leader, followed by Kisenosato and Goeido.

12th day
Myogiryu pushed out Amuru for his 10th win. Kotoyuki forced out Tochiozan for his 9th win. Kotoshogiku managed to drive out Aminishiki to secure a majority win. Hakuho powerfully drove out Goeido. Harumafuji thrust down Kisenosato. Terunofuji threw Kakuryu to secure a majority win and his post of ozeki. Hakuho is now the only frontrunner.

11th day
Ikioi drove out Ichinojo to clinch a majority win. Kotoyuki drove down Toyonoshima for his majority win. But his stable mate Kotoshogiku lost to Terunofuji and with that his hope to win a promotion to yokozuna crumbled. Goeido powerfully defeated Harumafuji for his 10th win. Kakuryu pushed out Tochiozan to win his 8th bout. Hakuho powerfully shoved out Kisenosato. Hakuho, Kisenosato and Goeido tie for the Emperor's Cup.

10th day
Ichinojo drove out Chiyo-otori to secure a majority win. Goeido threw Kotoshogiku with his left for his 9th win. Kisenosato was about to be driven out, but withstood Kakuryu's shove and was able to force the yokozuna out to be the only one with a clean record. Hakuho drove out Terumofuji. Harumafuji was pushed down by Toyonoshima.

9th day
Toyonoshima swings to Terunofuji's use of force and drops on the ring. It's the Mongolian ozeki's 6th win. Kisenosato shifts to the side as he faces off against Kotoshogiku. Kotoshogiku falls into the dirt. Hakuho attacks Tochiozan with no hesistance and wins. Harumafuji thrusts and stops as Ikioi withstands. In the end, Harumafuji pushes out Ikioi. When Ikioi returned to the ring to bow, Harumafuji gave him a pat of approval. Goeido charged low into Kakuryu and drove the yokozuna out. With this win Goeido secured a majority win, and save himself from losing ozeki rank.

8th day
Goeido moved sideways as he faced off against Tochioshin. The Georgian lost balance and was forced down by the ozeki. The two with perfect records faced eachother. They are Kisenosato and Ikioi. The ozeki showed off his power by driving out Ikioi and secured a majority win. Kotoshogiku drove out Tochiozan. Okinoumi defeated Terunofuji who succumbed to his 3rd loss. Harumafuji drove out Sokokurai. Kakuryu forced down Aoiyama. Hakuho kept on thursting Yoshikaze and then forced him down the ring. Yoshikaze's face was a mess of blood.

7th day
Ikioi threw Myogiryu for his 7th win. Kisenosato too improved his record by droving out Okinoumi. Toyonoshima attacked Kotoshogiku who tried to bear the shove on the verge of the ring. In the end, the ozeki shifted his postiion and drove down his friend. Terunofuji drove out Sokokurai. Goeido pushes out Aminishiki. Kakuryu moves away and prompts Yoshikaze to fall. Hakuho forces Tochinoshin out with a good hold of him. Harumafuji drives out Aoiyama.

6th day
Ikioi continues to extend his winning streak by defeating Takarafuji. Kotoshogiku this time fought powerfully by driving down Aoiyama. Kotoyuki attacked Terunofuji and drove out the ozeki. Goeido shifted his position and thrust down Takayasu. Kisenosato forced down Tochiozan to remain the only ozeki with a perfect record. Hakuho pushed out Toyonoshima. Harumafuji lost balance and was forced down by Yoshikaze. Kakuryu managed to drive out Tochinoshin.

5th day
Ichinojo may be back on track by driving out Mitakeumi for his 5th win. Ikioi also kept his record clean by driving out Shodai. Takayasu attacked Terunofuji. Terunofuji managed to shift his position to throw Takayasu for his 4th win. Kototaiki gave Goeido thrusts and drove out the ozeki. Its Goeido's first loss. Kisenosato forced out Yoshikaze. Kotoshogiku was given a win in the bout against Okinoumi. But the juries ruled that Kotoshogiku fell first, thus last tourney champion succumbing to his first loss. Harumafuji pulled back then forced Tochinoshin down. Kakuryu threw Takarafuji with his right. Hakuho was able to throw Aoiyama first before he fell to win his 4th bout.

4th day
Toyonoshima turned his back towards Goeido. Goeido pushed him out for his 4th win. Kisenosato drove out Tochinoshin. Kotoshogiku fought a powerful bout against Takarafuji to win. Ikioi gave Terunofuji thrusts and drove the Mongolian out for his 4th win. It's the ozeki's first loss. Kakuryu forced down Kotoyuki. Hakuho pushed out Okinoumi. Harumafuji drove out Takayasu.

3rd day
Myogiryu pushed out Shodai for his 3rd win. Ikioi threw Shohozan for his 3rd win too. Kisenosato drove out Toyonoshima. Kotoshigiku shoved and shoved and forced Tochinoshin out. Terunofuji forced Tochiozan out. Goeido pulled back a bit and forced Yoshikaze down. Hakuho powerfully drove out Takayasu for his 2nd win. Harumafuji was pushed out by Kotoyuki, succumbing to his first loss. Kakuryu had a tough bout against Okinoumi, but was able to make his way around to throw his opponent.

2nd day
Aminishiki automatically earned a win as his opponent for the day, Sokokurai pulled out due to the flu. Kotoshogiku pushed out Yoshikaze. Terunofuji did not have it easy against Aoiyama but managed to shove the Bulgarian out. Goeido drove out Tochiozan. Kisenosato forced ot Takarafuji. Harumafuji threw Okinoumi with his left to win. Kakuryu pushed out Takayasu. Hakuho attacked Kotoyuki and won with a push out. It was a good day for all ozekis and yokozunas.

1st day
Terunofuji was back this tourney. He struggled against Tochinoshin but in the end managed to drive out the Georgian. Goeido forced out Okinoumi. Kotoyuki gave Kisanosato thrusts and went forward but Kisenosato stepped aside, forced Kotoyuki to fall. Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved, to drive out Takayasu. Toyonoshima drove out Kakuryu in a bout that went over a minute. Hakuho also lost to Takarafuji. Harumafuji easily pushed out Tochiozan.

Pre Tourney highlight
Kotoshogiku holds luxurious wedding
The winner of the New Year tourney held his wedding ceremony in Tokyo on January 30, and another in his home town in Fukuoka in February. His wedding took place in the same month he became the first Japanese in 10 years to win the grand tourney. The couple were officially married in July 2015.