These are the schedules for sports not included in other sports categories.
Modified on January 1, 2001

In 1998
Asia Pro Basketball Association
Aug.14 to Sept. 27. First ever pro basketball tournament in Asia. Participants are Taiwan,the Philippines, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

NHL Game ONe
Calgary Flames vs. San Jose Sharks on Oct.10 and 11 in Tokyo's Yoyogi Gymnasium.

Formula One Japan GP
Nov. 1 in Suzuka, Mie Prefecture.

34th Annual AMF Bowling World Cup
Nov. 16 to 21 in Kobe Rokko Bowl with participation from over 70 countries.

Rugby World Cup Asian Preliminaries in Singapore
Oct. 24 vs. S.Korea
Oct. 27 vs. Taiwan
Oct. 31 vs. Hong Kong

NHK Trophy International Figure Skating Competition
Dec. 3 to 6 at Makomanai Ice Arena in Hokkaido with participation by 58 skaters from 13 countries.

In 1999
World Cup American Football
The first ever is scheduled in Italy in June 1999 with Japan as one of its participants.

Rugby World Cup in Wales: preliminary round for Japan
Oct. 3 vs. Western Samoa
Oct. 9 vs. Wales
Oct. 16 vs. Argentina
Oct. 20 quarterfinals playoff
Oct. 23, 24 quarterfinals
Oct. 30, 31 semifinals
Nov. 4 3rd place
Nov. 6 final

In 2001
Tokyo International Marathon
Feb. 18. Qualifier for the World Athletics Championships in Canada

Table Tennis World Championships
In Osaka Central Gymnasium from Apr. 23 to May 5.

9th World Swimming Championships in Fukuoka
The first ever hosted in Asia from July 16 to 29.

May 19 to 27 in Osaka with 14 competitions.

The Sixth World Games
August 16 to 26 in Akita Prefecture, northern Japan.
This international quandrennial event features sports which are not entered in the Olympic Games. They include bowling, karate, and trampoline. It is expected to cost 1.2 billion yen.