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May 20
Darvish at last won his first game of the season after 3 losses. He pitched 6 innings against the Cincinnatti Reds and gave up a run. His team won 6 to 1. The win was also his career 150th.

WITH THE LA Dodgers IN 2017
World Series
Darvish started in the 7th game on Nov 1. The Astros George Springer hit off 2 base hit in the first inning, leading to a loss of 2 runs. Then Springer blasted a 2 run home run. Darvish was out in 1 2/3 inning again. The Dodgers lost 1 to 5. And as a result Astros became World Champion.

Darvish started in the 3rd game on Oct 27. He gave up a home run to Yuli Gurriel, who's offensive gesture towards Asians became the center of criticism. Gurriel actually played in Japan. Darvish only pitched 1 2/3 inning, giving up 4 run. The Dodgers lost 3 to 5 to the Houston Astros.

Sept 25
Darvish pitched 7 innings giving up a run, striking out 9. Taking over from the 8th inning was Kenta Maeda. He pitched well. The game ended 9 to 3 against the San Diego Padres. Darvish won his 10th game.

Aug 10
Darvish started for the 2nd time with the Dodgers. He gave up a home run in the 4th inning. In all, he pitched 5 innings giving up 2 runs against the Arizona Diamondbacks. He won his 8th game.

Aug 4
It's Darvish's debut with the Dodgers. He lost a base hit in his first pitch, but he overall pitched well. He had a shut out 7 innings. The Dodgers beat the NY Mets 6 to 0. Darvish won his 7th game.

July 31
A sudden announcement and press conference by Darvish himself. Darvish's trade to the Dodgers was suddenly decided.

June 23
It's the first time Darvish started against Masahiro Tanaka of the NY Yankees. He pitched well, striking out 10. He left the mound after finishing 7 inning. Tanaka was good too. But in the end the Yankess beat the Rangers 2 to 1.

September 30
Darvish struck out 12 in this game. The most in a game this season. He lost 1 run in 6 innings. His team beat the Tampa Bay Rays 3 to 1, and Darvish collected his 7th win.

August 17
Darvish put his fist up as he struck out his opponent in the 7th inning. He pitched 7 innings, giving up 2 runs. His team beat the Oakland Athletics 6 to 2. Darvist earned his 4th win.

June 8
Darvish gave up a homer in the first inning. That was the only run he lost. But after completing 5 innings he went off the mound due to a shoulder problem. His team in the end lost to the Houston Astros 1 to 3.

June 3
Darvish pitched 5 2/3 innings, gave up 3 runs. He prevented Norichika Aoki of the Seattle Mariners from getting on base. Adeian Beltre supported Darvish. The Rangers won 7 to 3 and Darvish won his 2nd game.

May 28
Darvish was finally starting again for his team since he's been out for a surgery. He pitched 5 innings gave up just a run. The Rangers beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 5 to 2 and Darvish won his first game.

Yu was uncomfortable with his arm during spring camp. He went under the knife on March 17. He had Tommy John surgery. There's no hope of returning to pitch this season.


All Star Game
For the first time Darvish pitched in the All Star on Jul 15. Its in the 3rd inning and he took out all three. American League won 5 to 3 against National League.

June 11
Darvish achieved a feat of shutting out the Florida Marlines. It's 8-0 for the Yankees. Darvish earned his 7th win.

June 6
Darvish was not pitching well. He gave up a 3 run home run. But he recovered in the later innings. He pitched 7 innings. With the support of his teammates, he earned his 6th win. The Rangers beat the Cleveland Indians 6 to 4.

June 1
Darvish missed the previous game he was slated the start due to a stiff neck. This time he pitched 8 innings and shut out the Washington Nationals. It's in a 2 to 0 game.

May 16

Darvish gave up 2 runs in 9 innings, stricking out 11 in 8 innings. With no support from his teammate, the Rangers lost 0 to 2 against the Toronto Blue Jays and had to take his 2nd loss.

May 9

Darvish was pitching a perfect game until the 7th inning. Boston Red Sox's David Ortiz popped up the ball, and his teammates dropped it. Thankfully it was ruled as an error. Darvish still had a chance for a no-hitter game. But in the 9th inning after taking 2 outs, he gave up a base hit to Ortiz. Still with his team's 8 to 0 victory, Darvish won his 3rd game.

May 4

Darvish gave up home runs to Erick Aybar and Albert Pujols. But supported by his team mates, he pitched into the 7th inning. The Rangers won 14 to 3 against the LA Angels. It's Darvish's 2nd win.

Apr 16

Darvish had been pitching well, until the 7th inning, his thumb began to bleed. He had to stop there. He gave up 2 runs. His team defeated the Seattle Mariners in the end 3 to 2 but Darvish did not earn a win.

Apr 6

Darvish started for the first time this season after suffering from a stiff neck. In the first inning, he marked his career 500 strike out in the MLB. He hurled a shut out 7 innings. Then his team hit in runs to give him his win in a 3 to 0 game against the Tamba Bay Rays.

Sept 19
Darvish did not have a good control of the ball. He walked 7. He gave up 2 runs lasting 5 inning. But his team won 8 to 2 against the Cincinnatti Reds and he was given his 13th win.

August 12
Darvish shruck out from the first batter. By the 8th inning he recorded 15 or the most ever since playing in MLB. He left the mound after succumbing to a home run. In any case his team defeated the Houston Astros 2 to 1 and Darvish earned his 12th win.

