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INTERLEAGUE MVP:Ryuma Kidokoro (Fukuoka Softbank Hawks)
Final standing in last interleague
1.Fukuoka Softbank Hawks
2.Chiba Lotte Marines
3.Hiroshima Toyo Carp
4. Rakuten Golden Eagles
5.Nippon Ham Fighters
6.Seibu Lions
7.Yomiuri Giants
8.Yokohama Bay Stars
9.Chunichi Dragons
10.Hanshin Tigers
11.Tokyo Yakult Swallows
12.Orix Buffaloes

June 19
Ryuma Kidokoro grand slammed to support the Hawks win against the Tigers. It was Seiya Suzuki again with his home run game the Carp a victory over the Buffaloes. The Giants at last won including RBIs by Hayato Sakamoto, Shinnosuke Abe agaisnt the Marines. The Lions defeated the Swallows. The Golden Eagles Zelous Wheeler homered to beat the BayStars. The Fighters Shohei Otani started and pitched well to give his team a win over the Dragons.

June 18
The Carp's Seiya Suzuki hit in a game winning home run against the Buffaloes. The Hawks beat the Tigers. The Golden Eagles golden rookie Rui Okoe slammed his first home run as pro and his team beat the BayStars. The Swallows Keiji Obiki's home run helped beat the Lions. The Marines Katsuya Kakunaka homered to take his team to a victory over the Giants The Dragons beat the Fighters.

June 17
The Tigers Kosuke Fukudome's game winning hit ended the game against the Hawks. The Carp beat the Buffaloes. The Golden Eagles Zelous Wheeler slammed a 2 run home run against the BayStars to contribute to his team's win. The Swallows Tetsuto Yamada's 2 run homer helped beat the Lions. The Dragons losing streak ended at 4 by defeating the Fighter.

June 16
The Hawks blasted with Nobuhiro Matsuda's and Ryuma Kidokoro's home runs to defeat the Swallows. Carp shut out the Lions. Hayato Sakamoto's 2 run home run help the Giants beat the Golden Eagles. The Marines beat the Dragons.

June 15
The Giants finally won with Shuichi Murata's game winning RBI against the Golden Eagles. The Hawks clinched a competitive game against the Swallows. Ryuhei Matsuyama of the Carp hit in 2 runs to help his team beat the Lions. The Fighters clinched a 10 inning game from the BayStars. Kei Hosoya of the Marines was hot with 4 RBIs and defeated the Dragons. Buffaloes' slugger T Okada homered to defeat the Tigers.

June 14
The Hawks lost to the Swallows Yuhei Nakamura's 2 RBIs. The Carp clinched its game against the Lions. The Giants failed to win against the Golden Eagles making it its 5th loss in a row. The Tigers shuts out the Buffaloes. The Fighters beat the BayStars.

June 12
The Giants tried to catch up but lost again to the Hawks. The Golden Eagles Kazuya Fujita finished the game in the 11th hiining with his RBI against the Carp. The Marines Alfredo Despaigne helped his team win with his home run against the Swallows. The BayStars Shun Yamaguchi shut out the Buffaloes. The Lions beat the Dragons. The Fighters Shohei Otani pitched a shut out 7 inning and with his team mates support won his 5th games from the Tigers.

June 11
The Hawks beat the Giants again with a grand slam by Seiichi Uchikawa. The Golden Eagles rookie Rui Okoe hit 3 base hits and hyped the team's mood to defeat the Carp. The Dragons Ryosuke Hirata slammed a 2-run homer to beat the Lions. The BayStars shut out the Buffaloes. The Tigers beat the Fighters. The Marines defeated the Swallows.

June 10
The Hawks won a close game in which the Giants ace Tomoyuki Sugano started. The Carp's Hiroki Kuroda won his 5th game by shutting out the Golden Eagles. The Fighters Brandon Laird helped his team clinch the game against the Tigers with his 2 run home run. The Lions Shogo Akiyama hit in a game winning RBI against the Dragons. The BayStars Yoshitomo Tsutsugo supported his team's win with a run batted in against the Buffaloes. The Swallows clinched the game against the Marines in the 10th inning.

