Modified on November 12, 2008

Nomo as temporary coach
For the first time since he gave up playing baseball as a professional player, he appeared before TV cameras. It's on Nov 12 in Kochi at the Orix Buffaloes autumn camp.

Nomo calls it quit
It was learned on July 17, that Nomo had called the baseball club he owns and told the manager that he was ending his career as a pro baseball player. He's also unveiled his decision on his website.

Nomo designated for assignment
It was learned on Apr 20 that Nomo will be removed from the roster. It's because he was not giving the pitches that was expected of him. Instead he'll be replaced by Luke Hochevar. It's speculated after May 10 he will be sent through waiver.

Apr 19
Nomo was given another chance to pitch. He was sent as a relief in the 8th inning to relief Yasuhiko Yabuta who loaded the bases. But Nomo was unlucky. What appeared to be a grounded hit turned into a 2 RBI hit. Then he himself couldn't field well. The Royals lost to the Oakland Athletics 2 to 13.

Apr 15
Nomo pitched for the 2nd time this season. He was on from the 4th inning. He struck out Seattle Mariners Ichiro. But he gave up 4 runs. The Royals lost 6 to 11.

Apr 10
Nomo at last was back on the pitching mound in MLB. It's the first time since 2005. He pitched from the 7th inning, but he gave up a base hit, walked and was in trouble. But he prevented the New York Yankees Hideki Matsui from getting anyone home. In the 9th inning, he gave up 2 home runs. The Royals lost to the Yankees 1 to 6.

Nomo called to play in the majors
On Apr 5, it was learned, Nomo has been invited to play with the Kansas City Royals. He was registered in the team already the next day. It's been 3 years since he last played in the major league.

Nomo signs with Royals minor
It came to light that on Jan 3 Nomo signed with a minor team affiliated with Kansas City Royals. According to reports he's been invited to join the Royals pre season camp in mid Feb.

NOMO IN 2007
Nomo surfaces in Venezuela
A whole year went by without a sign of Nomo on any pitcher's mound. But finally the day arrived. He on Oct 20, started the game as a member of the Caracas Leones in the winter league. He hurled 17 pitches in the first inning. Then, due to heavy rain, he waited more than an hour. And decided not to pitch anymore that day.

NOMO IN 2006
White Sox minor team released Nomo
On June 9 it was learned that Nomo was released from Triple A Charlotte. He could not pitch due to a series of injuries. He had a surgery of his right elbow thereafter.

NOMO IN 2005
Nomo signs with Yankees minor team
Released by the Devil Rays, Nomo immediately signed up with the Yankees minor team on Jul 27.

July 15
In the 2nd inning, Nomo was in a mess. He lasted only 2 2/3 innings, and gave up 7 runs. The Devil Rays lost 6 to 11 against the Toronto BlueJays. Nomo succumbed to his 8th loss. The next day he was designated for assignment.

July 4
The first inning was a disaster for Nomo. The Chicago White Sox's Jermain Dye grand slammed off him. But he stayed on to pitch 4 0/3 innings. He lost a total 8 runs and had to take the loss for the 8 to 10 game.

June 27
Nomo was unstable with his pitched in the 4th inning, but after the 5th, he recovered. He was able to pitch 7 inning, giving up just 2 runs. The Devil Rays won 4 to 3 over the Toronto Blue Jays, and Nomo gained his 5th win.

June 21
Nomo had a nightmare 5th inning, where he gave up a 3 run homer to the NY Yankees Gary Sheffield. In all he pitched 4 2\3 innings and gave up 6 runs. His team was still way ahead of the Yankees at that point. But the Yankees fought back and in the end beat the Devil Rays 20 to 11 win.

June 15
Nomo gave up 2 runs in 7 innings, while his teammate help not only with the bat, but out in the field too. His team won 5 to 3, and Nomo collected his career total 200th win to enter Japan's "meikyukai". It's the first time a player who played in both Japan and MLB achieved such feat.

June 10
Nomo was in a mess in the first inning. He loaded the bases. And gave up 2 runs on sacrifice flies. Then in the 5th inning, he gave up two triple base hits, or 3 runs. His team lost the game, 2 to 7 over the Pittsuburgh Pirates. It's Nomo's 6th lodd.

June 5
His team supported him. But in the 3rd inning, he gave up a run. In the 5th, Ichiro Suzuki of the Seattle Mariners hit off Nomo to get to first. He gave up 3 runs that inning. Nomo pitched 6 innings succumbing to 5 runs in all. His team in the end lost 5 to 6.

May 31
The Devil Rays scored first. But in the 2nd inning, Nomo lost 2 runs. In the 4th, he lost 4 more. He had to take his 5th loss in a 1 to 10 game against the Oakland Athletics.

May 26
Nomo lost a lead off homer to the Oakland Athletics Marco Scutaro. And that was it. His fork balls were effective that he struck out 7. He pitched 7 1/3 inning, and as the Devil Rays won 2 to 1, Nomo picked up his career 199th win.

May 20
Nomo did not have a good day. He pitched 5 innings, but gave up 7 runs. He walked 5. The Devil Rays tried to catch up with the Florida Marlins, but in the end lost 6 to 7.

May 14
Nomo was in trouble in the 2nd inning. With bases loaded he walked a Kansas City Royals. There after he lost a total 3 runs. He pitched 6 innings.At that point, his team was winning. But in the end the Devil Rays lost 5 to 6.

May 9
Nomo lost a 2 base RBI to Tadahito Iguchi of the Chicago White Sox. But he was pitching fairly well until the 6th inning. He suddenly could not pitch. His leg was treated on the field, but since he could not get rid of the pain, he stepped down. The Devil Rays managed to clinch the game 4 to 2.

May 4
Nomo was just one out short to qualify for a win. In the 5th inning, the Yankees Hideki Matsui hit 2 runs in. Then A-Rod had a base hit off him too. And Nomo was taken off the mound while his team was still ahead. In all, he gave up 5 runs. In the end, the Devil Rays won 11 to 8.

Apr 29
Nomo lost a 3 run home run to the Baltimore Orioles Miguel Tejada. In all, during the 6 1/3 innings he pitched, he gave up 5 runs. He took his 3rd loss, in a 0 to 5 game.

Apr 24
Nomo lost 2 runs already in the first inning. But he was allowed to stay on to finish 6 innings. He lost 4 runs. His team lost 3 to 11 to the Boston Red Sox, and its Nomo's 2nd loss.

Apr 19
For the first time Nomo started a game with only 3 days in between. He faced the Yankees. The pitcher opposing him was Randy Johnson. In the 2nd inning, he lost a homer to Jason Giambi. But that was the only run he lost, although he had some lucky support, thanks to his teammates on the field. He pitched 5 2/3 inning. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays won 6 to 2. It's Nomo's 2nd win.

Apr 15
It was probably a nightmare for Nomo in this game against the Boston Red Sox. In the 2nd inning, he walked 4. David Ortiz had a grand slam off Nomo. But Nomo still came on in the 3rd inning. However, he was unable to get even get one out before he was taken off. In all, he gave up 8 runs. The Dodgers lost 0 to 10.

Apr 9
It's Nomo's first job of the season and for his new team the Devil Rays. He started, and did a good job. In the 3rd inning, he gave up a home run. But other wise, he pitched well. In all, he hurled 6 inning. And his team beat the Oakland Athletics 11 to 2.

Nomo signs with DevilRay's minor team
Nomo was released by the Dodgers and was looking for a Major League team to accept him. On Jan 27, it was learned that the DevilRays decided to acquire him, but in the minor level.

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