Updated on July 3, 2006 Hide announce retirement
It was spotted on Hide's website on July 3 that he's expressed his decision to end his professional soccer career. He's only 29. Hide was clearly devastated after Japan's loss to Brazil in the World Cup Germany. He lied on the field for about 10 minutes, with eyes swollen. But he said on his website, that it wasn't a particular game that has made up his mind. Hide intends to be involved in soccer.

Hide's 1st Season with Bolton in 2005
October 23
Hide was playing well. In the later half he completed a free kick. It's the first goal of the game. It's also Hide's first goal since playing with Bolton. His team beat West Bromwich 2 to 0.

Joins Bolton
On Aug 17 Hide announced he is joining Premier League's Bolton. It's on a one year rental deal from Fiorentina.

Hide's 1st Season with Fiorentina
Joins Fiorentina
Hide held a news conference on Jul 18, 2004 indicating, he has come to an agreement to play for Fiorentina. It's reported his contract is worth 340 million yen.

Hide's 1st Season with Bologna in 2004
125 top living players
Hide won an honor from the legendary Pele on March 5. He was listed among 125 living soccer stars, and the only Japanese to make it in the list. Hide told a press conference that he was happy to have been chosen.

February 8
For the first time with Bologna, Hide goaled. He completed a free kick in the 47th minute. He also assisted a goal. Bologna defeated Udinese 3 to 1.

January 12
It's Hide's debut with Bologna after missing the game against Empori due to a back pain. He contributed. 32 minute into the later half, he assisted a goal, and helped his team beat Lecce 2 to 1.

Hide's 2nd Season with Parma in 2003
Ronaldo Friends
Hide played in a United Nations charity match held on Dec 16. He was on Brazilian striker,Ronaldo's team while opposing it, Zidane's team. Hide supported one goal for his team. In the end Ronaldo Friends won 4 to 3.

March 16
Hide started that game against Chievo Verona. And he cleverly aimed for a goal, feigning a kick before actually getting the ball in the goal. It's his 4th goal this season. Parma won 4 to 0.

World Select
Hide started with the world select team on Dec 18 facing this year's world club champion Real Madrid. It was an exciting game, where Hide's pass had led to Roberto Baggio's goal. In the end, the match ended a 3 to 3 draw.

December 9
For the first time Hide faced a team with another Japanese in Serie A. It's Shunsuke Nakamura with Reggina. But Hide's team was more in control. Parma defeated Reggina 2 to 0.

December 1
Hide was seen to be playing aggressively. Parma was already leading by 2 goals, when 5 minutes into the later half, Hide passed the ball Adriano for a goal. Then 17 minutes later, Hide got the ball to Adriano again to translate into a header. Parma defeated Torino 4 to 0

October 27
Hide goaled in the 14th minute. It's only his 2nd goal this season. Hide was in control much of the game, and defeated Atalanta 2 to 1.

September 28
Hide appeared to have been losing his glow. But this day he was shining. He scored his first goal of his season. He also gave a pass that led to the team's goal. o contribute Parma finished the game a 2 to 2 draw against Juventus.

September 15
Hide played from the beginning the first match of the season. His team tied with Udinese 1 to 1.

Hide's 1st Season with Parma
May 10
Hide contributed. He gave a pass that led to a goal. Parma defeated Juventus 1-0 in the second leg of the Italian Cup final. Even though Parma lost the first game, as of rule, it clinched the Cup for the 3rd time.

April 25
Parma lost against Juventus 1 to 2 in the first leg of the Italian Cup final. But that one goal came during injury time. And it was by Hide. It's an important goal to keep Parma's hopes alive for the Cup.

April 21
Hide marked his 100th game in Italy's Serie A. He aimed at the goal but could not get the ball in. Parma fortunately caught up with Atalanta 1 to 1 enabling the team to keep its hope high to remain in the top league.

