2018 Osaka Grand Sumo Tournament
(March 11 to 25 Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium)

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: Endo
Fighting Spirit Award: Kaisei

Final day
Ikioi charged into Kaisei, but Kaisei threw him and won his 12th bout. Ikioi finished with 11 wins. Hokutofuji shoved Kotoshogiku to the verge of the ring and pushed but the former ozeki fought back and drove out Hokutofuji. Both finished 6-9. Shohozan easily pushed out Endo. Ichinojo lifted Tochinoshin up, but the Georgian was able to drive out the Mongolian fo his 10th win. Mitakeiumi was show powerful, he prompted Goeido to fall on his rear. Goeido finished with 9-6. Kakuryu and Takayasu had to redo their bout after a close call. Takayasu hit Kakuryu then quickly drove him out. Kakuryu looked surprised. Takayasu finished the tourney with 12 wins.

14th day
Kaisei got hold of Daishomaru and forced him out for his 11th win. Abi shifted position, to prompt Kotoshogiku to lose balance and fall. Takarafuji and Kagayaki had to redo their bout after their first attempt was called a draw. In the end Takarafuji forced Kagayaki to fall forward to win his 4th bout. Endo pulled away to force Hokutofuji to fall off the ring. It's Endo's 9th win. Tochinoshin powerfully drove Chiyomaru out to win his 9th bout. Takayasu faced danger on the verge of the ring, but turned around, then thrust down Mitakeumi to win his 11th bout. Kakuryu pulled back and forced Goeido to fall. With this win, Kakuryu's tourney victory was secured. It's his 4th time to hold the Emperor's Cup.

13th day
Endo drove down Chiyomaru to secure a majority win. Shodai charged into Tochinoshin and drove last tourney champion out the ring. Takayasu pulled away and Goeido went down. It's Takayasu's 10th win. Kakuryu immediately forced Kaisei to fall forward. Kakuryu remains the leader.

12th day
Kotoshogiku adhered closely to Arawashi to drive him out. Endo forced Kaisei to lose balance and run out the ring. It's the Brazilian's 2nd loss. Chiyomaru gave Takayasu thrusts. Takayasu appeared to have gotten hold of Chiyomaru. But was thrown around and went out the ring. The ozeki took his 3rd loss. Goeido smoothly walked out Ichinojo. Tochinoshin got hold of Kakuryu and forced the yokozuna out. It's Kakuryu's first loss. But he still leads with 11 wins.

11th day
Kaisei was automatically given a win as his opponent Takakeisho withdrew from the tourney. It's his 10th win. Kotoshogiku was on the floor to Tamawashi's thrust down. The former ozeki succumbed to a majority loss. Endo forced down Takarafuji for his 6th win. Goeido got hold of Shodai and forced him out from his back. Goeido secured a majority win. Takayasu and Tochinoshin appeared to fly out the ring together. But the referee gave the bout to Takayasu. The judges explained the Georgian's foot touched outside the ring first. Takayasu gained his 9th win. Kakuryu drove out Ichinojo. Kakuryu leads, followed by Kaisei.

10th day
200 kg plus rikishi clashed into eachother. They are Kaisei and Ichinojo. They took more than a minute to end the bout.Ichinojo drove out the Brazilian. It's Kaisei's first loss. Takarafuji shoved, pulled back and threw Kotoshogiku forcing the former ozeki to fall. Takayasu thrust Shodai and won. Both are 7-3. Goeido shifted position and drove Tochinoshin out from behind. Both are 7-3 too. Kakuryu got hold of Chiyomaru and pushed him out to become the sole leader.

9th day
Kaisei drove out Ryuden for his 9th win. Tochinoshin got hold of Shohozan and drove him out. Kotoshogiku shoved and shove, then pulled away and threw Mitakeumi. Goeido's foot went out first before Chiyomaru went out the ring. It's the ozeki's 3rd loss. Takayasu threw Chiyotairyu for his 7th win. Kakuryu lost balance and was in danger of losing. But Shodai could not stop himself from leaping out the ring and so Kakuryu luckily lost. Kaisei and Kakuryu still lead.

8th day
Kaisei immediately pushed out Okinoumi to secure a majority win. Chiyotairyu hit hard Endo. Endo withstood and fought back to win his 4th bout. Tochinoshin forced down Mitakeumi for his 6th win. Takayasu drove out Takakeisho. Goeido forced Kotoshogiku out the ring. Kakuryu attacked Shohozan's throat, pulled back and thrust him down to clinch a majority win. Kaisei and Kakuryu tie for the top.

