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Mar 21
Ichiro started the game where 27 year old Yusei Kikuchi made his debut. In the 2nd inning, Ichiro was out with a pop up. In the 4th inning he grounded the ball, and was out. At his 3rd time at bat he struck out. He grounded the ball in the 8th inning, but was out. He then ran to the outfield, but was called back to the bench. He waved to the crowd and hugged his teary teammates. This became the last time for fans to see Ichiro play with the Mariners. Later in the evening he held a news conference that he was quiting professional baseball. It went on until past 1 am.

Mar 20
Ichiro came with his team to Tokyo to open the season. Fans welcomed him with big applause and flashing cameras. He started the game against the Oakland Athletics. He popped up the ball in his first at bat. For his 2nd time at bat, he walked. Then he was out of the game. But his team won 9 to 7.

May 3
Ichiro will not play this season after being in 15 games. But he will be working from the Mariners front office as a special advisor. But He rejoined the Mariners to replace injured outfielders. They have returned to the field. There was no place for Ichiro to play. But Ichiro is not interested in retiring nor playing for another team. There's speculation Mariners want to keep him as they will play next season's opener in Japan against the Oakland Athletics.

Mar 30
Ichiro this time had multiple hits. But the Mariners lost against the Cleveland Indians.

Mar 30
Ichiro started in the season's opener. He could not contribute with the bat. But he received a warm welcome by fans in a game against the Cleveland Indians.

Ichiro is back in Seattle
There were concerns if Ichiro will be able to remain in MLB for the 2018 season. But his first MLB team asked him back. On Mar 7, he gave a news conference. He said he feels different from the time of his debut. And that he's very happy. He's wearing number 51. The 44 year old said he wants to play until at least he is 50.

Sept 14
Ichiro started. He had 2 base hits. However, his team was shut out by the Philadelphia Phillies 0 to 10.

July 27
Ichiro hit a run off Yu Darvish of the Texas Rangers. He had 2 more hits in the game the Marlins clobbered the Rangers 22 to 10.

Apr 18
Ichiro had only 1 base hit so far this season. But in front of his fans at Safeco Field, he grounded his 2nd base hit of the season. In the 9th inning, he homered. His team lost again 5 to 10. But Mariners fans gave him a standing ovation, and Ichiro was touched.

Apr 17
Ichiro started in this game against the Seattle Mariners. His former team celebrate last year's 3000 career hit he marked on Safeco Field. Ichiro was not able to response with a hit. The Mariners won 6 to 1.

Sept 7
This time Ichiro started. He tripled. He singled. His team beat the Phillies 6 to 0

Sept 6
Ichiro slammed the first home run this season. His team however lost 3 to 4 to the Philadephia Phillies.

August 17
Ichiro started and had a base hit. His team lost to the Cincinnatti Reds 3 to 2.

August 8
At last the big day came. Ichiro hit a triple which became his 3000th hit in the MLB in the game against the Colorado Rockies. It's since joining the Seattle Mariners in 2001.

July 17
Ichiro was amazing. He hit a double. a single and single. The Marlins beat the St Louis Cardinals 6 to 3. He needs 6 more hits for his 3000th hit in MLB.

June 15
The historic day came. He started in San Diego against the Padres. He hit a base hit in the first inning to tie with Pete Rose's 4256 career hits. Then in the 9th inning, he broke the record with a double and bowed to fans. But the Padres won 6 to 3. After the game Ichiro told reporters what has kept his motivation up. During his various stages in life, joining professional baseball in Japan to playing in the MLB, people didn't believe he would make it, or win top average hitter. As to comment from Pete Rose, he ridiculed Ichiro's hit record from Japan by comparing it to playing in the minors.

June 9
Ichiro continues to be in good shape.He had 2 base hits including an RBI. This time his team defeated the Minnesota Twins.

June 8
Ichiro was amazing with the bat. He had a base hit in the 3rd inning. He hit in a equalizing run in the 5th. He had another base hit in the 6th inning. But his team lost to the Minnesota Twins 5 to 7.

May 24
Ichiro was marvellous with 4 base hits. The Marlins beat the Devil Rays 7 to 6.

May 5
Ichiro was called to bat in the 8th inning. He was walked on purpose and the crowds booed. His team won 4-0 against Arizona Diamondbacks.

Apr 21
Ichiro was fabulous on the ground and with the bat. He had 2 base hits. He slided in outfield for an incredible catch, twice. His team beat the Washington Nationals 5 to 1.

