Latest on Tomokazu Ohka in the US

Updated on April 9, 2010

Ohka signs with the BayStars
Ohka returned to Japan and on Apr 8 it became official that he signed with the Yokohama BayStars. Its a 2 year contract for an estimated 100 million yen.

Ohka to Mexico
It was learned on Mar 8 that Ohka will play in the Mexican League this season. But then on Mar 16 it was learned he became a free agent.

May 30
In the 5th inning, Ohka was on. It's the first time since June 2007 that he was on the mound for a major league team. He pitched 5 innings against the NY Yankees and gave up 3 runs. His team lost to the Yankees 5 to 10.

Mariners minor team releases Ohka
It was learned on Aug 7, 2007 that the Seattle Mariners minor team Tacoma fired Ohka. The actual action was taken on Aug 4 according to the team.

Blue Jays release Ohka
On June 7, Ohka was notified that he was not needed in the team. He was completely released on June 18. The next day he tied the knot with the St Louis Cardinals minor team Memphis. Later he signed with Tacoma under the Seattle Mariners.

May 9
Ohka pitched against Daisuke Matsuzaka. He didn't do very well, giving up 3 runs in 4 2/3 innings. His team lost 3 to 9 against the Boston Red Sox.

Apr 29
Ohka pitched 7 innings, and lost just 1 run. His team beat the Texas Ranger 7 to 3, and he won his 2nd game.

Apr 23
Ohka pitched 5 0/3 innings. He gave up 3 runs. But as his team hit well, winning 7 to 3 over the Boston Red Sox, Ohka earned a win. It's his career total 50th win, including his career in Japan.

Apr 18
Ohka pitched 6 1/3 innings. He gave up 4 runs. His team lost 1 to 4 to the Boston Red Sox. Ohka had to take his 2nd loss.

Apr 12
Ohka lost 5 runs in 6 innings. His team lost 4 to 5 against the Detroit Tigers, and Ohka had to take his 1st loss of the season.

April 7
Ohka pitched for the first time this season. In the 1st inning, he already gave up a home run. He succumbed to another in the 4th inning. He pitched 4 1/3 innings. But thanks to his teammates, the Blue Japys defeated the Tampa Bay Devil Rays 8 to 5.

Ohka reaches a deal with Blue Jays
On Jan 23, Ohka agreed to a one year contract with the Toronto Blue Jays for 1.5 million dollars. It's 70 percent lower than what he earned the year before.

August 24
Ohka surprised fans when he batted on the left side of the plate instead of on the right. In any case, the umpire ruled he was obstructed, and as the Brewers filled the bases already, he earned an RBI. Separately, he earned an RBI hit. The Brewers won 12 to 6 against the Colorado Rockies. Ohka was given his 4th win.

July 23
It's only the 2nd game since Ohka was back after recovering from his injury. He pitched 8 long innings, giving up only a run. The Brewers beat the Cincinnatti Reds 4 to 1. Ohka earned his 3rd win of the season.

May 1
Ohka had a shaky start giving up a run. But he pitched well until the 5th inning. Suddenly felt pain in his shoulder and left the mound. But in the end, the Brewers beat the Houston Astros 4 to 2.

April 25
Starting against the Atlanta Braves, Ohka pitched 7 innings and gave up 2 runs. His team won 4 to 2 and Ohka earned his 2nd win.

April 15
Ohka pitched 7 innings against the NY Mets. He gave up only 2 runs. And he earned his first win of the season in a 8 to 2 game.

April 10
It's the 2nd game Ooha pitched this season. He faced the St Louis Cardinals. In the first inning, he got bases loaded. But he was able to get Japanese So Taguchi out. However, in 4 innings, he lost 4 runs and had to take his first loss for a 4 to 6 games.

September 5
Ohka achieved a feat. He pitched 7 innings giving up only one run. It's his 10th win in a game which his team won against the Cincinnatti Reds 6 to 1.

August 18
Ohka pitched against Roger Clemens of the Minnesota Twins. He hurled 6 innings, gave up 2 runs. His team won 5 to 2 and Ooka earned his 8th win.

