General sports messages in 2004

I try the best I can to follow the Grand Sumo from here in the United States. I have liked Kaio for several years. I'm very disappointed at his loss today, which I understand probably eliminates him from ever becoming Yokozuna.
I'm enjoying your summaries of the daily events.
Mark Robbins
North Mankato, Minnesota, USA
Nov 26, 2004
Thanks for doing such an outstanding job reporting on the latest in sumo. My first exposure to the world of sumo occurred in the 90's while I was stationed in Hawaii and I've developed a great appreciation for the sport ~ it's given me a much greater insight into the unique culture and traditions of the Japanese people. Now that I'm stationed back in America I've found it somewhat difficult to stay current on the latest rankings and the results of the basho's, which is why I appreciate your reports. Best wishes!
Glenn Day, CDR, USN
Sept 16, 2004
Hello Christian,
Thanks for your e-mail. If you check my website, I do provide regular information on Japanese baseball, so please take a closer look! Regards

hi from Athens
I like Japan and the the japanese sports
I see now the olympic game special
I see the baseball games from Japan
i was sorry about yesterday
I general love the sports
I would like if you can you give me regulary information about the baseball in Japan and soccer and if you want i can give you information of what you want in Greece whert i live and germany where my Father come from
Take care
Christian August 25, 2004

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