2017 Osaka Grand Sumo Tournament
(March 12 to 26 Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: None
Fighting Spirit Award: Takakeishou

Final day
Ichinojo and Ura threw eachother at the verge of the ring. Ichinojo's hand touched the dirt before Ura fell. Ura won his 8th bout as new makuuchi. Endo forced Tochinoshin out also to secure a majority win. Tochiozan was forced down on the ring by Mitakeumi to take his 5th loss. Kotoshogiku gave shoves to drive out Yoshikaze ending with 9 wins. He will remain sekiwake as he was not able to win the needed 10 bouts to regain ozeki status. Tamawashi's heel went out the ring before Takayasu dropped. Takayasu won his 12th bout. The main bout of the day was between Kisenosato and Terunofuji. Kisenosato stood up and shifted position, but the refree stopped him from continuing as Terunofuji was not ready. Then in the 2nd try, Kisenosato shifted to the other side then thrust the Mongolian down. The audience roared with joy to see the injured yokozuna fight with strategy. The 2 are tied for a play off. Kakuryu forced Harumafuji out while bumping into the referee to win. Both yokozuna finished the tourney 10-5. The playoff took place. Kisenosato used his right arm to throw Terunofuji and won. It's his 2nd Emperor's Cup. It's the first time a new yokozuna clinched the trophy in 22 years.

14th day
The referee stopped the bout between Takarafuji and Takayasu after they took off to fight. It's because Takarafuji's belt was loosening. They are supposed to take up the bout from where it was stopped. They struggled to gain eachother's belt and in the end Takayasu won with a push out for his 11th win. Terunofuji shifted to the side, thrust down Kotoshogiku to win. The audience booed at Terunofuji for his tricky face off. Kotoshogiku lost his 6th bout and his hope to regain ozeki rank was shattered. Harumafuji succumbed to Tamawashi's push to face his 4th loss. Kisenosato decided to fight despite his shoulder injury in the previous day's bout. The audience cheered him on. As he faced off against Kakuryu, he gave a thrust, Kakuryu immediately got hold of him and drove him out. Kisenosato lost his 2nd bout. Terunofuji is the sole leader.

13th day
Endo pushed out Tochiozan. Tochiozan succumbed to his 3rd loss removing him from the race for the Emperor's Cup. Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved and pushed out Shodai for his 8th win. Terunofuji powerfully drove out Kakuryu. Harumafuji charged into Kisenosato and forced the new yokozuna down the ring. Kisenosato was in pain, held his left shoulder and could not get up for a while. He was rushed to the hospital thereafter. Terunofuji and Kisenosato tie.

12th day
Tochiozan lost to Myogiryu. It's his 2nd loss. Kotoshogiku lost his 5th bout to Takarafuji which means he has to win all 3 coming up to regain ozeki status. Terunofuji with his right forced down Endo. Kisenosato drove down Arawashi. Harumafuji got hold of the back of Takayasu's belt and drove Takaysu down.Takayasu faced his 2nd loss. Tamawashi attacked Kakuryu's throat then pushed the yokozuna out.

11th day
Tochiozan got hold of Chiyonokuni and drove him out for his 10th win. Kotoshogiku lost to Ikioi, by falling. Terunofuji threw down Arawashi. Harumafuji quickly drove out Mitakeumi. Kakuryu forced Takayasu on the dirt. It's Takayasu's first loss. Yoshikaze pushed against Kisenosato, but the yokozuna in the end won with a push out. Kisenosato is the sole leader.

10th day
Tochiozan forced Daishomaru on his hands to win his 9th bout. Kotoshogiku thrust down Takekaze for his 7th win. Takanowaka tried to trick Takayasu by shifting position as soon as he faced off. But Takayasu was unrattled. He slapped Takanowaka and forced him on his hand. It's Takayasu's 10th win. Terunofuji got a hold of Shodai's belt with his left, and with that grip threw Shodai and won his 9th bout. Kakuryu pulled back then powerlessly pulled back again to lose to Yoshikaze. It's the yokozuna's 3rd loss. Kisenosato slapped Shodai as he stood up to fight, then drove him out. Endo pushed against Harumafuji. The yokozuna managed to keep one foot inside the ring while lifting the other while thrusting Endo down. It's Harumafuji's 8th win.

9th day
Tochiozan droved down Tokushoryu to secure a majority win. Takayasu forced Takekaze to fall and won his 9th bout. Terunofuji forced out Ikioi. With 8 wins, he has saved himself from falling from ozeki rank. Ikioi succumbed to a majority loss. Kotoshogiku pushed against Kisenosato. Kisenosato then thrust the former ozeki down to keep his record clean. Arawashi threw Harumafuji. It's the yokozuna's 3rd loss. Kakuryu managed to drive out Takarafuji. The leaders are still Takayasu and Kisenosato.

