Japan in 2000 Paralympic Games in Sydney

GOLD: 13

The 2000 Paralympics opened on Oct 18. Participation is the largest with 121 countries and regions with 3800 athletes.

Modified on October 30, 2000

* Oct 26
Mayumi Narita is incredible. She broke the world record to win another gold, this time in the 100 meters.

* Oct 25
It was Mayumi Narita again. She this time took part in the 105 meters and clinched her 4th gold medal.

* Oct 23
Mayumi Narita clinched her 2nd gold in the Paralympics in Sydney. This time, it was in the 200 meter freestyle. And she even broke the world record finishing 3 min. 12.79 seconds. Japan on this day along collected 6 medals.

* Oct 22
Noriko Arai who clocked the world record in her class in the wheelchair 100 meter race this time won again although she was not as fast as last time.

* Oct 20
Women's swimmer in the 150 meter medley, Mayumi Narita clocked the world record to clinch the gold. But it wasn't a surprise. She won 2 gold medals in Atlanta.

In the men's 100 meter wheelchair race, Kazuya Maeba clocked 16.70 seconds to come in 3rd for the bronze.

* Oct 19
Japan's judoka won a gold medal--the first for Japan at this Paralympics. He's Satoshi Fujimoto in the men's 66 kilo weight. He defeated Spain's David Garcia. It's 25-year old Fujimoto's 2nd Olympic gold.