Modified on June 20, 2017

Final standing in 2017 interleague
1.Fukuoka Softbank Hawks
2.Hiroshima Toyo Carp
3.Seibu Lions
4.Hanshin Tigers
5. Rakuten Golden Eagles
6.Orix Buffaloes
7.Yokohama Bay Stars
8.Chunichi Dragons
9.Nippon Ham Fighters
10.Yomiuri Giants
11. Chiba Lotte Marines
12.Tokyo Yakult Swallows

The Carp won 2 of 3 games from the Hawks from June 16. The Golden Eagles won 2 from the Tigers. The Giants beat the Marines in all 3 games, but a disaster in the 3rd. Shinnosuke Abe who homered twice, injured himself. The Dragons defeated the Lions in 2 games. BayStars beat the Buffloes in 2 games. Fighters won 2 games from the Swallows.

From June 13, the Carp recovered beating the Buffaloes in all 3 games. The Giants appeared back on track with Tomohiro Sugano's 10 strike out win against the Hawks on June 13, a shut out relay the next day. But the Giants lost the 3rd game. The Tigers beat the Lions in 2 games. The Swallows beat the Golden Eagles in 2 games. The Fighters defeated the Dragons in 2 games. The BayStars won 2 games from the Marines.

The top Pacific League team Golden Eagles beat the Carp in all 3 games from June 9. The Hawks Yuki Yanakita beat the Tigers on June 9, lost the next and won the 3rd on Nobuhiro Matsuta's RBI. The BayStars won the first game against the Lions, lost the next 2. The Buffaloes defeated the Draons in the first 2 games, lost the 3rd. The Swallows stretched its consecutive loss to 10 on June 10 in the game against the Marines, but finally won its first game this Interleague the next day. The Giants consecutive loss ended at 13 on June 9 by beating the Fighters on Hayato Sakamoto's 2 base RBI. It los the next day however.

All eye are on the Giants doing terribly. From June 6, it faced the Lions and lost all 3 games. The Hawks on the other hand did terribly well, beating the Swallows in all 3 games. The Golden Eagles lost the first 2 games to the BayStars, but on June 8, Takahiro Norimoto came to the rescue again striking out more than 10 at bat. The Carp won all 3 games against the Fighters. The Tigers ended the Buffaloes winning streak at 7 on June 6, lost the next game, and won the 3rd. The Dragons beat the Marines the first 2 games, lost the 3rd.

From June 2, Shuichi Murata hit well for the Giants, but the team lost all 3 games to the Buffaloes. The Hawks did well led by Yuki Yanagita and defeated the BayStars in all 3 games. The Dragon won 2 of 3 games from the Golden Eagles. The Xavier Batista slammed his first home run for the Carp on June 3 and helped his team win the next game against the Marines too. The Lions Yusei Kikuchi won his 6th game on June 2, pitching against the Swallows. The Lions won the next day too with home runs by Takeya Nakamura, Shogo Akiyama and Eito Asamura. Lions tied with the Swallows on June 4. The Fighters defeat the Tigers in 2 of 3 games.

The first game was played from May 30. The Golden Eagles clobbered the Giants. In the first game, Zelous Wheeler blasted a 2 run home run, then a greand slam to help his team win. In the next game Wheeler homered again. In the 3rd game Takahiro Norimoto struck out the Giants 12 times. This means he's marked a 2 digit strike out in 7 games in a row breaking the record held by Hideo Nomo. The Carp beat the Lions in the first 2 games but on June 1, it's lost to end its winning streak at 7. The Hawks won the first 2 games against the Dragons, but lost in the 3rd to Alex Guerrero's 2 homers. The Fighters lost the first game to the BayStars. Yuki Saito started in the 2nd game and won a game for the first time since 2015. Sho Nakata slammed a 2 run home run in the next game to help the Fighters win. The Tigers Yoshio Itoi and Yuta Ohmine's homers help the team beat the Marines, and the Tigers won the next day too, but lost to Yuki Karakawa's good pitches. The Buffaloes won all 3 games against the Swallows.

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