8th day
Kotoshogiku atttacks Sokokurai and drives the Chinese rikishi out. Takayasu aggressively fought against Ikioi and forced him down on his belly to secure a majority win. Terunofuji quickly pushed out Mitakeumi. Harumafuji forced down Takanoiwa with his left. Kakuryu managed to drive out Shodai. Shohozan appeared to gain a good position against Kisenosato. But the new yokozuna pulled than gave a blow which force Shohozan to drop. Takayasu and Kisenosato lead.

7th day
Tochiozan was pushed out by Okinoumi to succumb to his first loss. Kotoshogiku quickly drove out Shohozan. Takayasu's thrusts forced Sokokurai out. Takayasu won his 7th bout. Terunofuji picked Takekaze up and out the ring. Kakuryu forced down Takanowaka. Mitakeumi pushed against Kisenosato, but the yokozuna got hold of him and pushed back to take him out. Harumafuji forced Shodai down the ring.

6th day
Tochiozan pushed down Sadanoumi for his 6th straight win. Kotoshogiku shoved and shoved and drove out Mitakeumi. Goeido withdrew due to a foot injury. Tamawashi automatically recorded a win. Takayasu pushed out Terunofuji. Kisenosato shoved an shoved and took time to force out Takarafuji. Harumafuji thrust down Yoshikaze. Shohozan drive down Kakuryu. It's the yokozuna's 2nd loss.

5th day
Kotoshogiku appeared in control. But Tamawashi used the straw ring to withstand the shoves and forced the former ozeki to fall. Terunofuji drove out Takanoiwa. Takekaze pulled away which forced Goeido to fall. Kisenosato slowly got hold of Ikioi's belt in a rather long bout and drove him out. Hakuho pulled out and Mitakeumi won without fighting. Harumafuji managed to keep himself in the ring while pushing out Shohozan. Kakuryu forced out Shokokurai.

4th day
Goeido lost again. It's his 3rd. This time to Takanoiwa. Terunofuji drove out Yoshikaze for his 4th win. Harumafuji managed to drive out Takekaze. Kotoshogiku shoved and seeing it was not enough, he then forced Kakuryu down. The former ozeki has defeated another yokozuna. Ikioi charged into Hakuho like a bulldozer and won. It's Hakuho's 2nd loss. Kisenosato got a hold of Sokokurai's belt and drove him out.

3rd day
Takayasu forced Kotoshogiku to roll on the dirt. It's the former ozeki's first loss. Terunofuji gave thrusts and drove down Shohozan. Goeido appeared to be in control with shoves, but Shodai reversed that, throwing the ozeki with his right to win. Kakuryu had risky moments but was able to drive out Ikioi. Hakuho forced out Takekaze. Kisenosato struggled against Takanoiwa, but managed to push out his opponent. Harumafuji fought a lousy bout, with his final attempt, throwing himself to shove Shokokurai but finding him on the dirt before the Chinese rikishi's foot left the ring.

2nd day
Kotoshogiku forced down Takanoiwa. Takayasu drove down Goeido. Terunofuji pushed out Tamawashi. Hakuho got hold of Sokokurai and drove the Chinese out. Shodai pushed Kisenosato. Kisenosato fought back and was able to push out the youngster. Ikioi shoved Harumafuji. Harumafuji was in danger of losing but managed to keep his feet inside the ring and won. Kakuryu got hold of the bottom of Takekaze's belt and shoved him out. All yokozuna won.

1st day
Newcomer to makuuchi, Ura forced out Sadanoumi. The popular Endo drove out Arawashi. Terunofumi has to win a majority to keep his ozeki ranking beat Sokokurai. The top rankers who were absent last tourney were back. Goeido forced Ikioi to fall. Harumafuji lost to Kotoshogiku's powerful shoves. Kotoshogiku is currently sekiwake with a chance to be return to ozeki if he wins more than 10 bouts. New yokozuna Kisenosato easily pushed out Takekaze. Kokuryu forced down Mitakeumi. Hakuho lost balance and touched the dirt in the bout against Shodai. A big upset from the first day.

Pre Tourney highlight
All eyes on Kisenosato
Kisenosato has been drawing fans everywhere from the bean ceremonies to call for luck from his appearance at Meiji Shrine in the cold weather.

Death of Tokitenku
Former sekiwake from Mongolia died on January 31. He was battling malignant lymp homa which forced him to retire from sumo in August 2016. He was 37.