2016 JAPAN SERIES: Hiroshima Toyo Carp vs Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters

Modified on October 29, 2016

3 games to 4
Most Valuable Player:BRANDON LAIRD

October 29 at Mazda Stadium (audience 30,693 )
Back in Hiroshima, the Fighters scored first. Yoshihiro Maru hit in a homer run. The in the 6th inning the Carp equalized. Jackson who pitched from the 8th inning ruined all the effort. He walked with bases loaded. He gave up runs, and then he allowed Brad Laird to grand slam off him to take his team to a 10 to 4 win. The Fighters won the championship for the first time in 10 years.

October 27 at Sapporo Dome (audience 40,633 )
The Carp's Seiya Suzuki hit in the game's 2st run. Kris Johnson who started for the Carp pitched well. In the 7th inning the Fighters equalized. In the 9th inning, the Fighters closer Shota Nakasaki was in trouble. Bases were loaded. Haruki Nishikawa homered. With the grand slam the Fighters won 5 to 1.

October 26 at Sapporo Dome (audience 40,599)
In the 6th inning the Fighters equalized on Sho Nakata's home run. Then in the 8th inning Brandon Laird slammed a 2 run home run. The Fighters won 3 to 1.

October 25 at Sapporo Dome (audience 40,503 )
Hiroki Kuroda started which could be his last game before retiring. He pitched 5 2/3 innings and gave up a run. It's speculated he had sprained himself so he could not pitch any longer. He had the support of Brad Eldred who slammed a 2 run home run. Sho Nakata hit in 2 runs. But the Carp equalized, and the game went into extra inning. There, Shohei Otani hit in a game winning base hit. The Fighters won 4 to 3.

October 23 at Mazda Stadium (audience 30,638)
Yusuki Nomura who won the most number of games this season started for the Carp. Tetsuya Kokubo hit in a run already in the first inning. The Fighters equalized in the 4th. But the Carp blasted thereafter. Brad Eldred homered again. The Car won again 5 to 1.

October 22 at Mazda Stadium (audience 30,619)
The series opened in the rain. Starting for the Carp, Kris Johnson. For the Fighters, its wonder boy Shohei Otani. In the 4th inning, Otani gave up 2 homers. One to Ryuhei Matsuyama. Another to Brad Eldred. In the 7th inning Brandon Laird homered for the Fighters. But that was the only run for the team. The Carp won 5 to 1.

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