August 1
Darvish was incredible. He struck out one after another. It's 14 in all. He left the mound after the 7th inning, without giving up a run. His team beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 1 to 7.

June 30
Darvish had been pitching well, but was not winning. At last in the game against the Cincinnatti Reds he pitched a shut out 6 2/3 innings, struck out 8. His team won 3 to 2 and he earned his 8th win.

May 17
Darvish did not pitch well as he gave up 4 runs. But thanks to his teammates, the Rangers beat the Detroit Tigers 10 to 4, and he managed to win his 7th game.

May 12

Darvish is hurling with relative stability. He gave up 3 runs in this game against the Houston Astros, but earned his 6th win. The game was 8 to 7. He also marked his 300th strike out in MLB.

Apr 30
It was not a good pitching day for Darvish. He gave up the most number of runs so far this season or 4 in 6 innings. It includes a home run. But his teammates supported with their bats. The Rangers won 20 to 6 against the Chicago White Sox. Darvish earned his 5th win.

Apr 24

Darvish pitched a shut out 6 innings, which his team won 11 to 3 avainst the LA Angels. Darvish was given credit with his 4th win.

Apr 19
All outs were strike out in the first 2 innings. In all Darvish pitched a shut out 7 innings. The Rangers won 7 to 0 against the Seattle Mariners. Darvish earned his 3rd win.

Apr 7
Darvish had a tough start, walking and hitting the batter, giving up 2runs in the first inning. But he managed to pitch well after that until his index finger peeled. He won his 2nd game in a 7 to 3 win over the Los Angeles Angels.

Apr 2
It was the first game to Darvish to start this season. His pitching was good from the beginning. By the 7th inning he struck out 14. He was headed towards a perfect game until 2 outs in the 9th inning. He gave up a hit to the Houston Astro's Marwin Gonzalez. The Rangers won 7 to 0. After the game Darvish tweeted his disappointment.

Oct 5
Darvish was commissioned to start a wild card game against the Baltimore Orioles. He suffered from the first inning.He gave up 3 runs in 7 innings. The Rangers lost 1 to 5. His season ended.

Sept 15
Darvish faced the Seattle Mariners' starter Hisashi Iwakuma. He marked his 200th strike out already. He gave up a run in 7 innings. The Rangers won 9 to 3 and he earned his 15th win.

Aug 12
Amid the Olympic excitement, Darvish won his 12th game by hurling 7 innngs and giving up 3 runs. The Rangers beat the Detroit Tigers 8 to 3.

July 21
Darvish shut out 11. He gave up 2 runs in 7 inning. He won his 11th game. It's in a 9 to 2 win against the Angels.

July 5
Good news for Darvish. He has been chosen the final one in the American League to play in the All Star game. He's only the 2nd Japanese pitcher to be chosen and the 9th among all Japanese. But he did not get to pitch.

June 26
Darvish had difficulty pitching against the Detroit Tigers Prince Fielder giving up a home run. But overall, he struck out 16, gave up 4 runs in 7 innings. With backing from his teammates for a 7 to 5 victory, he earned his 10th win.

June 20
For the first time Darvish hit himself on base in the major league. That's after he lost 2 runs. Then his pitching stabilized, lasting 8 innings and striking out 8. The Rangers beat the San Diego Padres 4 to 2, and clinched his 9th win.

June 15
Darvish struck out 11, pitched 8 innings and gave up 2 run. His team won 5 to 2 against the Houston Astros and Darvish earned his 8th win.

June 2
Darvish was unlucky in the 5th inning. A runner got on base due to an error. Then he lost a run on an error. He pitched 6 1/3 innings, giving up 3 runs. The Rangers lost 2 to 3 against the LA Angels, and Darvish succumbed to his 3rd loss.

May 27
Darvish did not particularly pitch well. He pitched 5 innings giving up 3 runs. But with the support of his teammates, was able to earn his 7th win in a 12 to 6 game against the Toronto Blue Jays. Yoshinori Tateyama closed the game.

May 22
Darvish pitch against the Mariner. He gave up a 3 base hit and a single to Ichiro. In the 4th inning, he was in real trouble walking 3 and was off the mound. The Rangers lost 1 to 6. Darvish took his 2nd loss.

May 16
In the game against the Oakland Athletics Darvish lost a run in the first inning. But that was it. He pitched 7 2/3 innings. But he appeared disappointed after he was taken off the mound.He was his 6th win in a 4 to 1 game.

Apr 25
Darvish started against the Yankees. The opposing started was Hiroki Kuroda. Kuroda pitched well, but Darvish overwhelmed him. He struck out 10, pitched 8 1/3 innings and clinched his 3rd win in a 2 to 0 game.

Apr 19
Yu Darvish pitched his 3rd game in Detroit. He gave up only a run in 6 1/3 innings he pitched. His team won in the end and Darvish won some cash prize

Apr 9
Its Yu Darvish's debut in the US in Arlington against the Seattle Mariners. The 100 million dollar man was a disappointment in the first inning. He walked 3 times, which is rare for him. He lost 4 runs that inning alone. But he slowly recovered. He pitched in the 6th inning with his team ahead of the Seattle Mariners and left the mound after Ichiro hit a base hit off him. Darvish won the game which ended 11 to 5.


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