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Last modified on February 28, 2009

2008 to 2009 Season
Japan's first gold in 14 years
Japan's nordic combined team clinched a surprise victory on Feb 26 in a competitive race that was won by a boot. It's at the World Championships in the Czech Republic.The team stood at 5th place after the jump event. The members, Yusuke Minato, Taihei Kato, Akito Watabe and Norihito Kobayashi. It's ever since the days of Kenji Ogiwara. Daito Takahashi was out of the team.

2003 to 2004 Season
Takahashi--the best story since Ogiwara
On Mar 5, for the first time in 8 years, a Japanese won the World Cup in nordic ski combined. The winner, Daito Takahashi. He jumped 122.5 meters to give him first place. In the 7.5 km cross country race, he was caught up by another in the 6th km, but he sprinted in the end to win. Also on Mar 6, he won the race.

2002 to 2003 Season
Ogiwara announces retirement
The former King of ski, Kenji Ogiwara unveiled that he was completley giving up competitive skiing. This was on May 13. Weeks earlier, he said that he will pull out from international competition. Ogiwara's record is unprecedented. He's a 4 time Olympian, including a gold medal, 3 time World Cup champion, and 2 time World Champion in nordic ski combined.

2001 to 2002 Season
New Japanese rise to stardom?
In Liberec, Czech Republic, 21 year of Daito Takahashi came in the 3rd in the 13th series of the World Cup sprint on Jan 18. It's the first time since Kenji Ogiwara in March 2000, that a Japanese places in the top 3 and on the podium. By the way, Ogiwara was 17th at the event. Takahashi was showing signs of growth as he placed 4th on Jan 13 in another World Cup event.

1999 to 2000 Season
Ogiwara will not retire
On Mar. 24, Kenji Ogiwara, at a news conference disclosed his plan for the coming season. He decided to continue another year since he believes he still has the potential to race in top international level.

Ogiwara runner up again to wrap up
In the final competition of the World Cup series on Mar. 18in Santa Caterina, Italy, Kenji Ogiwara finished 6th in the ski jump. But in the 15 km distance, he raced ahead to finish a total second. His overall World Cup standing for the season is 6th. Ogiwara was expected to announce his retirement at the end of the season, but he's kept from proclaiming anything.

Ogiwara makes it to third
In the Czech Republic on Jan 22, in the jump, Kenji Ogiwara was second. As a result of racing cross country, he finished 3rd.

Ogiwara is second
In Itay. Kenji Ogiwara was first in the jump, but in the 15 kilometer cross country race, he fell behind the leader just 10 seconds to finish 2nd.

1998 to 1999 Season
It's a new star
Satoshi Mori for the first time was on the platform to collect a medal on Mar. 21. That's in the final World Cup of the season in Poland. He was on top with his jump. But in nordic ski, he fell a notch--still he clinched 2nd place.

Ogiwara almost on top again
In the 15th of the nordic combined series in the World Cup's sprint competition held in Sweden on Mar. 11, Kenji Ogiwara came in 2nd. It's been 2 years since he was awarded on the podium in the World Cup series. Ogiwara actually stood on top with his jump of 119.5 meters. However, he was surpassed by a Czech with only 4 kilos left. So he did have a chance to win.

Ogiwara is among top winners in the World Championships
At the World Championships in Ramsau, on Feb. 27, Kenji Ogiwara appealed to the world that he is still capable. He came in 3rd. It's been a very long time since he's won the top 3 place

1997 to 1998 Season
A tough season for Ogiwara
Ogiwara's best performance this season was at the Winter Olympic Games in Nagano. He was 9th after the jump, but surpassed skiers after another, even his twin brother Tsugiharu for 4th place. He was the best among the Japanese at least. He tied with his best individual performance at the Winter Olympics. As a member of the team event, he clinched the gold twice--in Albertville, and in Lillehammer.

1996 to 1997 Season
Ogiwara is back on the top as world champ
Kenji Ogiwara's first victory for the 96-97 winter season was marked at the Nordic skiing world championships in Trondheim, Norway on Feb.23, 1997. That is, Ogiwara again became world champion. He was the world champion in 1993 and was first in the overall standing in 3 World Cup seasons in a row. However, he was not doing well this season. The victory had given hard proof that he is still in good shape at 27.

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