July 6
Ohka pitched 6 innings and gave up only 2 runs. But his team lost in the end to the Florida Marlins 4 to 5.

June 14
Ohka already started with the Brewers. And it was a magnificant debut with the Brewers. He marked his first shut out game since playing in the U.S. It was in a 4 to 0 game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and won his 5th game.

Ooka is traded to the Brewers
It was announced on June 10 that Ohka will be traded to the Brewers. It was reported earlier that he did not get along with the coaches of the National, and even cursed the skipper when he was forced off the mound in one game.

May 30
Ohka's toughest inning against the Atlanta Braves was in the 3rd inning. With bases loaded, he got the batter to ground the ball to 3rd, but the baseman errored. One came in, while a double play was completed. And that was the only run Ohka gave up in 7 inning. His team won 3 to 2, and Ohka earned a win.

May 22
Ohka was finally given a chance to start again. And he did not lose a run after the 5th inning. In all, Ohka pitched 8 innings giving up just 2 runs. The Nationals won 9 to 2 against the Toronto BlueJays. Ohka earned his 3rd win.

May 6
Ohka pitched 4 inning and lost 3 runs. He was not allowed to pitch to win credit for the game, which the Nationals won 9 to 3 over the SF Giants.

Apr 30
Ohka pitched well. He lasted 6 innings without losing a run. His team beat the Cincinnatti Reds 6 to 1. It's Ohka's 2nd win.

Apr 18
Ohka started, and gave up 4 runs in 5 0/3 innings. The Nationals lost 4 to 9 against the Florida Marlins. Ooka succumbed to his 2nd loss.

Apr 13
It's the 2nd time Ohka starts this season. The last game he didn't do well. But this time, he pitched 6 innings. He gave up 3 runs, but he earned a win in a 11 to 4 game against the Atlanta Braves.

June 10
It was in the 3rd inning, a big accident. Kansas City Royals' Carlos Beltran slammed the ball which hit Ohka's right arm. He was diagnosed with a broken right wrist and will take about 3 months to recover. The Expos won 7 to 2.

June 5
Ohka wasn't bad. He hurled 7 innings, giving up 3 runs. But his team lost in the 10th inning, 3 to 6 to the Cincinnati Reds.

May 25
Ohka pitched 7 innings and gave up only 1 run. He was not, however, taken responsible for that run. His team beat the Atlanta Braves 3 to 1. Ooka earned at last, his 2nd win.

May 8
Ooka pitched a perfect 3 inning. In the 4th, he gave up a run. In the 8th inning he faced fellow Japanese So Taguchi but got him to ground the ball. He basically performed well shutting out 8 innings. The Expos beat the St Louis Cardinals 2 to 0. Ohka finally earned his first win.

April 19
Ohka for the first time in MLB faced the NY Mets rookie and Japanese star, Kazuo Matsui. Ohka did not allow him to get on base. Otherwise, Ooka did not do too well. He lost 4 runs in 4 innings and had to take the loss for a 1 to 4 game.

April 8
It's the first time Ohka started this season. He succumbed to a homerun by Mike Lowell in the 2nd inning. In the 5th inning he lost 2 more runs and was off the mound. His team could not support him and lost 0 to 3 to the Florida Marlins.

September 26
Ohka shut out the Cincinnattie Reds until the 5th inning. He lost a run due to his teammates poor performance out in the field the next inning. he clinched his 10th win in a 5 to 1 game.

September 11
The game took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Ohka started out a tough game but pitched a 8 shut out inning. In the 9th inning, he got runners on base and left the mound. The closure lost runs, thus he had to take the blame for 2 runs lost. The Expos nevertheless, won 3 to 2 over the Chicago Cubs, and earned his 9th win at last.

August 1
Ohka lost 8 base hits, but he only lost one run in 7 innings. The Expos beat the Milwaukee Brewers 8 to 4. Ohka collected his 8th win.

July 27
Ohka lost 4 runs already in the first inning. In all, he pitched 4 innings succumbing to 8 runs. However he did not have to take a loss. His team in the end defeated the Atlanta Braves 13 to 10.

