General sports messages in 2001

thanx for the sumo bit as it helped me a lot on my project on japan and the sport and its traditions interest me as well
Andy (14, uk)
October 30
I first visited Japan in 1996 and I have just returned from my 6th visit. While staying for the month of September in 1996, I watched the Autumn Sumo tournament and became fascinated with this sport of the gods. The broadcast in english from 4 to 6 each afternoon assisted me enormously in learning about sumo. Thank you for your continual dedication to reporting sumo because your website is like a lifeline to me as I search for news concerning sumo. The website is especially captivating during the basho as I wait for immediate updates on the outcome of the matches. Since I live in Alabama there is not much news on sumo except for the occasional matches that are broadcast on ESPN and they are two or three basho's behind. Once again, thanks for your sensational coverage of one of the world's alluring sports that teaches a person about the fabric of Japan and the country's dedication to honor and courage.
John Clark
Birmingham, Alabama
June 18
Hola Michiyo, mi nombre es Victor Llanos y te escribo desde Peru. Realmente fue emocionante ver a Takanohana ganar el campeonato, yo tambien pensaba que no seria capaz de lograrlo pero demostro una vez mas que es un gran luchador dandonos un maravilloso ejemplo de profesionalismo. Estuve despierto hasta las 4:00 am para ver en directo la ultima fecha del torneo por la TV, pero me siento contento porque se que no perdi mi tiempo. Te felicito y te agradezco por tu pagina pues es la mejor forma que tengo para estar al tanto de las noticias de los torneos de Sumo de Lunes a Sabado, ya que solo puedo ver las peleas los Domingos (2-4 am) por NHK. Espero que sigas adelante. Recibe un carinoso saludo desde Peru,
Un amigo,
Victor Llanos
May 29
Hey I am a baseball fan living in Toronto. I was amazed by the skills of Ichiro Suzuki when he came to Toronto to play against the Toronto Blue Jays. I became interested in Japan baseball and find some great information on your site. Keep up the great work!!

Maurice Cheung
May 22
To your Ichiro files, please add: Featured in major article on Japanese pro baseball players in MLB in April 23, 2001 Sports Illustrated magazine, America's biggest sports weekly. The article, titled "Rising Sons" is a tribute to the skills, speed, and profesionalism of Ichiro. Other Japanese Major Leaguers are also profiled. Good stuff! Ichiro's speed down the baseline to First is now the talk at coffee breaks, sports shows, and the highlight reels on TV sports round-ups. "WOW" says Derek Jeter. Keep up the good work on your site, I check it out often!!

Beverly Demchuk
April 26
I`d like to recommend that your readers have a lookat We`d also like a link, a listing in your sports and J League sections!
Andy Hoodith Website Manager: April 17

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