General sports messages in 2002

I just want to express my thanks to you for your web site. My husband & I are fans of Sumo and I have been checking every day to see how the latest Basho is going. I'm not sure when we'll get to watch it on TV but am looking forward to it. Thank you
Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland
Nov 16, 2002
Hola Michiyo,
Soy Victor Llanos y te escribo desde Lima. Solo queria felicitarte por el triunfo del equipo japones. El partido estuvo muy emocionante y me gusto mucho la forma en que jugo tu equipo especialmente en el segundo tiempo con pases rapidos y precisos, sin dejar de buscar otra anotacion. Me parece que merecieron anotar por lo menos un par de goles mas. Con seguridad pasaran a la siguiente fase por lo que recibe mis felicitaciones adelantadas.
Saludos, Victor Llanos
Jun 11, 2002
Dear Michiyo,
You have a very nice website.I found it doing a search for Hideki Irabu. I went to his first game at Yankee Stadium. I learned a lot abut Japan and Japanese baseball from Warren Cromartie's book about his years with the Giants.I can tell you,that in the U.S. the Japanese players never complain about practices being too long! I also saw a piece during the Salt Lake Olympics about the financial state of Nagano. From the piece it suggests that the financial strain has been enormous on the people to pay off the debt. Their advise to the people of Salt Lake was to enjoy the money while it lasted!. Best Regards!
Larry Forin
March 8, 2002

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