July 22
Ohka pitched well until the 6th inning. In the 7th, he was in trouble. He gave up 5 runs. And the Expos lost to the Florida Marlins 9 to 1. Ooka faced his 10th loss.

July 17
Ohka this time lost 2 run in 6 innings. It was a great recovery after an awful previous starter. But the Expos in the 11th inning lost 2 to 5 to the Philadelphia Phillies.

June 29
Ohka lost 2 runs on errors, so it was not counted on his record. He hurled over the distance to clinch his 7th game. The result was 10 to 2 win over the Toronto Blue Jays.

June 24
Ohka was terrific from the 2nd inning. He pitched 6 innings giving up only a run. And he won his 6th game in a 6 to 4 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

June 19
Ohka gave up one run in 6 innings that he pitched. The Expos won 5 to 2 over the Pittsburgh Pirates and Ooka picked up his 5th win.

June 8
In the 4th inning, Ooka lost 2 consecutive home runs to the Texas Rangers. And when he was out the mound the game was a tie. In the end, the Expos managed to win 3 to 2.

May 29
Ohka pitched 6 innings losing only 2 runs. And since the Expos beat the Marlins 3 to 2 he clinched his 4th win.

May 13
Ooka pitched well until the 4th inning. However in the 5th inning, he succumbed to a 3 run homer. He was on only 4 1/3 innings. But his team in the end beat the SF Giants 6 to 4.

May 8
Ohka managed to pitch 8 innings this time and lost 3 runs. His team won 13 to 5 over the San Diego Padres.Ooka clinched his 3rd win.

May 2
Ohka could not even finish one inning. In 2/3 of the inning, he gave up 5 runs. The Expos lost to the St Louis Cardinals 1 to 8.

April 22
Until the 7th inning, Ooka pitched well. In all he stayed on 6 2/3 innings. He kept the Arizona Diamondbacks from scoring. Ooka won his 2nd game in a 4 to 0 game.

April 16
Ohka again pitched in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He lost only 2 runs in 6 innings. But he had to take his 2nd loss as his team was defeated 2 to 3 by the Atlanta Braves.

April 11
The game was played in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Ohka pitched well, finishing 8 shut out innings. His team defeated the NY Mets 8 to 0. Ooka clinched his first win of the season.

April 4
Ohka started for the first time this season facing the NY Mets. He hurled 4 2/3 innings and gave up 3 runs. His team was unable to score from David Cone and lost 0 to 4.

Ooka makes it to college
Ohka was accepted into Ritsumeikan University in Japan on March 7. He is said to have been studying to go to school after the last season, took the exam and was interviewed. He plans to spend off-season attending lectures and seminars to study business management.

September 18
Ohka pitched 8 innings without losing a run and his team was leading by 2 runs. But his team was caught up by the Florida Marlins and although his team clinched the game in the 11th inning 4 to 2, he was not merited a win.

September 12
It's the first time since the beam ball incident Ohka started. But it was a bad game for him. In 6 1/3 innings he succumbed to 5 runs. His team lost 2 to 8 to the NY Mets. Ooka took his 8th loss.

September 7
It was a upsetting day for Ohka and his team. Atlanta Braves' Andruw Jones homered off him twice. Then in the 5th inning, he pitched towards Jones' head. Ooka was immediately ejected. He pitched 4 1/3 innings giving up 4 runs. The Expos lost 0 to 4. Ohka marked his 7th loss.

September 2
Ohka is doing splendid. He completed the game giving up just 1 run from an err. The Expos won 5 to 1 over the Philadelphia Phillies and Ooka his 13th win.

August 28
The game took off 2 hours late due to rain. But that didn't spoil Ooka's performance. Ohka struck out 11 in just 6 innings during which he gave up one run. The Expos beat the Philadephia Phillies 6 to 3. Ooka picked up his 12th win.

August 23
Ohka pitched 7 2/3 innings giving up just 2 runs. The Expos won 7 to 2, and Ooka picked up his 11th win. Ohka by the way did not get to face Tsuyoshi Shinjo who was out from the starting line up.

August 18
Its a commemorative game for Ohka. He completed a game for the first time since playing in the Major League in 1999. It was a 9 to 2 win against the San Diego Padres. He's earned his 10th win.