Apr 13
Ichiro started for the first time this season. He was 2nd in the line up. His one base hit was not enough to help the team. The Marlins lost 1 to 2 to the New York Mets.

Apr 12
Ichiro pinched hit in the 7th inning. He recorded his first base hit of the season. His career hit reached 2936, exceeding that of Barry Bonds who he adores. Marlins beat the New York Mets 2 to 1.

Oct 4
It's the last game of the season for Ichiro. A surprise appearance by him. In the 8th inning he was on the mound to pitch. Ichiro was a pitcher during his high school days. He pitched in the All Star games in Japan. But this was the first in MLB for him. He gave up 2 doubles and a run. His team lost to the Philadephia Phillies 2 to 6.

Aug 15
Ichiro tied with Ty Cobbs record of 4191 career hits in the game against the St Louis Cardinals. In the game he had one bse hit. His team however lost 1 to 3.

June 15
For the first time Masahiro Tanaka of the NY Yankees and Ichiro faced eachother. Ichiro hit off 2 singles off Tanaka. The Marlins won in the end 2 to 1.

May 22
Ichiro broke Babe Ruth's record with his 2875th career hit in the game against the Baltimore Orioles to rank 42nd. He had 2 hits. But his team lost 5 to 8.

May 18
Ichiro had 2 hits, to record his 2873th in the MLB or tying with Babe Ruth's record. But the team could not celebrate as in the end it lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks 2 to 3.

May 5
Ichiro not only hit himself on base. He stole to 2nd, then came home as Washington Nationals fumbled with the ball. Japan won 2 to 1.

May 4
Ichiro again was in good shape with 2 base hits. But his team lost to Washington Nationals 4 to 6.

May 3
Ichiro was super mobile. He was walked in the game against the Philadelphia Phillies. He then stole to 2nd. He reached 3rd. Then came home on a sacrific fly. The Marlins however, lost 2 to 6.

Apr 29
Ichiro slams a 3 run home run for his first homer of the season. His team defeats the NY Mets 7 to 3.

Apr 26
In the 4th inning, Ichiro hits a single. He comes home. He marks and RBI hit in the 6th inning, contributing to his team's 6 to 2 win over the Washington Nationals, its 5th win in a row.

Apr 25
Ichiro achieves a feat. He comes home for the 1968th time to exceed Sadaharu Oh's record. It's in the 8th inning on a 3 run home run. His team defeats Washington Nationals 8 to 0.

Apr 14
Ichiro started again. This time it's against the Atlanta Braves. He had a base hit, and even come home. His team beat the Braves 2 to 3.

Apr 12
Ichiro was on the starting line up for the first time this season. It's mainly because an outfielder arrive late. He marked his first run this season. In the 8th, he had a base hit. But his team lost to the Tamba Bay Rays.

Apr 8
Ichiro had his first base hit of the season. He made it on a bunt. However the Marlins lost again. It's 0 to 2 against the Braves.

Apr 6
Ichiro did not start but had a chance to bat. It's in the 8th inning. He was welcomed with a standing ovation. He grounded the ball and was out. The Braves beat the Marlins 2 to 1.

Ichiro joins Marlins
Ichiro and the Marlins top management held a news conference in Tokyo on Jan 29 to formally announce Ichiro's acquisition. It's a one year contract for 2 million dollars. He will wear number 51 just like he did with the Orix BlueWave and the Seattle Mariners.

Aug 24
Ichiro had a base hit at his first at bat. Then in the 6th with bases loaded I singled and 2 runners game home. His team beat the White Sox 7 to 4 in the 10th inning.

Jul 25
Ichiro slammed his first home run of the season. It's a 3 run with which the Yankees clinched the lead and in the end defeated the Toronto Blue Jays 6 to 4.

Apr 29
Ichiro had 2 base hits against the Seattle Mariners. But his team lost 3 to 6.

Apr 27
Ichiro could not catch a fly ball which seemed easy enough for him in the 5th inning. He made up for the failure later with an RBI hit. The Yankees beat the Angels 3 to 2.

Apr 9
Ichiro was in the game in the 9th inning as pinch runner. This appearance was his 3018th game in both Japan and the US. He has exceeded the number of games recorded by legendary catcher Katsuya Nomura in Japan. But he was not thrilled as the Yankees lost the game 4 to 5 to the Baltimore Orioles.