June 9
The Hawks Yuki Yanagita homered again and took his team to a victory against the BayStars. The Giants lost to the Lions. The Carp beat the Fighters. The Buffaloes Chihiro Kaneko was unable to win again, this time against the Dragons. The Golden Eagles rookie Okoe's sacrifice fly helped the team beat the Swallows. The Marines defeated the Tigers.

June 8
The Giants beat the Lions on Hayato Sakamoto's RBI and Shuichi Murata's home run. The Carp lost to the Fighters. The Hawks Tsuyoshi Wada struck ut 11 while Yuki Yanagita slammed a 2 run homer against the BayStars to win. The Swallows Tetsuto Yamada blasted a 3 run homer against the Golden Eagles to help his team win. The Buffaloes beat the Dragons. The Marines Yamaico Navarro's RBI against the Tigers gave his team a win.

June 7
The Carp beat the Fighters. The Lions defeated the Giants. The Hawks Seiichi Uchikawa slammed a 2 run home run to support his team's win against the BayStars. The Dragons clinched a 12 inning game against the Buffaloes. Yamaico Navarro's home run helped the Marines beat the Tigers. Golden Eagles rookie Rui Okoe hit in 2 runs with a 3 base hit to help his team win against the Swallows.

June 5
The Fighters ace Shohei Otani broke his own Japan record with a 163/hour speed ball against the Giants. He hurled over the distance and his team won. The Giants fell agains to 2nd place. The Carp won on Yoshihiro Maru's RBI in the 12th inning against the Hawks. The Lions won a 12 inning game too. Its against the Tigers. The BayStars shut out the Marines, and so did the Dragons against the Golden Eagles.

June 4
The Giants won again. This time its on Shinnosuka Abe's home run against the Fighters. It returned to first place in the Central Leage as the Carp tied against the Hawks. The Buffaloes beat the Swallows on Yoshio Itoi's home run. The BayStars Yoshitomo Tsutsugo slammed a 3 run home run then a game winning run in the 10th inning against the Marines. The Golden Eagles won its 3rd game in a row with a shut out victory against the Dragons. The Tigers beat the Lions.

June 3
Carp's Hiroki Kuroda gave up 3 consecutive homers. They are to the Hawks Yuki Yanakita, Seiji Uchikawa, Nobuhiro Matsuda and lost. The Giants beat the Fighters on Hayato Sakamoto's 3 run home run. The Lions clobbered the Tigers. The Golden Eagles defeated the Dragons. The Buffaloes beat the Swallows. The BayStars won against the Marines.

June 2
The Hawks was able to defeat the Dragons this time. The Marines defeated the Carp. The Giants beat the Buffaloes on Hayato Sakamoto's home run. The Tigers Shintaro Fujinami shut out the Golden Eagles. The Fighter Sho Nakata clinched the game with his grand slam against the Swallows. The Lions beat the BayStars on Takeya Nakamura's RBI.

June 1
The Hawks winning steak ended at 8 losing to the Dragons. Carp's Brad Eldred took his team to a win over the Marine with his base hit. The Giants former ace Tetsuya Utsumi won his first game of the season hurling over the Buffaloes. The Lions Eito Asamura grandslammed to beat the BayStars. The Fighter beat the Swallows on Sho Nakata's 3 run home run. The Tigers beat the Golden Eagles.

May 31
The Marines Tadahito Iguchi hit in 2 runs and defeated the Carp. The Giants Shinnosuke Abe was back with the team. He helped the weak team beat the Buffaloes with a 2 run home run. The BayStars Jose Lopez slammed a 3 run home run The Golden Eagles Takahiro Norimoto hurled over the distance against the Tigers. The Hawks defeated the Dragons. The Swallows beat the Fighters.

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