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Modified on May 5, 1997.

Women's Lacrosse World Cup 1997 in Tokyo
It's the first time that the once in 4 years World Cup of lacrosse was hosted in Japan. It was held from Apr. 27 to May 4 with 7 countries taking part. They are Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, Wales, USA and of course Japan.

The final game was played between Australia and defending champion USA. The game was a very close one. It went into sudden death over time with the score tied 2 to 2. America's Amoru Rowe netted the ball into the goal to give the US their 3rd consecutive victory. Host country Japan was unable to win any of the games.
Michiyo's Note: I saw lacrosse being played for the first time. The sport has been introduced to Japan only in 1986. But it's growing quickly. It's popular for being a fashionable sport.

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