Apr 4
Ichiro started again. In the 3rd inning, he grounded the ball and the umpire called an out after he breezed through first base. But based on video review, he was safe. After that, he came home. He helped Masahiro Tanaka win his first game or 7 to 3 games against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Apr 3
Ichiro's first game of the season was the 3rd game for the Yankees. He was the 8th to bat. It was in the 3rd inning his turn came for the first time. He hit to the left. Then he later came home for to equalize wit the Houston Astros. In the 7th inning he doubled. Then on a pop up fly that was dropped, Ichiro came home. Thanks to Ichiro the Yankees won 4 to 2.

Aug 21
In the bottom of the first inning,Ichiro was 2nd up to bat. He singled off his former teammate R.A. Dickey marking his 4000 carreer hits. With that he's reached close to the ranks of Ty Cobb and Pete Rose. It's his 2722nd hit in MLB. With that alone he passed Lou Gehrig's record. His teammates came out from the dug out to congratulate him. One of the most beaming smiles was witnessed from the opposing team. Its by Munenori Kawasaki who idolizes Ichiro. The Yankees won 4 to 2 against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Aug 20
All eyes are on when Ichiro will mark his career 4000th hit, from playing in the MLB and Japan's pro league. In the 3rd inning and the 7th inning he base hit...making it his 3999th. His team won 8 to 4 against the Toronto Blue Japan. Then in the 2nd of the double hitter he was not in the starting line up. but he pinched ran in the 9th inning. He stole to 3rd then came home to clinch the win for the Yankees.

July 4
Ichiro had a double, then singled, then a 3 base hit, and all eyes were on whether he would complete the cycle. He didn't still he did well. The Yankees beat the Minnesota Twins 9 to 5.

June 26
Ichiro had 3 hits in all. He also homered. But the Yankees lost this time to the Texas Rangers 5 to 8.

June 25
Japanese fans were all focused on the starting pitchers, Hiroyuki Kuroda and Yu Darvish for the Texas Rangers. But in the 9th inning, Ichiro stole the spotlight with his game winning home run to clinch the game 4 to 3.

June 19
In the 6th inning, Ichiro homered. He also singled, bringing home 2 runners. He supported the game with a fine catch in the 8th inning. The Yankees beat the LA Dodgers 6 to 4.

June 6
Ichiro was welcomed in Seattle. A city he spent for many years. He was able to hit in a run. His team the Yankees defeated the Mariners 6 to 1.

June 5
Ichiro's base hit on the day marked his career 2655s, meaning he had exceeded the number of baseball great Ted Williams. His team beat the Cleveland Indians 6 to 4.

May 20
Ichiro has not had a single in a long time. Finally in the 10th inning, he doubled and came home too to help the Yankees win 6 to 4 against the Baltimore Orioles.

May 10
Ichiro slammed a 2 run home run. He had 3 hits in all. His team defeated the Kansas City Royals 11 to 6.

Apr 30
Ichiro was running and hitting well. He grounded the ball to hit himself on base in the first inning. He had another base hit in the 5th and the 8th inning. The Yankees won 7 to 4 against the Houston Astros. And his Japanese team mate and starter clinched his 4th win.

Apr 27
Ichiro continued to play well. He had 2 base hits or hits 5 games in a row. His team beat the Toronton Blue Jays 5 to 4.

Apr 26
Ichiro had a base hit. He was walked to. The Yankees managed to beat the Toronton Blue Jays 6 to 4.

Apr 19
Ichiro contributed with a double twice. The Yankees beat the Toronto Blue Jays 9 to 4.

Apr 19
Ichiro contributed with a double twice. The Yankees beat the Toronto Blue Jays 9 to 4.

Apr 9
Ichiro had base hits in the past 2 games. At last he homered. It's in the 3rd inning. His team had a big win over the Cleveland Indians 14 to 1.

Apr 1
Ichiro was on the starting line up with his head completely shaved. In the 4th inning, he singled. But that was his only base hit of the day. The Yankees lost 2 to 8 to the Boston Red Sox.

Ichiro to extend time in NY
On Dec 19,Ichiro's salary is going to fall drastically. Still the 39 year old decided to sign another 2 years with the Yankees. That's reported to be a total 13 million dollars.

American League Championship Series:Oct 18
Ichiro had no base hits. He walked once. The Yankees lost 4 to 8 against the Tigers and with this defeat was out from playoffs.