August 13
Ohka was not bad. He lasted 7 innings giving up 3 runs. But he did not get enough support from his teammates. He was unaccounted for. The Expos won however in the end 4 to 3 to the LA Dodgers.

August 7
Ohka hurled 5 2/3 innings giving up only a run. And he earned his 9th win in a game the Expos beat the St Louis Cardinals 4 to 1.

August 1
This time Ohka gave up only a home run in 8 innings--the longest inning he's ever pitched. But he was replaced by a pinch hitter when his turn to bat came at the bottom of the inning. In the end the Expos defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks 2 to 1. Ooka was unaccounted for.

July 22
Ohka hurled until the 7th inning. But he gave up 4 runs, and the Expos lost 5 to 2 to the New York Mets. Ohka had to take the loss. It's his 5th this season.

July 5
Ohka is gradually accumulating wins. He earned his 8th while giving up 3 runs in 6 innings of which only 1 run was counted on him. He struck out 8. The Expos won 8 to 3 over the Philadelphia Phillies.

June 19
The starting pitcher for the Kansas City Royals was also Japanese. It's Mac Suzuki. Ooka proved to do better. He pitched 7 0/3 innings giving up 3 runs. And Expos won 6 to 3 and Ooka's total win of the season has increased to 7.

June 14
Ooka gave up 2 homeruns. Both singles. And that was all the runs counted against him during 7 innings that he pitched. His team defeated the Toronto Blue Jays 8 to 2. Ooka clincehd his 6th win.

June 3
Ooka allowed 10 hits, but he was able to pitch 7 innings giving up 3 runs. As the Expos defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates 7 to 5, Ooka won his 5th game.

May 24
Ooka finally won. He hurled 7 innings giving up only a run to earn his 4th victory. The Expos defeated the Philadephia Phillies 4 to 1.

May 16
Ooka hurled long innings this time, and the Expos was ahead until the 8th inning. But it was in that inning Ooka gave up a run for a tie. And those after him lost more runs. He was accounted for 4 runs lost and Ooka had to take his 3rd loss in the 3 to 4 game against the LA Dodgers.

May 5
Ooka faced the Arizona Diamondbacks. He hurled 5 innings, and gave up 4 runs. The Diamondbacks clinched the game in the 10th inning 6 to 4.

April 28
Ooka pitched 7 1/3 innings, struck out 7, and gave up 2 runs. He won his 3rd game against 2 losses. The Expos won 5 to 2 against the St. Louis Cardinals.

April 6
Ooka started his first game of the season against the Cincinnatti Reds. He lost only one run in 5 innings. The Expos won 5 to 2 and Ooka picked up his first win.

August 30
Ooka pitched 7 2/3 innings. He gave up 2 runs. And the Expos won 4 to 2 over the Atlanta Braves, thus accrediting his with a win. It's his first since joining the Expos.

August 4
It's the first game for Ooka to start with the Expos. He pitched 6 1/3 innings, gave up 3 and unfortunately had to take the lost for the defeat his team faced. It was a 4 to 1 win for the Houston Astros. Ooka took his 6th loss of the season.

Ooka traded to Expos
It was learned on July 31 that Tomokazu Ooka will be traded to the Montreal Expos. It's another Japanese addition. The Expos already have Hideki Irabu and Masato Yoshii

July 8
Ooka started and in the 5th inning, he succumbed to 2 homers. In all, he gave up 5 runs. The Red Sox was defeated by the Atlanta Braves 0 to 8, and Ooka took his 4th loss.

July 3
Ooka was back after a long absence, but he couldn't hang onto the game for very long. He pitched just 3 1/3 innings, and gave up 5 runs. The Red Sox lost to the Cleveland Indians 2 to 9.

May 10
For the first time, Ooka faced Ichiro Suzuki of the Seattle Mariners. He was able to take Ichiro out the first two times, but after that, he lost an RBI to Ichiro. In all, Ooka gave up 5 runs, and lost the game 2 to 5.

April 28
It was an unlucky game for Ooka. His teammates erred out in the field. So in 6 innings, he's been tainted by 5 runs although he was responsible for only 1. And he had to take his 2nd loss in the game ending 8 to 2 for the Kansas City Royals.

