Modified on June 17,2021

INTERLEAGUE MVP:Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Buffaloes)
Final standing in 2021 interleague
1.Orix Buffaloes
2.Hanshin Tigers
3.Yokohama Bay Stars
4.Chunichi Dragons
5.Tokyo Yakult Swallows
6.Rakuten Golden Eagles
7.Seibu Lions
8.Chiba Lotte Marines
9.Yomiuri Giants
10.Fukuoka Softbank Hawks
11.Nippon Ham Fighters
12.Hiroshima Toyo Carp

June 14-15
The only games left to be played are between the Lions and the Carp, postponed from the Carp's COVID-19 outbreak. The Lions won the first, lost the 2nd.

June 11-13
The Buffaloes Yoshinobu Yamamoto shut out the Carp with 15 strike outs. With another victory the next day, the Buffaloes clinched first place in the interleague. The Buffaloes won agains the next day on T Okada's game winning RBI. The Dragon won the first game but lost the next 2 against the Lions. The Giants star Hayato Sakamoto was back after breaking his finger. His team won the first game against the Marines, won the next on 2 3 run home runs by Kazuma Okamoto, but lost the 3rd in a game its ace pitcher Tomoyuki Sugano started. The Hawks lost all 3 games to the Swallows. The Tigers won all 3 games against the Golden Eagles. The BayStars won 2 of 3 games against the Fighters.

June 7-10
The Buffloes stands on top in the interleague. It faced the Giants and won 2 games, tied in one. The Tigers beat the Fighters in all 3 games. The Golden Eagles clinched 2 games against the Dragons. The Lions won 2 games against the BayStars. Tetsuya Utsumi who was the Giants ace won his first game with the Lions. The Hawks won 1 game and tied in 2 against the Carp. In the first and the 3rd game the Marines beat the Swallows,Brandon Laird homered.

June 4-6
The Giants shut out the Fighters in the first game, but lost the next 2. The Tigers won the first game against the Hawks but lost the next 2. The Golden Eagles defeated the Carp in all 3 games. Competitive games between BayStars and Lotte were help with the BayStars clinched all by the first game. The Swallow won 2 of 3 games against the Lions The Buffaloes beat the Marines in the first game.

June 1-3
The Dragons are doing weel, winning 2 of 3 games against the Marines and tying in one. The Tigers lost 2 of 3 games to the Buffaloes. The Giant and the Lions tied in 2 games, and the Giants won one of Kazumo Okamoto's RBI. The Hawks lost 2 games to the BayStars, tied in one. The Swallows won the first game against the Golden Eagles with Munetaka Murakami's 2 run homer, but lost the next 2. The Carp won one and lost another game aginst the Fighters.

May 28-30
The Carp returned. It played against the Marines, won the first but lost the next 2 games. The Tigers Teruaki Sato homered 3 times agains the Lions to help his team win. The Tigers lost the next, but clinched the 3rd which was a seesaw game. The Giants faced the Hawks, lost the first 2 games, won the 3rd on Kazumo Okamoto's home run. The Baystars and the Golden Eagles won a game each and tied on May 28 in which Masahiro Tanaka started. The Buffaloes Yoshinobu Yamamoto pitched a 9 strike out game on May 28 against the Swallows to win. The Swallows won the next, but the Buffaloes clinched the 3rd. The Fighters won the first game against the Dragons but lost the next 2.

May 25-27
Interleague returns on May 25 after it was cancelled the previous year due to COVID-19 pandemic. The Carp's games have been put off due to the infection of a large number of players. The Marines beat the Tigers on Leonys Martin's 2 run home run on May 25, the Tigers win the next, the Marines win the 3rd. The Giants win on May 25 on Zelous Wheeler's 3 run home run against the Golden Eagles, the team he was with until last season. The Giants win the next on Kazuma Okamoto's 2 run home run, but loses the 3rd. The Dragons shut out the Hawks on May 25, win again the next game and tie in the 3rd.. The BayStars exploded with homers by Yamato Maeda, Keita Sano and two by Neftali Soto against the Buffaloes on May 25. The Buffaloes exploded in the next. They BayStars Neftali Soto homered twice on May 27 to win. The Fighters beat the Swallows on May 25, and the Swallow won then next 2 games.

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