American League Championship Series:Oct 16
The Yankees lost again, even though Ichiro had 2 hits. It's 1 to 2 against the Tigers.

American League Championship Series:Oct 14
This time, Ichiro did not have any base hits in the game started by Hiroki Kuroda. Kuroda pitched well, but without his team's support, the Yankees lost 0 to 3 to the Detroit Tigers.

American League Championship Series:Oct 13
The Yankees equalized with the Detroit Tigers in the 9th inning, which started with Ichiro's 2 run home run followed by a 2 run by the amazing Raul Ibanez. In fact Ichiro was fantastic with 3 other base hits. But tragedy in the 12th inning in which the Tigers scored. Derek Jeter fractured his ankle while on the field . The Yankees lost 4 to 6.

American League Division Series:Oct 12
In the 6th inning, Ichiro hit a double. The Yankees beat the Orioles 3 to 1 and clinched the series to advance.

American League Division Series:Oct 11
This time, Ichiro had a base hit in a run in the 8th inning and contributed to his team's 2 to 1 win.

American League Division Series:Oct 10
This time, Ichiro had no hits. But it was an exciting game. The Yankees pinch hitter Raul Ibanez, Ichiro's former teammate in Seattle, hit 2 home runs to help the Yankees clinch the game 3 to 2.

American League Division Series:Oct 8
Ichiro performed an amazing run around the base. The timing of the ball received at home base would have taken an average runner out. But he ran past and turned around, and touched the base before Orioles Matt Wieters could tag him. Ichiro showed he was fast also in the 7th inning by stealing a base. But the Yankees lost 2 to 3 to the Baltimore Orioles.

American League Division Series:Oct 7
Ichiro was 2nd at bat.He batted in the team's first RBI with a 2 base hit. Then in the 9th inning, on a grounded hit he scored another run. The Yankees beat the Baltimore Orioles 7 to 2.

Oct 3
Ichiro contributed to a game which will surely become a memorable one for him. He hit in 2 runs assuring the team of a victory. The Yankees defeated the Boston Red Sox 14 to 2, With this victory clinched the American League East title. It's the first time ever for Ichiro to win the league title. And it'll be the first time since 2001 that the team he's with secures a place in the playoffs. He appeared to be in tears during the champagne celebration.

Oct 2
Ichiro had on base hit in a game that turned out dramatic. In the 12th inning Raul Ibanez's hit gave the team a game winning RBI to defeat the Boston Red Sox 4 to 3.

Sept 22
Ichiro homered in the first inning. He had a base hit in the 2nd. The game went into additional innings. Ichiro singled in the 13th inning. In the 14th inning, he was walked, and he came home, contributing to his teams victory of 10 to 9 over the Oakland Athletics.

Sept 20
Ichiro was amazing again. He slammed a home run. With bases full in the 4th inning, he hit home 2 runners and contributed to the Yankees 10 to 7 win over the Toronto Blue Jays.

Sept 19
The Yankees played a double header against the Toronto Blue Jays. He singled twice and doubled in the first game and the Yankees won 4 to 2. In the 2nd game, Ichiro had 4 hits and helped his team win 2 to 1.

Sept 15
Ichiro contributed to his team in the game against the Tampa Bay Rays. He hit himself on base, then stole base, and came home. His team won 5 to 3 and first place in the league.

Aug 19
Ichiro was amazing slamming home runs twice. He also singled. He helpd his team defeat the Boston Red Sox 4 to 1.

Aug 16
Ichiro had many base hits. He was the 8th on bat. In the 6th inning, he made it to first. And he did so in the 7th and 8th innings too. However his team lost to the Texas Rangers 6 to 10.

July 30
In the 7th inning, Ichiro homered. It's his career 100th. He reacted to the applause of the audience when he went back to outfield. However, the Baltimore Orioles won 5 to 4.

July 27
For the first time Ichiro played in Yankees Stadium as the member of the team. In the 4th inning he had a base hit. The Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox 10 to 3.

July 25
Ichiro faced Hisashi Iwakuma who started for the Mariners. In the 5th inning, Ichiro hit off Iwakuma. That was his only hit in total 5 times at bat, but his team in the end won 5 to w. With the end of this game Ichiro bid farewell to Safeco Field.

July 24
In the 5th inning, Ichiro hit off a 2 base hit. His new team, however, lost to the Mariners 2 to 4.

