2022 JAPAN SERIES:Orix Buffaloes vs Yakult Swallows

Modified on November 6,2022

Most Valuable Player:Yutaro Sugimoto


Oct 30 at Jingu Stadium (audience 29381)
Ryo Ohta slammed a home run in the first inning. The Buffaloes had a big 5th inning, with bases full, Masataka Yoshida hit by the pitch, and bases cleared on a error. In the 8th, Munetaka Murakami hit in a run. Jose Osuna slammed a 3 run home run. But the Swallows could not hit any more run. The Buffaloes won 5 to 4 and with the 4th game win clinched the championship title for the first time in 26 years.

Oct 29 at Jingu Stadium (audience 29379)
In the 6th inning,Yutaro Sugimoto hit in a run. In the 9th inning 3 runners came home. The Buffaloes had a shut out win of 3 to 0 against the Swallows.

Oct 26 at Kyocera Dome Osaka (audience 33135)
It was a see saw game. Jose Osuna hit in the game's first run. Domingo Santana homered. Then after the 2 teams equalized, Masataka Yoshida slammed a home run. It's his first in the series. The Swallows equalized the had another run contributed by Norichika Aoiki. In the 9th inning, Masahiro Nishino slid into first base to survived. Yoshida homered for a game winning 2 run for the Buffaloes 6 to 4 win.

Oct 26 at Kyocera Dome Osaka (audience 33210)
In the 3rd inning Yutaro Sugimoto hit in a run. The Buffaloes succeeded in a shut out relay to win 1 to 0.

Oct 25 at Kyocera Dome Osaka (audience 33098)
The Swallows captain was not hitting well during the series. In the 3rd inning, Tetsuto Yamada had his first base hit. In the 5th inning he blasted a 3 run home run. In the 9th inning Munetaka Murakami hit in 2 home. The Swallows won 7 to 1.

Oct 23 at Jingu Stadium (audience 29410)
It was a long game lasting over 5 hours. In the 3rd ining starting pitcher for the Buffaloes,Fukuya Yamasaki hit in a run. Mune hit in a run. Then in the 5th inning Yutaro Sugimoto hit in a run. In the 9th inning, the Swallows equalized on Souma Uchiyama's 3 run homerun. Neither side hit in runs after that. They tied 3 to 3.

Oct 22 at Jingu Stadium (audience 29402)
Starting for both teams, their best pitchers. It's Ryan Ogawa for the Swallows. This season's 4 title winner Yoshinobu Yamamoto starts for the Buffaloes. Jose Osuna hit in 2 runs. Then Kotaro Kuribayashi hit in a run. In the 3rd inning Yasutaka Shiomi slammed a homerun to take the lead. Osuna homered too. The decisive homerun was a powerful one by triple crown king Munetaka Murakami. The Swallows won 5 to 3.

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