Updated July 20, 2023

July 20 Mazda Zoom Zoom Stadium Hiroshima (30925 audience)
The Fighters Chusei Mannami homered again. It's in the 4th inning to equalize. A runner came home on Kenya Wakatsuki of the Buffaloes grounded ball. The Pacific added more runs with a sacrifice fly by the Hawks Ryoya Kurihara and the Fighters Ariel Martinez's 2 RBI triple. The Lions Kaima Taira pitched a shut out 2 innings. The Pacific side won again 6 to 1. MVP went to Mannami.

July 19 Nagoya Dome (35437 audience)
Central League starter, Shoki Murakami of the Tigers was clobbered. He gave up 4 runs in an inning. The Pacific League starter was Roki Sasaki of the Marines. He pitched well. Succeeding him, Yoshinobu Yamamoto of the Buffaloes, Masahiro Tanaka of the Golden Eagles, Tsuyoshi Wada of the Hawks. A super all star line-up of pitchers. The Pacific batters kept on hitting well. Yuki Yanakita homered. Chusei Mannami of the Fighters homered. Pacific League won 8 to 1. Yanagita was awarded MVP.

Fans' top picks Kensuke Kondo (Hawks)
Central League Pacific League
PitcherShoki Murakami (Tigers) Roki Sasaki (Marines)
CatcherRyutaro Umeno (Tigers) Tomoya Mori (Buffaloes)
First baseman Yusuke Ohyama (Tigers)Yuma Tongu (Buffaloes)
2nd baseman Takumu Nakano (Tigers) Shuta Tonosaki (Lions)
3rd baseman Teruaki Sato(Tigers)Ryoha Kurihara (Hawks)
Shortstop Seiya Kinami (Tigers) Sousuke Genda (Lions)
DH none Yuki Yanagita (Hawks)
Outfielder Koji Chikamoto (Tigers)
Shogo Akiyama (Carp)
Sheldon Lynn Neuse(Tigers)

Go Matsumoto (Fighters)
Yutaro Sugimoto (Buffaloes)