July 23
A surpise announcement for Japanese fans. Ichiro holds a news conference to announce he's joined the Yankees. It's through a trade with 2 young pitchers. He said he thought through the offer during the all star break and decided he will make the move. Just a few hours after the announcement, he was playing at Safeco Field, not as a Mariner, but as a Yankee. He wore number 31. He was 8th to bat. When his first turn came in the 3rd inning, he was received with a standing ovation. He bowed to the crowd, then singled. He stole to 2nd too. He didn't have any more base hits thereafter, but he played throughout the game, and the Yankees won 4 to 1.

June 18
In his first at bat Ichiro recorded his career total 2500th hit. He had another 2 base hits. His team defeated the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 12 to 9.

June 8
Ichiro played well again. He had 3 hits and stole base too. And his team was amazing, achieving a no hitter game with a relay of its pitchers. The Mariners beat the LA Dodgers 1 to 0.

June 6
In the 6th inning, Ichiro hit home a runner. In the 8th, he homered. He contributed to his team's 8 to 6 win over the LA Angels.

June 2
Ichiro got the game started with his home run. In the 3rd inning, he homered again. The game became a competitive one in which the Mariners clinched in the 12th inning 10 to 8 agains the Chicago White Sox.

May 22
Ichiro hit well against Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish who started for the Texas Rangers. He hit a 3 base hit and a single. Ichiro also came home. In the end the Mariners won 6 to 1 to the Rangers.

April 9
Ichiro was tough against Texas Rangers new Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish. Already in the first inning, Ichiro had a base hit and came home. He had 3 base hits in all.However, in the end the Mariners lost to the Rangers 5 to 11.

March 29
The M's hit in a run first. It's with Justin Smoak's home run in the 7th inning. But the A's new Cuban Yoenis Cespede slammed a 2 run homer followed by Josh Reddick. Ichiro had no base hits. This time, the A's clinched the game 4 to 1.

March 28
Ichiro opened the season in Tokyo. That's at the Tokyo Dome to play against Oakland Athletics. He had 4 base hits. One was in the 11th inning, in which he hit in a run and helped his team win 3 to 1.

Sept 28
Ichiro played the last game of the season. He had no hits on the day. He wrapped up the season with 184 hits, or short of 200. So his record of consecutive 200 plus hits ended at 10 years. There's good news in the meantime. The Mariners will hold its opening game in Tokyo next season by playing against the Oakland Athletics.

Sept 9
Ichiro was incredible. He not only slammed a lead off homer. He had 4 runs in all, and stole base twice. The Mariners defeated the Kansas City Royals 7 to 3.

Sept 8
Ichiro started of the game with his home run. He exceeded the Japan record held by Yutaka Fukumoto with 43 first batter homers. He also singled. He stole base to 2nd, then to 3rd. With that the Mariners defeated the Kansas City Royals 4 to 1.

July 27
Ichiro was rusty. But on this day, had 4 base hits. His team was finally out of the woods, stopping is losing streak at 17 in a 9 to 2 game against the NY Yankees.

July 3
It was clear Ichiro was for the first time in 10 years not on the All Star roster. However he contributed to his team. He had 2 base hits. And the Mariners defeated the San Diego Padres 3 to 1.

June 12
Hopefully Ichiro is showing signs of recovery. He had an RBI hit in the 5th inning. And he singled in the 9th. His team defeated the Detroit Tigers 7 to 3.

June 5
Ichiro has been playing poorly. He had no base hits the past 4 games. In this game he batted in 2 runs with a 3 base hit and a single. His team won 9 to 6 over the Tampa Bay Rays.

May 8
In the 4th inning, Ichiro hit himself on base. When he was running to 2nd, he was hit by the ball. The Mariners lost 2 to 5 to the Chicago White Sox.

Apr 27
Ichiro marked an RBI and had in all 2 base hits. His team beat the Detroit Tigers 10 to 1.

Apr 19
Ichiro was incredible. He hit himself on base with bases loaded in the 7th inning. He had another RBI in the 8th. In all he had 4 base hits and also stole base. The Mariners beat the Detroit Tigers 13 to 3.

Apr 2
In the 3rd inning, Ichiro hit himself to first. In the 9th, he marked a base hit, bringing home a runner on 3rd. The Mariners accummulated more RBIs after that and beat the Athletics 5 to 2.

