2015 JAPAN SERIES: Fukuoka Softbank Hawks vs Yakult Swallows

Modified on October 29, 2015

Champion:Fukuoka Softbank Hawks
4 games to 5
Most Valuable Player:Lee Dae-Ho

October 29 at Jingu Stadium (audience 31,239 )
The Hawks starter was Jason Standridge. He pitched well. Meanwhile Lee Dae Ho did it again. This time he slammed a 2 run homerun just inside the outfield pole. Kenji Akashi hit in a run with bases full. Yuki Yanagita hit in his first run this Japan Series. Dennis Sarfate closed the game. The Hawks clinched the national title by defeating the Swallows 5 to 0.

October 28 at Jingu Stadium (audience 31,288 )
It was all about Korean slugger Lee Dae-Ho. His 2 RBI hits saved the team. The Hawks beat the Swallows 6 to 4.

October 27 at Jingu Stadium (audience 31,037 )
Tetsudo Yamamoto blasted on home ground. He homered 3 times, or breaking the Japan Series record. It's a game leading single in the 3rd inning. The Hawks equalized. Then in the 5th inning, he slammed a 2 run to take back the lead. In the 8th inning, the team's slugger Kazuhiro Hatakeyama homered. The Swallows at last won. Its 8 to 4.

October 25 at Yahuoku Dome (audience 35,764 )
Rick Van Den Hurk pitched well for the Hawks. He shut out the 8 innings he pitched. Meanwhile Hawks Korean slugger Lee Dae-Ho hit off a 2 run home run from Yashuhiro Ogawa The Hawks had a shut out win, 4 to 0.

October 24 at Yahuoku Dome (audience 35,732)
Opening the Japan Series with a curve, Ayumu Goromaru who contributed much to Japan's surprising win over South African at the Rugby World Cup 2015. For the Hawks, the series began with bad news. Its central player Seiichi Uchikawa was discovered to have sustained a broken rib taking him out of the series. But his teammates blasted. Nobuhiro Matsuda slammed a home run off the Swallows starting pitcher Masanori Ishikawa in the 4th inning. That seems to have given a boost of the mood,leading to RBIs in that inning. For the Hawks Shota Takeda,gave up a 2 run home run to Kazuhiro Hatakeyama. The Hawks won 4 to 2.

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