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Dear Gene,
Please see below a lead from my friend.

My publication lists all the foreign players who have played in Japan since 1950. Please go to the Web site & order a copy of the 2005 edition. You can also order back copies, as the older ones (up to 2002) contain photos & stats for them all, & the 2003 edition has their photos. I had to remove those sections in 2004 because it got too voluminous, but I continue to list the names of the more than 700 foreign players from 1950-2005.
All best regards,
Wayne Graczyk

Michiyo, I am a collector of baseball cards and like to keep my collection current. Is there a publication or a website that lists all american players in JPB? I have inadvertantly "retired" players that I later found out were playing in Japan. I enjoy your website and will appreciate any info . I'll check the message board for your reply. Thank You
Gene Pallitto
Eloy, AZ
October 16, 2005
I have never been a mainstream sports fan, however that being said, I have always enjoyed watching sports of true individual skill. I guess that is why i enjoy watching kendo, akido & sumo. I am rarely able to catch live matches in my area, and since it is not a major monetary draw, the TV doesn't carry them. I have occationally been able to see the Final sumo competitions, however, these are most frequently at least one year old. How do i know this? because I frequently visit your site for the latest info.
Thank you very much.
L.E. Teatum
New York, USA
September 12, 2005
Dear Michiyo,
Please allow me If I may a few words to you. I am from England but love Baseball and during the last twenty years have been to America on holiday each year to watch games. In 2004 I achieved a life-long dream and visited your wonderful country of Japan for the first time. During my 14 days in Japan I saw baseball games at four different stadiums plus a visit to the Japanese Baseball Hall Of Fame Museum in Toyko. The warmth of the people in Japan will always remain with me and my memories of the country will always be sweet. Well done on the web-site which I saw advertised in the English edition of the Japan Pro Baseball media guide.
Yours faithfully,
June 4, 2005
I just found your website. It is fantastic. Growing up here in Hawaii, I became a huge sumo fan. Takamiyama was born in the same town where I grew up. I also followed Konishiki, Akebono, and Musashimaru for many years, although Takanohana is probably my favorite (even though he isn't from Hawaii!). I have a program from an exhibition tournament held in Honolulu in 1964. The tournament featured yokozuna Taiho, Kashiwado, and Tochinoumi. (I believe this was his first tournament after being promoted from ozeki.) It also featured three future yokozuna: Sadanoyama, Kitanofuji, and Kotozakura. Anyway, thank you for the wonderful website. Keep up the good work!
Aloha,Tony from Lahaina, Hawaii
April 19, 2005
Hello Harvey
Some Japanese still wear Dodger's number 16. It's in a way, a commemorative uniform for the Japanese because Nomo was the first Japanese to play regularly up there in the US major leagues. Plus there is high respect for Nomo. But I'm not sure what kind of program you watched, and who you saw. It could be just anybody. It's surprising you remember "Today's Japan" and you watched it even tho it was on at odd hours. It was canned a long time ago.

I just stumbled onto your sports page looking up why a character in a Japanese TV show would be wearing a LA Dodger uniform #16. (Hideo Nomo) I recognized you from "Today's Japan" from a few years ago. I haven't seen that show for a while. It used to be on in NYC at strange hours. Harvey Garrett New York
March 7, 2005

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