February 8
In the Italy Cup AC Parma has achieved the finals in which it will meet Juventus. Parma has lost the back match against Brescia 2 - 1 despite Hide's assist 4 minutes into the later half. But it will proceed to the final because it has won the first round with 2 - 0. Parma had 10 players since 66th minute because of the red card for Cannavaro, Brescia was without Baggio.
(Partial contribution by Ernesto Coiro)

December 9
It's been 4 games since Hide started and at last he was able to again. It was against his former team AS Roma. Japanese media say he was in good shape. He kept from falling despite fierce attacks. In the 31st minute, he was able to contribute to his team's goal. However, Parma lost to AS Roma 1 to 2.

September 23
42nd minutes into the later half, Hide shot in the ball. That gave Parma a 1 to 0 win over Brescia. It's his first goal of the season, and the first time Parma won a game in the league.

September 9
The Parma managed to tie with Intel Milano. However, Hide was not able to contribute to any of the goals. The game was a 2 to 2.

August 26
Hide started the first game of the season. Parma lost a devastating goal to Lecce. Then, 25 minutes into the later half of the game, Hide got a free kick. It hit the goal's post, and then his teammate kicked it in to tie the game.

August 8
Hide's first official game as member of Parma was not an easy one. He was marked closely by his opponents. And his team lost to French team Lillie 0 to 2 in the third round of in the Champions League.

Hide to Parma
It was announced on July 6, that Hide will join Parma. The transfer fee is reported to be 60 billion lire, about 3.3 billion yen. He's signed a 4 year contract.

Hide's 2nd Season with AS Roma
June 17
Hide missed the Confederations Cup final in Japan to join AS Roma in time for it's final matches for the laague title. But it was only until the very last game that Hide was given a chance to play. And it was only 35 minutes into the latter half of the game. At that point, Roma was already winning, and fans flooded into the field. The game was resumed, and Roma in the end won 3 to 1 to AC Parma, and clinched the league crown for the first time in 18 years.

May 12
Hide replaced Totti in the later half of the game and he was welcomed by big applause. He assisted Roma in its only goal which gave his team a 1 to 0 victory over Atalanta Bergamo.

May 6
Juventus had 2 goals in the later half while Roma, none. Hide's chance to play came in the latter 15 minutes. And he dribbled the ball to shoot, and inside it went in the 33rd minute. Not only that, with only minutes left, Hide assisted a goal. And Roma tied with Juventus 2 to 2 to keep first place in the league.

Apr. 22
At last, Hide was allowed to start a game. It's been 9 games. And that was just because Francesca Totti was out. But he did contribute. He goaled. It's been a year since his last goal with AS Roma. And his team defeated Udinese 3 to 1. Roma is on top of the league.

Feb. 22
Hide was the captain for the last 10 minutes of the game. He was positioned in the left, and handled the ball well. In the later 24th minute, Roma scored. And clinched the game 1 to 0 against Liverpool. However, the overall result from the previous game gave Roma a 1 to 2 loss. Roma is out of the UEFA Cup.

Feb. 15
Hide started in the 4th round of the UEFA Cup held at his home stadium. England's Liverpool scored immediately as the game entered its later half. It was by Michael Owen. And it was Owen again 27 minutes into the later half. Hide played well, but was out of the game in the later's 6th minute. Roma lost 0 to 2.

Feb. 11
With Totti out of the game, Hide was able to start. Roma faced Bologna. Hide played until 28 minutes into the later half. He seemed to be in good shape. Roma won 2 to 1 for its 3rd straight victory.

Jan. 14
At last, Hide was given a chance to start. It was against Bari. Bari scored first in the later half. But the leading team caught up with Francesca Totti's goal. Hide also aimed at the goal several times but could not get the ball in. For Hide, it's the only 2nd game this season that he got to play a full game.

Dec. 11
Back in regular Serie A season, Hide got to start. He played the entire game too for the first time. Hide did not goal, but his team defeated Udinese 2 to 1 to keep first place in the league.

Dec. 8
It's only the third time that Hide got to play the entire game. AS Roma faced Hamburger SV in the 3rd round of the UEFA Cup. Hide tried to shoot the ball into the goal 3 times, but missed. However his team won 3 to 0.

Nov. 23
In the 3rd round of the UEFA Cup, Hide got to play. He started in the game against Hamburg. AS Roma won 1 to 0.