Apr 1
Before the season opened. Japan was hit by a massive earthquake and tsunamis. Ichiro made a generous donation of 100 million yen. The devastation awakened his memory of the 1995 Kobe earthquake. At that time, he was playing for a Kobe based team. To kick off the season, Ichiro was walked. Then he stole base. He stole another after a base hit in the 3rd inning. And in the 6th, he marked an RBI. The Mariners beat the Oakland Atletics 6 to 2.

Ichiro wins Golden Glove
Ichiro was awarded the honor for the 10th sesason in a row in the American League. The award was announced on Nov 9. As an outfielder he ties with Ken Griffey Jr and Al Klaine among others.

Oct 3
In his last game of the season, Ichiro batted in 2 runs in the 5th inning. He singled in the 7th. And ended the season in all with 214 hits. With that he won the most hit title for 7th season. However, his team lost the game 3 to 4 to the Oakland Athletics.

Sept 23
He did it. In the 5th inning, he singled his 200th hit of the season, marking the record for 10 years in a row. He had his 201th hit too. But his team lost to the Toronto BlueJays 0 to 1.

Sept 21
Ichiro was a wonder. He singled in the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 9th innings. He needs 3 more base hits to record his 200th hit a year. However, his team lost to the Toronto Blue Jays 3 to 5.

Sept 11
In the 8th inning Ichiro slammed a 3 run home run. But that was his only hit of the day and his team lost 4 to 7 against the LA Angels.

Sept 5
Ichiro singled in the first inning. He singled in the 5th inning too and stole to 2nd. His team beat the Cleveland Indians 3 to 0.

Aug 30
For the first time in 3 games, Ichiro had a base hit. It's against the LA Angels. He had 2 hits. But his team lost 3 to 5.

Aug 21
Ichiro had a lead off home run. In the 3rd inning, he homered too. It's the first time in over a year he slammed 2 homers in one game. He singled in the 9th inning. But his team lost to the NY Yankees 5 to 9.

Aug 5
Ichiro's bat seems to be slowly hitting more. He doubled in the first inning, and again later. The Mariners, however lost 0 to 6 to the Texas Rangers.

July 28
Ichiro has slowed down but in this game, he had 2 base hits. But it was enough to support his team. The Mariners lost to the Chicago White Sox 5 to 6.

July 4
Ichiro stole to 2nd in the 3rd inning. He hit himself on first base in the 6th inning. The Mariners beat the Detroit Tigers 8 to 1. On this day, it was announced Ichiro was chosen to be in the All Star game for the 10th straight year.

June 23
Ichiro went on first base in the 3rd inning but it was counted as on an error. In the 4th inning with bases loaded Ichiro was at bat. He hit in 2 runners home. He had a bunt hit in the 6th inning. With his contribution his team defeated the Chicago Cubs 8 to 1.

June 2
Ichiro finished a competitive game with his bat in the 10th inning, beating the Minnesota Twins 2 to 1.

May 14
Ichiro continues to play well. In the first inning, he doubled. He singled twice. And his team won 4 to 3 against the Tampa Bay Rays.

May 13
Ichiro homered in the 5th inning, to give his team the lead over the Baltimore Orioles. But the opposing game hit runs after that. In the 9th inning, Ichiro had a base hit on which the Josh Wilson tried to come home, but he was tagged out. The game ended 5 to 6 for the Orioles.

May 9
Ichiro was a wonder. He had 3 base hits. He stole each time. His team beat the LA Angels 8 to 1.

Apr 28
Ichiro had 3 hits including an RBI. His team beat the Kansas City Royals 6 to 5.

Apr 26
Ichiro was a wonder on base. After he hit himself to first base in the 8th inning, he stole to 2nd, quickly. Then he proceeded to 3rd base. However the Mariners lost 1 to 3 to the Kansas City Royals.

Apr 10
Ichiro had a base hit and another which got him an RBI. He helped the Mariners beat the Texas Rangers 4 to 3 and end his team's losing streak at 4.

Apr 9
In the first inning Ichiro had a 2 base hit. In the 5th, he singled. But his team lost to the Texas Rangers 2 to 6.

Apr 5
Ichiro was the first at bat, starting with the Mariners for the opening game. In the 3rd inning, he himself to first base. He stole to 2nd. He tried to steal 3rd too. But he was out. The Mariners defeated the Oakland Athletics 5 to 3.