April 22
It's only a homerun that Ooka succumbed to during 5 2/3 innings that he pitched. But he could not win nor his team. The game, a 3 to 3 tie went into the 10th inning. New York Yankees David Justice homered a game winning run to end it 4 to 3.

April 17
Ooka gave up 7 base hits, but no runs in 7 innings. And his team had an overwhelming victory over the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. That's 10 to 0. Ooka picked up his 2nd win.

April 11
The first inning was tough. He gave up 2 runs. But then afterwards, he was on track. Ooka hurled 6 innings, and clinched his first win of the season. The Red Sox defeated the Baltimore Orioles 8 to 2.

April 6
Ooka got to start in the game against the Atlanta Braves. Since he was not able to complete 5 innings, even though his team won, he was not accredited with a win. The Red Sox defeated the Devil Rays 11 to 4.

September 30
In Ooka's last starting game of the season, he held on well. In 6 0/3 innings, he gave up only one run, but he was not given a win. His team though overwhelmed the Tampa Bay DevilRays 4 to 2.

September 13
Ooka gave his worst performance. He was yielded 6 runs and lasted only 3 2/3 innings. And his team lost to the Cleveland Indians 3 to 10.

September 8
Ooka again gave up only 2 runs. It was in 6 1/3 innings against the New York Yankees. But he did not receive his team's support and had to take his 4rh loss in a 0 to 4 game.

September 3
Ooka could not win this game against the Seattle Mariners. He, during 6 innings was yielded only 2 runs.

August 28
Ooka did well again, In 6 2/3 inning he gave up only 2 runs. But it was a no decision game for him because the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the end defeated the Red Sox 5 to 2.

August 23
Play ball was called 3 hours late due to the rain. But it didn't hurt Ooka. He hurled 5 1/3 innings giving up only 1 run. And in the end his team defeated the Anaheim Angels 3 to 1. Ooka picked up his 3rd win.

August 18
Tomokazu Ooka did will. He lasted 7 innings and was yielded only 1 run by the Texas Rangers and collected his 2nd win. His team won 6 to 4.

August 14
The Boston Red Sox started Tomokazu Ooka against the Texas Rangers. This time he hurled 5 2/3 innings yielding again only 2 runs, and was able to take his team to a 4 to 2 win. He clinched his first victory this season.

August 7
Ooka was promoted again to the big league and started on Aug. 7. He gave up only 2 runs in 5 innings. Still he took his 2nd loss in the 1 to 4 game against the Anaheim Angels.

July 24
Tomokazu Ooka was given a chance to start for the Boston Red Sox for the first time this season. He pitched around 5 innings, and gave up 4 runs. The Minnisota Twins won 4 to 2 and Ooka had to take his first loss. Ooka, on July 28 was demoted back to triple A.

Ooka pitches perfect
Tomokazu Ooka with the Boston Red Sox's triple A team performed a wonderous pitch on June 1. He not only went a distance, he hurled 77 pitches to 27 batters and struck out 7. He pitched a perfect game of 2 to 0.

IN 1999
Ooka clinches first win
On Oct. 1, Tomokazu Ooka came on as a relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. He pitched the final 3 innings without giving up any run. And he was able to pick up a win. His first in the US Major Leagues. The Red Sox defeated the Baltimore Orioles 6 to 1.

Ooka starts for the 2nd time
Tomokazu Ooka was given another chance to start. He hanged on for 4 2/3 innings during which he lost 7 runs to the Detroit Tigers. He had to take another loss for the game which ended 14 to 5.

Ooka is Japan's 9th major league player
It was reported by Tomokazu Ooka himself on July 17 that he has been promoted to major league ranks. Ohke played for the Yokohama BayStars for 5 years but was only able to win one game. He quit the team last season and gave it a shot in the US. He has so far won 11 straight games in the AA and AAA levels. Then already on July 19 he was appointed to start with the Boston Red Sox. He faced the Baltimore Orioles. But he just didn't have luck. His teammates played badly in the field, and that affected Ooka. He lost 5 runs in just 1 0/3 inning.