General sports messages in 2000

I would like to thank you for your coverage of sumo. Your website is my most reliable source for a summary of each day's results. There aren't many English language websites with current information. I was saddened by the retirement of Mitoizumi. The "Big Salt" has always been my personal favorite. I wish him great success as a coach.

Larry Derr
Sept. 17
Hi Michiyo,
I'm a big soccer fan and have a keen interest in the development of the game in Asia. Japan, Korea, and China all have professional leagues that have raised the skill level in the region. Given the greater resources in Japan, many held high expectations from the J-League. The J-League has made big strides in raising the skill level in Asia - Miura and Nakata. However, I have heard that the "boom"has faded and that the majority of Japanese still prefer baseball over soccer. I was surprised to learn that the Yokohama Flugels had disbanded. The J-League has still much to offer in the future ... I hope that public support for the league does not further diminish. For Asia to continue its advancement, the J-League must be viable.

Konnichiwa, Michiyo-san.
I live in LA and enjoy baseball very much, especially the Dodgers. I've always been fascinated by Japan's unique take on baseball, a little purer and honorable than the MLB. By the way, I love the Seibu Lions (and with Matsuzaka, cool!) and my girlfriend's hometown team's the Hawks! (She's glad they won.) Anyway, I just want to tell u how glad I am to have found your site. It's hard to get good coverage on Japanese sports in the USA. They're usually too caught up with themselves a little too much. So keep it up and I'll be glad to correspond with you on US sports if you wish. Take care and ca-ne!

Kelvin Mak
Los Angeles
January 26
Dear Ishida-san
Thank you very much for your web page. I think it is excellent and I use it to keep up to date on the latest in Sumo. I lived in Tokyo for 7 months in 1997 and learned to love Sumo but unfortunately we do not get the Sumo on television here. Thank you again.

Andrew Dickson

January 19
Dear Michiyo,
I found your excellent website and will put it in my favorites to keep up with the Sumo tournament. We have many fans of Sumo here in Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. Thank you for such a good website! Aloha, Arlene buklarewicz

January 4

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