Nov. 12
Hide replaced Francesca Totti 34 minutes into the last half of the game. But he was not able to impress his coach. His team, thanks to Totti's goal won 2 to 1 over Rejina.

Nov. 9
Hide played in the 2nd game of the UEFA Cup and kicked in a goal in the first 9th minute. His first this season. The team tied to the Portuguese team 1 to 1, but due to its goal in the previous game advanced to the 3rd round.

Nov. 6
Hide was able to play at last in the 5th game of the season. And it was all because Totti was out do to injury. His action did lead to a goal, but he was replace in the later half of the game. But the important thing was that his team won 4 to 2 against a newly promoted team Brescia.

Hide's First Season with AS Roma
Apr. 30
Hide, back from a friendly match in Soeul with the Japanese national team, started the game. He tried aggressively to attack the goal. But he faced a tough mark by Bari. He was take out of the game in the final 34th minute. The game finished a scoreless tie.

Apr. 16
Hide was a bench warmer throughout the game. Totti was back,recovered from his injury. He helped the team defeat Bologna 2 to 0.

Apr. 9
There was too much pressure on Hide that he did not have freedom with the ball. In the last 39 minutes, he was told to change. The team ended a tie against Lecce. Roma has not won in 5 games.

Apr. 3
Hide scored the first goal of the game. However, later in the game he banged his head into a player. But with a bandaged head, he continued to play the game. He could not further help the game. It ended a 1-1 tie against Udinese.

Although Roma was the first to score in the 3rd minute, Lazio caught up in the 25th minute and Hide's foul play gave Lazio the chance for a penalty kick. That made it into the goal. Hide was not back to play the later half of the game. It's Roma's 3rd straight loss.

Hide, upon returning from Japan was in the line-up to play Rejina. But he did not do well. In fact, AS Roma lost a goal in the 29th minute. 23 minutes into the late half, Hide was replaced. His team gave up another goal thereafter to lose 0 to 2. With this defeat, AS Roma's chance for a league victory vanished.

Hide passed the ball quite well from time to time, but it did not help his team score. Mboma, who played for Gamba Osaka was the only scorer in the game. He took Cagliari to victory by defeating AS Roma 1 to 0. Hide left for Japan immediately following the game to join Japan's national team in a friendly match against China.

Against Torino in the later 21st minute, Hide dribbled the ball to assist a goal. That secured AS Roma the win. The 1 to 0 game demonstrated that Hide is no longer dispensible to the team.

Feb. 27
The almighty Juventus was tough for Hide. He not only passed great balls near the goal, he went for it. But none led to a goal. Hide was given his 2nd yellow card. In fact he was out in the 67th minute. Juventus won 2 to 1.

Feb. 19
Hide replaced Totti who's suspended from the game for the central role of the team. And he played it well. Hide went for the goal many times. In fact, he kicked in one that bounced off a Fiorentina defender in the first 28th minute. Hide contributed to all 4 AS Roma goals and kept the opponent from scoring.

Feb. 13
Hide finally scored his first goal against his old team, Perugia. And AS Roma finished the first half with a 2 to 0 lead. But not only was Hide ordered out of the game in the later 14th minute, Perugia caught up. The game finished a draw.

Feb. 6
For the first time, Hide got to play a full game with AS Roma. Although he did not contribute directly to goals, he made great passes. AS Roma won 5 to 0 over Venezia.

Jan. 30
Hide started as mid fielder before a crowd of 67,875. His movements appeared better than the previous games. He was off the field 24 minutes into the later half. His team lost to Inter Milan 2 to 1.

Jan. 26
It's the first time since joining AS Roma that Hide got to play a full game. However, his team lost to Cagliari 0 to 1 in the Italian Cup.

Jan. 22
He played the shortest game since moving to Italy. During the first half of the game, Hide was taken off the field before a crowd of 53,000. And in the later half of the game, ironically his team scored goals to defeat Piacenza 2 to 1.

