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Final standing in last interleague
1.Fukuoka Softbank Hawks
2.Nippon Ham Fighters
3.Seibu Lions
4.Rakuten Golden Eagles
5.Chiba Lotte Marines
6.Hanshin Tigers
7.Hiroshima Toyo Carp
8.Tokyo Yakult Swallows
9.Orix Buffaloes
10.Chunichi Dragons
11.Yomiuri Giants
12.Yokohama Bay Stars

June 16
The Tigers defeat the Fighters.

June 15
In the only game of the day, the Marines won on Tadahito Iguchi's RBI against the Swallows.

June 14
The Fighters were rescued by Kenji Yano's 3 run home run against the BayStars. The Golden Eagles Takahiro Norimoto shut out the Dragons. The Buffaloes won its 3rd straight game against the Tigers. The Lions Takeya Nakamura homered against the Swallows and won. The Giants against lost to the Marines. The Hawks beat the BayStars.

June 13
The Giants lost against the Marines again. The Fighters Sho Nakata homered off the BayStars and won. Nate Schierholtz slammed a 2 run, Yoshihiro Maru homered twice to help the Carp defeat the Hawks. The Buffaloes Yoshio Itoi homered to back up the team's win over the BayStars. The Lions won on Ernest Mejia's home run against the Swallows. The Dragons defeated the Golden Eagles.

June 12
The Marines reversed the Giants lead to win. The Fighters Kenji Yano who was traded from the Giants hit in a game winning run to defeat the BayStars. Carp's Hiroki Kuroda shut out the Hawks and won his 6th game. The Swallows beat the Lions. The Buffaloes clinched the game from the Tigers in the 10th inning. The Golden Eagles beat the Dragons.

June 11
The Giants losing streak stopped at last by beating the Fighters.It's now top of the Central League. The BayStars extends its losing streak in the game which it's succumbed to Golden Eagles Kaz Matsui's grand slam. The Dragons Kazuhiro Wada marked his 2000th hit. His team defeated the Marines too. The Lions Ernest Mejia finished the game with his RBI against the Carp. The Buffaloes Brandon Dickson won his 7th game by pitching well against the Swallows. The Hawks defeated the Tigers.

June 10
The Giants marked its 5th loss in a row by facing defeat before the Fighters. The BayStars is worse, with 6 losses in a row in the game against the Golden Eagles. The Tigers Takashi Toritani slammed 2 homers to contribute to defeating the Hawks. The Swallows Kazuhiro Hatakeyama homered again, and his team beat the Buffaloes. The Carp clinched the game in the 10th inning with Takahiro Arai's RBI. The Marines beat the Dragons.

June 9
The Giants lost again, this time to the Fighters. In this game Sho Nakata homered. The Golden Eagles Wily Mo Pena hit in a game winning home run against the BayStars. The Swallows Kazuhiro Hatakeyama slammed a 3 run home run to beat the Buffaloes. The Hawks Nobuhiko Matsuda hit in a 2 run home run to defeat the Tigers. The Lions beat the Carp. The Dragons Hector Luna contributed to its win over the Marines.

June 7
The Hawks beat the Giants 3 games in a row. The BayStars lost again to the Lions. The Dragons veteran players Itoi and Kazuhiro Wada homered to beat the Buffaloes. The Tigers defeated the Fighters. The Carp won this time against the Golden Eagles. The Swallows Mitch Dening grand slammed to give his team a win over the Marines.

June 6
The Hawks defeated the Giants again. The BayStars lost to the Lions sluggers. The Golden Eagles Zelous Wheeler slammed a 3 run home run to beat the Carp. The Swallows Kazuhiro Hatakeyama homered and defeated the Marines. The Buffaloes Chihiro Kaneko pitched against the Dragons and at last won his first game. The Tigers beat the Fighters started by Shohei Otani.

June 5
The Carps Hiroki Kuroda won his 5th game pitching a competitive game against the Golden Eagles. The BayStars and Lions finished the game with a draw. The Hawks Takeshi Hosoyamada hit in a game winning 2 RBIs against the Giants. The Buffaloes beat the Dragons.

