General sports messages in 1999

Dear michiyo ,
I live in connecticut and love sumo. However we rarely get to see sumo except for sporadic broadcasts of old -1997!bouts .So I visit your site regularly.Thanks! We have a little baby who is absolutely gorgeous, she is a bit chubby so I call her YOKOZUNA !

July 7
Hi Ishida-san,
I just want to tell you what a terrific home page you have! I was looking everywhere for a schedule for the next basho (in Osaka) and I finally found your page through some links. Very impressive! You must love sports. I am an American woman living in Osaka. I LOVE sumo and I also like baseball a lot, especially the Tigers and in the States, the Seattle Mariners (since I'm from Seattle). I love sumo because it is not violent like boxing and not fake like pro-wrestling. Plus, it's a sport that totally depends on the human body--there is no high tech equipment that can be purchased or used to help one improve. Thanks again for the information. Take care,

February 28
To Michiyo. Hi again. I just wanted to say after hearing and reading about some of the reports, I do think that Japan acted a little too extravagant in trying to win the bid to the Games, but I really feel they legitimately got the Games. I don't mean to implicate innocent past host nations who may have won bids to host the Games, but I feel that Japan may have acted in providing gifts since this was probably the way to win the bid to host the Games as past nations had done in winning the Games. I don't think they consciously tried to break laws or act immorally or bad, but they probably were acting as had other nations had acted in order to have a chance to host the Games. Yes, it was a little extravagant, but I also feel they were providing gifts as cordial sentiments in a way also. But I also feel if they can improve the process and Olympics committee and some of the procedures, I agree they should . I think they should reform the areas that need reforming and improvement. Thanks.

February 16
Miss Ishida,
My name is Ronnie Adams. I found your Sports Page today and was found it very informitive. I was quite interested in reading the US-Japan all star game summary. The games were not broadcast here in the States, so I was only too happy to read about the games. I live in Los Angeles and just thought you'd like to hear a couple lines about your site from a big baseball fan.
Ronnie Adams

February 7
Dear Michiyo Ishida,
My name is Benjamin Gundlach, and I just want to thank you for your wonderful website. I am very interested in Sumo, but it is a pity, that in Germany it is difficult to get news, because there is nothing on TV, and there are no Sumo-magazins... So I am happy to read your 'Sumo latest' during the great basho... Thank you very much, Benjamin

January 10

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