7th day
Kaisei pushed out Kagayaki. Kotoshogiku quickly drove out Endo for his 2nd win. Tochinoshin threw Arawashi with his left to win his 5th bout. Goeido was in danger of being driven out by Takarafuji but shifted position then forced his opponent down. Takayasu banged into Shohozan pulled away and forced Shohozan down. Kakuryu struggled against Takakeisho but in the end, pushed him out. The judges however, questioned the result, suspecting Kakuryu's foot leaving first. But they ruled after deliberation it has not. Kaisei and Kakuryu remain the leaders.

6th day
Kaisei pushed out Daieisho to keep his record clean. Tochinoshin and Endo fought aggressively, and in the end the Georgian forced down Endo. Takayasu took time to throw out Takarafuji. Goeido forced down Shohozan. Kakuryu shifted and forced Kotoshogiku rolling on the dirt. Kaisei and Kakuryu tie with perfect wins.

5th day
Kaisei got hold of Chiyomaru's belt and forced him out for his 5th win. Shohoza drove out Arawashi also for his 5th win. Ichinojo and Endo was still for a while with a hold of eachother's belt. Ichinojo took action and drove Endo out. Tochinoshin forced Chiyotairyu to turn his back and from behind shoved Chiyotairyu out. Goeido quickly pushed out Takakeisho. Takayasu forced down Kotoshogiku. Kakuryu and Takarafui had to redo their bout after the first try was judged as a draw. Kakuryu went straight ahead to push out Takarafuji.

4th day
Shohozan pulled away prompting Kotoshogiku to fall and los his 3rd bout. It's Shohozan's 4th win. Mitakeumi shoved and shoved to drive down Ichinojo. Tochinoshin dropped in the bout against Takakeisho. Takayasu defeated Tamawashi for his 2nd win. Endo forced down Goeido. Endo won his 3rd bout. Kakuryu immediately pushed out Arawashi.

3rd day
Tochioshin drove out Kotoshogiku to win his 2nd bout. The former ozeki lost his 2nd bout. Endo pulled away and managed to thrust down Mitakaumi who took off too low. It's Endo's 2nd win. Goeido hit Chiyotairyu then stepped aside and won by driving Dhiyo down. Takayasu banged into Arawashi. Arawashi lost balance and Takayasu pushed the Mongolian out. It's the ozeki's first win. Kakuryu shoved Tamawashi then thrust him down for his 3rd win.

2nd day
Tochinoshin lost to Tamawashi. The Georgian expressed his disappointment after the loss. Takayasu lost again this time to Ichinojo. Goeido pushed out Arawashi for his first win. Kakuryu struggled against Endo but in the end was able to thrust Endo down to win.

1st day
Takanoiwa was back in the grand tourney for the first time since he was attacked by former yokozuna Harumafuji and sustained serious injury on his head, according to reports. He fought in the lower juryo division. He was able to win, by driving out Tobizaru. Also in that division is former ozeki Terunofuji who lost against Tokushoryu. In the highest makuuchi division, Kotoshogiku was driven out by Ichinojo. Last tourney champion, Tochinoshin grabbed Takarafuji's belt and forced him out. Goeido was pushed around and lost to Tamawashi. Takayasu gave Endo thrusts and Endo stepped aside, which prompted the ozeki to fall off the ring. Both ozekis lost. Kakuryu, the only yokozuna in this touney drove out Chiyotairyu.

Pre Tourney highlight
Oosuna arashi called to retire
The Egyptian born wrestler was indicted by police for driving without a license in January. It was not just once but 3 times. The court ordered him to pay a fine of 500,000 yen. But the Japan Sumo Association took the matter seriously and decided Oosuna arashi should retire. He consented. The 26 year old became the first makuuchi rikishi from Africa. Many admired him for keeping up his fighting spirit during Ramadan.

2 yokozunas to miss Osaka tourney
Kisenosato's stable master announced on Mar 8, the yokozuna was not fighting in this tourney. He has not recovered from a chest pain. Hakuho's stable master told reporters the next day, his yokozuna is not taking part in Osaka tourney either as his sprained toe has not recovered.