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Last modified on July 6, 2015

Nadeshiko Japan finishes 2nd in World Cup
The final match at the World Cup was held in Vancouver on July 5. Japan faced U.S.A. It's seen as an opportunity for the American to take revenge for losing against the Nadeshiko in the last World Cup. Immediately after the game kicked off, it became a nightmare for Nadeshiko. US captain Carli Lloyd achieved a hat trick. Japan tried to catch up with goals by Yuki Ogimi and after Homare Sawa came into the game, after she went for the ball, Julie Jonston own goaled. The game ended 5 to 2.

Sawa is named FIFA Women's Player of the Year
Japan's ace Homare Sawa was awarded in Jan 9, 2012 in Zurich during the FIFA ballon d'or ceremony. She's the first Asian woman to win the honor. She's won 28.5 percent of votes. She received the award clad in kimono. Wining

The final game was held in Germany's Frankfurt on Jul 17, 2011. The US side was more in control of the ball. But the game tied. Going into extra time, US goaled. It was by Abby Wambach. Then in the later half, Japan's veteran player Homare Sawa goaled to equalize. Taking the game into penalties, Japan's goalkeeper Agyumi Kaihori saved the ball kicked by the first on, that's Shannon Box. The US failed the next 2. Japan won the shootout bring joy to the country deeply wounded by the March 11 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis. MVP went to Homare Sawa who achieved 5 goas in the World Cup. Michiyo's Note: I didn't find the need to update this particular site for 15 years! But the feat is so incredible. As Nadeshiko won and advanced to the next stage, Japanese media reported on it. But it was unexpected that the team would even advance to the final and win. It's never defeated the US until this game. It's historic!

L.League record broken
The L-League or the Japan Ladies Soccer League kicked off to its season on August 18, 1996. One match ended with an amazing score of 16 to 1. Nikko Shoken literally overpowered newly promoted team Oki Electric with this league record. Also, one player succeeded in putting in 10 goals!!--a record number for an individual in one game. She's Linda Medalan, member of the bronze winning Norwegian team at the Atlanta Olympic Games.
Michiyo's Note: I met Linda when she just started playing here in 1994. She told me she was taking a year off from the police department to play with Nikko Shoken. But she became homesick from time to time. Seeing that she's still here, I guess she's found that life in Japan is not bad, and she's certainly standing out among the other players.

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