Jan. 16
Hide officially signed with AS Roma on Jan. 14. It's for 5 years and an annual contract of 4 trillion lira. And after only 2 days of practice with the team, Hide played. AS Roma faced Verona. Hide had a chance to target the goal but missed. But his new team won 3 to 1 against Verona to tie 3rd in the league. Hide was taken off the field 22 minutes into the later half of the game.

Hide's Second Season with Perugia
Jan. 10
Perugia again faced an enormous defeat. Already in the first half of the game it gave up 4 goals. Hide was unable to play well since his right leg was not in fully recovered. Udinese won 5 to 0. And lo and behold, this turned out to be Hide's last game with Perugia.

Jan. 6
The game against Inter Milan was played amid rumor that Hide may join AS Roma. It was a devastating game for Perugia and especially for Hide. That's because Hide withdrew from the game 28 minutes into the 2nd half. He hurt his right thigh. It's the first time since he played for Perugia that he was unable to finish a game. His team lost 0 to 5.

Dec. 19
At home, Perugia played Bologna. Hide indeed was one of the central players to help the team score. Perugia won 3 to 2.

Dec. 15
In the 3rd round of the Italian League, Perugia faced Fiorentina. Unfortunately, it lost 0 to 2 thus had to pull out from the tournament. Hide was at the time, suspected for cocaine use. But it was found out through testing that nothing was detected. Instead, it was a backup goalkeeper who was found guilty of taking cocaine.

Dec. 12
At one time, Hide held the ball and dribbled 40 meters, but that did not lead to anything. He overall could not play the role of a mediator and the game against Piancenza ended a 0 to 0 tie.

Dec. 5
For the first time since playing in Italy, Hide was given a yellow card. It was 25 minutes into the game against Lazio. And Lazio's mark against Hide was severe. Just before the game ended Hide gave a shot at the goal but failed. Perugia was defeated 0 to 2.

Nov. 29
Hide made a significant contribution to this game against Torino. His long pass helped team mate Alessandro Calori score during injury time in the first half of the game. Perugia with a 1 to 0 win rose to 7th place in Serie A.

Nov. 21
Hide's joined the team at last, after having been away to join Japan's Olympic team. He went for the goal, but didn't quite make it. Perugia lost to Fiorentina 0 to 1.

Oct. 23
For the first time ever, Japanese players faced eachother in Italy's Serie A. Hiroshi Nanami who is with Venezia was one of Hide's opponents. But Hide was not match for Nanami. He not only assisted the first goal for Perugia, he helped with another-- 27 minutes into the latter half for the team's 2 to 1 win over Venezia. There were about 2000 Japanese fans in the stands to cheer on both Japanese players in the pouring rain.

Oct. 17
Hide missed the Olympic qualifying in match in Tokyo to be with his team to play against Verona. But he just gave a shot at the goal once and his passes did not earn the team a goal. Perugia lost to the team that just came up from Serie B 0 to 2.

Oct. 13
In the Italy Cup, Perugia faced Ternana. Hide in the 35th minute succeed in a wonderful loop shoot which entered the goal. Perugia won 2 to 1.

5th game, Oct. 3
In the first 20th minute, Hide completed a PK. It's his 2nd goal of the season. And his team was able to defeat Rejina 2 to 1. After the game, Hide left for Germany to join Japan's Olympic team to fight for the berth to Sydney.

4th game, Sept. 26
Away from home, Perugia played AS Rome. The team's 2 players were suspended from playing by the last 12th minute. That hurt Perugia. Nevertheless, Hide went for the goal a couple of times, though unsuccessful. Perugia lost 1 to 3.

3rd game, Sept. 19
Hide played superb. He kicked the ball clean in the goal in the first 16 minutes. He tied for the goal a total 6 times--more than anyone else in his team. And in the 39th minute, he assisted a goal. Perugia defeated Cagliari 3 to 1.

2nd game, Sept. 12
Perugia faced champion AC Milan. Hide made a big boo boo in the first half by passing the ball to his opponent, and lost a goal. But Hide also helped his team in completing the goal. In the end though, AC Milan defeated Perugia 3 to 1.

1st game, Aug. 29
Hide played the first game of the season in good shape. He passed the ball well, although Perugia did not take advantage of it. It tied with Parma 1 to 1.

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