2018 May Grand Sumo Tournament
(May 13 to 28 Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena)

Modified on May 18, 2018

Outstanding Performance Award:
Outstanding Technique Award: ?
Fighting Spirit Award: ?

7th day

6th day
Kotoshogiku was not in a good position to start with but he was in the end able to drive out Shohozan. Kaisei forced Shodai out. It's Shodai's first loss while it's Kaisei's first win. Mitakeumi gave Endo thrust then got behind and threw him for his 4th win. Yutakayama attacked Tochinoshin. But the Georgian manged to drive Yutakayama down to keep his record clean. Goeido powerlessly lost to Chiyotairyu. Kakuryu forced down Daieisho. The up and coming Abi charged towards Hakuho, who had no choice but to pull back and lost. It's Abi's push out 2nd win this tourney. He left the ring beaming with delight.

5th day
Ikioi got hold of Kotoshogiku and drove the former ozeki out. Shodai forced Chiyoshoma out for his 5th win. Endo and Ichinojo fought aggressively. Endo was more on the defense side. But in the end, he drove out the big Mongolian. Tochinoshin force out Kaisei to keep his record clean. Goeido drove out Yutakayama. Hakuho threw Daieisho for his 5th win. Kakuryu faced a powerful challenge by Abi. In the end, Abi fell. It's Kakuryu's 4th win.

4th day
Chiyoshoma shifted to the side to prompt Kotoshogiku to lose balance. But the former ozeki stayed put and won. Abi and Endo attached eachother. But Endo lost balance and was forced down the ring. Tochinoshin powerfully drove out Mitakeumi for his 4th win. So did Ichinojo improve his record by forcing out Yutakayama. Goeido was pushed out by Tamawashi. It's the ozeki's 2nd loss. Shohozan faced off quicky, attacked Kakuryu and prompted the yokozuna to pull back to lose his first bout. Hakuho forced Kaisei to roll on the ring to win his 4th bout.

3rd day
Ikioi appeared to have been pushed out by Ryurai but the judges ruled, Ryurai's foot was turned down therefore Ikioi won the bout. It's his 3rd. Shodai pushed out Chiyotairyu for his 3rd win. Kotoshogiku struggled but did not give up and drove out Yutakayama for his 2nd win. Ichinojo pulled back and forced down Daieisho. Tochinoshin attacked Tamawashi and forced the Mongolian out, but with a bloody nose.] Goeido fell forward in the bout against Endo succumbing to his first loss. Hakuho quickly drove out Shohozan. Kakuryu banged into Kaisei and forced the Brazilian out.

2nd day
Kotoshogiku shoved Chiyotairyu with his left to drive him down and won. Endo fought aggressively against Yutakayama. They went to the same high school. Endo in the end forced Yutakayama down for his first win as komusubi. Tochinoshin got hold of Abi and drove him out. Ichinojo forced out Kaisei. Goeido quickly pushed out Shohozan. Kakuryu forced down Tamawashi. Hakuho was shoved but managed to use his skills to drive down Mitakeumi. The yokozuna himself fell from the ring too.

1st day
Kotoshogiku attempted shoves but fell out the ring before Shdai. Ichinojo pushed out Abi. Toshinoshin lifted Shohozan then drove him out the ring. Goeido drove out Kaisei. Tamawashi and Hakuho thrusted eachother then took a few seconds looking at eachother befor Tamawashi charged in, while Hakuho drove him out. New komusubi Endo faced Kakuryu. Kakuryu quickly forced him down.

Pre Tourney highlight
Kisenosato and Takayasu will not fight
It was clear during practice Kisenosato was not in good shape. He lost most of his practice bouts. His stable master announced on May 11, it will pull out of another tourney. It's the 7th. It's the worst record for a yokozuna, tying with the record of Takanohana. Meanwhile ozeki Takayasu is still suffering from a left arm pain.

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