June 4
The Hawks Lee Dae-ho blasted a 2 run home run and his team beat the BayStars again. The Giants new pitcher Miles Mikolas shut out the Buffaloes. All eyes were not so much on Mikolas but on his beautiful wife watching from the stands. The Golden Eagles beat the Swallows with home runs. The Fighters extended its consecutive win to 5, while defeating the Fighters. The Tigers beat the Marines. The Dragons and the Lions finshed the game a draw.

June 3
The BayStars lost a 11 inning game to the Hawks. The Giants Hirokazu Ibata helped clinch the game against the Buffaloes and with that win tied with the BayStars for first place. The Fighters won its 5th straight game by defeating the Dragons. The Tigers Kei Toritani finished the game against the Marines in the 10th inning with his base hit. The Lions Tomoya Mori homered twice and beat the Dragons. The Golden Eagles Tetsuro Nishida batted in runs including with a homerun and beat the Swallows.

June 2
The BayStars managed to beat the Hawks despite 2 homers by Lee Dae-ho. The Giants beat the Buffaloes on Hayato Sakamoto's home run. The Fighters defeated the Carp. The Marines Katsuya Kakunaka grand slammed against the Tigers to win. The Swallows won on 2 homers by Kazuhiro Hatakeyama. The Dragons shut out the Lions.

May 31
Toshiake Imae's RBI helped the Marines beat the BayStars. The Fighters Sho Takata's RBI contributed to his team's win over the Dragons. The Lions Takeya Nakamura continues to blast. This time he slammed a 3 run homer against the Tigers and his team won. The Golden Eagles finished the game in the 10th inning with a home run against the Giants. The Carp beat the Buffaloes. The Hawks defeated the Swallows.

May 30
At last the BayStars beat the Marines. The Giants clinched the game against the Golden Eagles in the 11th inning. The Lions Takeya Nakamura was amazing with a 2 run home run and a grand slam to beat the Tigers. The Carp managed to clobber Buffaloes pitcher Chihiro Kaneko. The Swallows Kazuhiro Hatakeyama blasted a 3 run homer to defeat the Hawks. The Fighters Shohei Otani won his 7th game by hurling well against the Dragons.

May 29
The BayStars known to perform poorly in the Interleague lost to the Marines. The Giants lost to the Golden Eagles. The Carp defeated the Buffaloes with homers by Eishin Soyogi and Yoshihiro Maru. The Hawks Uchikawa slammed a 2 run. Lee Dae-ho followed with a single homer The Hawks won 7 to 4. The Tigers Randy Messenger pitched well and shut out the Lions. The Fighters beat the Dragons.

May 28
The BayStars tried to catch up but was just short of a run against the Buffaloes. The Giants Leslie Anderson homered to defeat the Lions. The Swallows beat the Fighters. The Hawks Yuki Yanakita homered twice and beat the Dragons. The Marines Luis Cruz slammed a homer to clinch the lead from the Carp. The Tigers won on a walk with bases full against the Golden Eagles.

May 27
The BayStars 41 year old starter Daisuke Miura pitch well and his team wins against the Buffaloes. The Lions Shogo Akiyama homers twice to beat the Giants. The Tigers Kosuke Fukudome's 2 run homer ends the game against the Golden Eagles. The Marines beat the Carp. The Hawks Kenichi Nakata hurls over the disatance and also hits in 2 runs to beat the Dragons. The Swallows and the Fighters draw.

May 26
The BayStars face defeat in the game against the Buffaloes. The Giants clobber the Lions with home runs by Hayato Sakamoto, Hisayoshi Chono and Shinnosuke Abe. The Dragons beat the Hawks. The Tigers Mauro Gomez slams a 2 run home run to beat the Golden Eagles. The Fighers Sho Nakata blasts a 3 run home run to defeat the Swallows. The Carp Yoshihiro Maru grand clams to defeat the Marines.
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